Mister Rubber Poland

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The current Mister Rubber Poland uses the spotlight to organize fetish events and even started a psychotherapeutic initiative to improve the health of LGBTQ+ people in Poland. After a few months of getting acquainted, I finally caught him amidst his busy schedule for a chat about his activities.

I would say that fate has finally brought us together, however digitally. So close, yet so far. I can almost smell the rubber and sweat. Tell me…what should I call you?

 Maybe we should wait for the right moment so that the smell of rubber has raised the blood pressure? Any juicy details we can always leave for later… So, for now we can use my name – It’s Kamil.

Oh I’d gladly conduct this interview wearing rubber. (Mine has practical zippers). So, Kamil: You’re the current Mister Rubber Poland. What made you sign up for the election?

I’ve always liked slippery and shiny materials, and I started with sports fetishes, e.g. sneakers and socks put together with shiny nylon. But when I first wore a latex suit, my first reaction was…let’s say…very strong! That was 10 years ago. Since then I’ve met quite a few guys who are very much into it as well. After moving to Warsaw, I started to help organizing fetish events for guys; including the first Polish Mr Rubber elections.

Later on I attended my first Folsom, then Darklands. And I thought by myself that I could show others what I was doing for the fetish community. I always have a lot of ideas, and that attributed to me getting this sash around my neck. Now, I’m further implementing my ideas, and trust me, there are plenty.

What kind of ideas?

Before the May elections, I often heard that nothing was happening in the Polish fetish scene. So I set a goal to change that, and for a few months now I’ve been organizing a monthly fetish event for guys called “U-boot”.

We meet in one of the clubs of Warsaw every last Friday of the month.

I always invite international and local guests who are recognized in the fetish scene. Amongst those I can mention for example: Mr. Rubber Europe 2018, Mr. Gay Poland 2018 and Mr. Rubber Spain 2017.

To my surprise, quite quickly more and more guys visit the party every month, that’s why, together with my friends, I am planning to organize a big event next year, called Warsaw Fetish Weekend. This will take place  on 24-26th of May, but I can’t talk about that too much yet, so stay tuned.

I also focus a lot on health, so after the election I started to coordinate a psychotherapeutic support program for LGBTQ+ people called “The Nest”, which primarily focuses on (but is not limited to) guys with fetishes. It’s been a year since the start of this program and I’m happy to say it has proven to be effective.

I’m glad that The Nest has also been noticed abroad, including by Mister B and Mr. Rubber San Francisco, who have supported the program from the beginning. In the following months I am planning to develop The Nest even further.

In addition, recently I have also been taking part in a charity auction organized by the Refform Foundation, auctioning out fetish calendars. It will feature pictures of recognizable guys from the scene. (You can have a picture of me hanging on your wall this May!)

This auction will help organize and fund educational workshops and integration meetings. It will also support people who are subject to exclusion and discrimination, and will help generate awareness regarding health issues – for example The Nest program.

If you want to engage with Kamil,
feel free to drop him a message on instagram @mr_rubber_pl

Photography by: Pawel Spychalski