MISTER B’s – 27th Anniversary – TOP 27

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March 2 is Mister B’s 27th Birthday!

A 27th birthday happens but only once in a lifetime, so we decided to make the most of it! 

To celebrate we asked 27 Mister B employees to tell us what their favorite products are and why. Some employees here are a little more discreet than others and they prefer to remain nameless, but they are all kinky as you’ll see by the list of products!

Some items are toys, some are gear, and some are even lube, but they are all staff favorites! 

See if your favorites are on this list too or maybe you’ll find a new treasure!


Top –  27

Teardrop Cockring

JOHAN – Sales Assistant 

I like this cockring because when you are fucking it pushes against your perineum (the little hump between your anus and your ball sack) and gives you extra stimulation. Also when you wear it under your clothes it keeps your junk pushed up and gives you a nice bulge in your pants.

Nasty Pig Designator Harness

Emiel – HR

Looks butch!

We-Vibe Vector

It’s one of the best quality prostate stimulator toys I’ve had in a long while.

Exxxtreme Double Header Dong

Me and my boyfriend ride this so well together.

Mister B Ball Gag

Warehouse Manager

Good for silencing your partner.

Fucktools Plumbing Paul

Frank – Communications Associate

When I’m really in the mood.

Fucktools Welding Will Dildo - Flesh

It’s a huge challenge to get all the way, but I love a challenge.

Japanese Clover Clamps On Chain

Andre – Shop Manager Amsterdam

Because of the special mechanism they slowly tighten around your nipples which gives an amazing sensation, especially if you or someone else plays with the tip of your nipples at the same time. You have to like some pain of course 😉

Inflatable Solid Dildo - Black XL

I love the feeling of a stretch from the inside!

X Lube 100 gr

Blas – E-Commerce B2C Junior Manager

Extremely easy to mix and also easy to wash from toys and (hairy) body.

Mystim Tension Lover Electro Box

Nereida Deadlysin – Shop Assistant Manager Amsterdam

Making an extra electric connection with your partner takes the feelings of kissing, licking, and touching to another level.

Mister B Stainless Ball Stretcher 15 High 34 Hole

I’ve just started stretching and I love this!

Lovense Domi2 Mini Wand Massager

Strong, nice to play with on your own or with more, for men and woman, and there is no wire to get in the way.

Lovense Hush Butt Plug 38 mm

Keiren – Warehouse Assistant

External control.

Mister B Mouth Bit

This shuts him up nicely.

Mister B Leather Premium Jockstrap - Black Orange

Nico – Commercial Manager

It has a great fit, accentuates the curves and is high quality, and comes in multiple colors depending on your mood. Wear it under chaps or just like that, great to combine with Mister B socks. A Mister B leather essential and instant classic.

Mister B Leather Wrist Restraints Black Black Padding

Heiko – Sales Assistant

As a bondage fan, this is a classic item to own. Love the thick padding.

Fleshlight Turbo Blue Ice Ignition

Sometimes I’m home alone and I just need to fuck.

Mister B Hardware Strap-On Jennings Clamp

Onno – Retail & Product Specialist

Keeps the mouth open but you can’t speak 🙂

Mister B Pump Box

Mmm I love pumping!

Suction Cups Pair

I love a good suck on my nipples.

Mister B Vac Rack - Vacuum Bed

Sorry, I can’t speak right now.

E-Stim E-Box Series 2B Kit

Max – After Sales Specialist

This is my favorite electro box, it does what it promises. Even though it might look complicated it is not at all. I’m an experienced giver and receiver and I can say that both sides feel fantastic. Who doesn’t like a little bit of itzelbritzel, as they say?

Mister B Rubber Biker Jacket

As one needs to look great during the days in a more formal way, this jacket is what makes you stand out. All the boys will be on their knees the moment you enter the room. A little secret: even the BLUF guys compliment me when wearing this jacket!

Rocks Off Falex

It reaches exactly the right place for me, and it’s a lot of fun alone or with a partner

Sheets of SF Fitted Sheet

Makes getting dirty in the sac even easier.

WAD Ornament of Oblivion Plug

It gives just enough stretch for me!

Let us know in the comments below what your FAVORITE mister b item is !