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Mister B Wings is created by, for and about the LGBT+ and fetish community. We have a very divers team from all walks of life, genders and nationalities.  



Tony de Wilde

Next to editor-in-chief of Wings Magazine and Wings online, Tony is the Brand manager at Mister B. Responsible for the creative content and brand awareness for the company. In his spare time he likes to visit fetish events with his husband.

Art Director
Art Director

Rimme van de Coolwijk

Rimme is the Graphic designer/art director of Mister B and WINGS. Working  for Wings Magazine he has explored a lot about his own fetish and the fetish scene. As a real party animal you can find him at all kinds of events and fetish parties around the world.

Content Editor

Content Editor

Gijs van der Zwaag

Gijs is an account manager for wholesale sales, selling all that is Mister B. His eye for detail comes in handy, as content editor for ‘all that juice’ displayed in Wings Magazine. In there, he also has a little spot, doing one of his favorite things: talk food…a good read for both mood and deed…bon appétit!



Marco Hohl

Marco Hohl is a Dutch/German freelance journalist living in Amsterdam. He’s out, proud and opinionated and thinks sex and humour go hand in hand – especially when you write about topics that are taboo to most people.



Chris Vincent

Danish/Italian Chris Vincent (Born ’87) shares whimsical tales by using his accumulated experiences as an actor, activist, cartoon translator, kinkster and sex worker.



Jacob Clark

“Writer by day, GoGo Boy by night – Irishman Jacob arms himself with an inquisitive nature and adventurous spirit as he navigates the messy waters of love, sex and the gay scene. In his free time he enjoys traveling, bargain-hunting and won’t say ‘no’ to some occasional day drinking.”



Linda Duits

Linda Duits is a social scientist specialized in popular culture. She writes columns about gender and sexuality, and frequently publishes LGBTQIA* related op-eds for newspapers. She is an affiliated researcher with the Institute for Cultural Inquiry of Utrecht University and teaches freelance at various universities.



Frank Colosimo

Frank is a fat, gay, queer, slutty, loud-mouth, Italian-Canadian, queer rights advocate who moved to Amsterdam in 2018 to complete his degree in Sociology and Sexual Diversity Studies at the UvA. For fun, he enjoys writing, making his friends laugh, and singing poorly at karaoke. On weekends you can find him working in our Amsterdam shop!



Thijs Fransen

Thijs Fransen (born ’89) studied at the University of the Arts in Utrecht (writing for performance) and is now a specialist nurse in emergency care, with gay health as an extra area of attention. Once started as a condom-tearing model at Mister B, he writes, cares and feasts himself through the city and through life.




Blas is originally from Málaga (Spain). Living in the Netherlands since August 2010 and working for Mister B since August 2011. He loves tennis and plays as many GLTA tournaments as possible.

About Our Team

Our team is working year round to make sure we have fresh, fun and interesting content. With two issues a year, released in February and September and the online platform our writers are always on the look-out for new stories. During our monthly meetings  we get our creative juices flowing (pun intended). 
The fun thing is that we get to work with so many different people with very different interests but in the end it is all about just being yourself and enjoying what you are into. 

The Mister B WINGS team 


Nelson Sousa da Cunha
Toy Torture
Arnaud Housenard
Nordine Bassista
Robert Strzelecki
Joseph Kearney
Tyrone Rontganger
Rick Whalley
Roel Janssen
Antti Kauppinen
Bill & Steve


”Thanks to Wings, we show that fetish is more than just you as an individual. We meet as a community and create a family„


“A hot cup of coffee and
Mister B Wings magazine.„


“Taste level, eye for detail and all that bla is nice, but nothing makes me wanna read WINGS more than: my dirty mind..a joy forever!

Interview with Daniel Dumont!

First things first; could you introduce yourself to our readers? My name is Daniel, Secretary of the ECMC (European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs), which is the organization that supervises and coordinates 28 non-profit leather, fetish and motorcycle clubs across...

Marco and Masters of the Universe

As a kid growing up in the eighties I owned way too many toys and with ‘way too many’ I mean I owned them all. From My Little Pony to Transformers, from Care Bears to Marshall Bravestar and from Popples to Thundercats. My parents bought me something new every week....

Meet the leather man… MadLincoln

What do you get when you mix the Purple Pieman from Strawberry Shortcake, a big smile, a bucket load of positive energy and some Tom of Finland realness? Stephen Charles Lincoln, aka MadLincoln. This 47-year-old New York City resident is a self-proclaimed protein...

Avocado: a BBFF

A delicious(ly) slutty bottom Grindr mate once told me: “An avocado is a bottom’s best friend. I’ll tell you why: take 2 a day (no more, no less!) and you’ll basically only need to stick that hose in twice to get that water clean.” As someone who is not shy of...


“No way!”, “Fuck right off!”, “Yeah right gurl” or more simply “Mmhhmm” accompanied by a disbelieving eye-roll are the usual reactions I get from people when I inform that I do, in fact, top. At this point I usually give them what they want by spanking my ass...

Crossing over with Mr. Riegillio

Riegillio de Wagt is a fashion designer whose work is as unique as his first name (more on that later). He has received a lot of praise for his innovative clothing brand Mr. Riegillio that is a crossover between fetish and fashion. Wings sat down to talk to this...

Lesbian fistfucking in the lecture hall

What kind of image do you put on a slide when you’re lecturing about fistfucking? I struggled with this question for a while, pondering the cons of explicit imagery in a university lecture and the pros of showing what must be showed. Science shouldn’t censor itself. I...

Quench your thirst in Zürich

If you are #thirsty then Zürich is the place for you. The largest city in Switzerland has over 1200 drinking fountains. There is one on almost every street corner. If that is not enough to quench your thirst, we suggest you pop over to one of the parties and gay hot...

Family is what you make of it.

The summer of 2019 has been one for the books. In July I married the sweetest man on earth, and after that, I immersed myself in a chain of festivals and festivities. Pride month(s), Burning Man, from Spanish deserts to German rural villages: I was happy everywhere,...

WILLIES & WELLNESS – Sauna Nieuwezijds.

Before visiting the Sauna Nieuwezijds (NZ) for the first time, I had never once stepped inside a gay sauna. I had two conflicting preconceptions in my head of what to expect. One was like an awkwardly spotless, stylised and sleek porn set, and the other came from bad...


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