MISTER B – Top 25 Must haves!

by | May 29, 2019 | Issue 07, Top 25 | 2 comments

At the Mister B Wings editorial office we obviously have a love for toys and gear. We asked our staff to tell us what their favourite items are, and why. These are the 25 must have products we think you should have.

Top –  5 Marco Hohl

Mister B Motor Boots

These boots look hot and taste delicious. Try them on in one of our stores or have a lick next time you see someone wearing them in public. #siryessir

Ready - Wet Stuff lubricant capsules

The person who came up with these bad boys must have been a genius, a slut or – most likely – a combination of both. Pop a few of the gel capsules in before going to a (sex) party and you’re all lubed up and ready for action when you arrive. #practical

The hole gnome

This Ass Midget is a garden gnome for your hole basically. For anyone in need of a fairy-tale-ending. You don’t need a prince charming when this 34 cm tall guy is around. Just look at his dreamy face! #wherenognomehasgonebefore

Mister B Strap-On Jennings Clamp

Use this old-skool dentist tool on your boy when he’s all tied up. Once in place his jaw is locked, his mouth open and ready for anything you want to stick in there – with which I mean your cock of course. #welovedentists

Pocket Darkroom

This is a wicked little gadget for kinksters who are into sensory deprivation. The black lenses take away the eyesight of your sub – hence the name Pocket Darkroom. Last thing I heard is it’s also fun to use in combination with earplugs. #whatnow #wherenow #whonow

Top 5  – Tony de wilde


My go to rubber outfit, I love the feeling of full encasement, and a three way zipper for easy access.

Mister B Iron Whip Woven cat 12x4

you can’t go wrong with this woven cat, the iron whip collection of Mister B has a beautiful metal grip and strong woven leather. So whip your heart out.

E-stim E-box Series 2B Kit

The best electro box in my opinion, it is versatile and fun to play with, hook up any E-stim toy you want and have fun.

Mister B Cream fist lube

Mister B Cream is the best oil based Fisting cream, no weird smell, very slick and easy to clean. Keep in mind this product is not safe with condoms or gloves.

Thick industrial gloves

Love rubber in general but the look and feel of these gloves are very hot, especially if you are into the rubber industrial look. Also great for fisting btw.

Top 5 –  Rimme van de coolwijk

leather indicator jeans

Chosen as best product of 2018 at the X-awards, these jeans will definitely remain my favorite in the years to come.

Fucktools Hammering Hank dildo

This dildo is perfectly sized for a good and slutty night at home or party. Also good to know he is compatible with the F-machine fuck machines.

F-machine pro 3

This fuck machine will give you the ride of your life. If you like to bottom this is definitely a product you must have.

Mister B Urban football socks red

These socks are available in all colors so you can immediately and clearly show people what you are into. Also super convenient: they have a pocket on the inside of the sock.

Sk8erboy FCK ABL socks

These socks you can wear on a daily basis, to work, to a party or outside so everybody knows what you are into. Let me tell you; you will get what you wish for.

Top 5  – Chris Vincent

Mister B Leather Muscle Vest

This has quickly become my multipurpose leather garment. I feel fucking sexy wearing it with nothing underneath, and more a more casual/fetish look I often wear it over a t-shirt or even white shirt! Try it out if you haven’t already. (Oh, and the inner pockets are life savers at parties!)

Mister B Stainless Steel Spreader Bar 100 cm

The way to my heart? Nothing says “I love you” better than being pinned down and having my legs spread open and locked in that position.

Mister B CLEAN 200 ml

This is the eau de toilette of my dildos!

Sheets of san francisco

Messing around in style and AND protect my bedding at the same time? Oh, this little piggy most definitely went to the market.


No better way to tumble down my rabbit hole.

Top 5 Gijs van der zwaag

Mister B Powerjock Black

Just the prettiest piece of leather underwear in the Mister B collection, and possibly ever. Sleazy and stylish, skimpy, but still well covered. Looks hot, both totally exposed as under something. And All Black goes with everything. #sluttycomfortzone.

Nipple Suction Cups

Go-to to get (my) nipples going for anything after that, with an ‘enhanced’ pinch when (still) on…fucking hot…not a single session without them! #nip/fuck

Mister B RELAX

Just that little nodge ‘forward’ for your (dildo) stuffing, but without totally numbing the lot & leaving a sour ‘aftertaste’. #stuffingstaple

The Monster Giant Equine Speculum

Ehm…epic? Monumental? Symbolic? This huge mo-fo caught my attention when being represented in my all-time favourite photo for Mister B by Erwin Olaf…guess which one! #identityproductrealness

Rubber Piss Gag

Hot, Funny and Practical…the Holy Trinity! Multi-purpose for both indoor and outdoor fun, for party & play, cum rain, cum thunder, cum… 

Let us know in the comments below what your FAVORITE mister b item is !