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Next to editor-in-chief of Wings magazine and Wing online, Tony is the Brand manager at Mister B. Responsible for the creative content and brand awareness for the company. In his spare time he likes to play guitar, go to the movies and visit a fetish event every now and then with his husband.

Visual editor

Bojan is responsible for most of the graphic artworks in Wings but also on all Mister B platforms in general. When you watch the new Mister B video, there is a big chance that he was a part of it. He is in love with camping, music festivals, and white wine. Originally from Croatia, but now calling the Netherlands his home. When not behind the screen, Bojan is a travel addict with the Americas next on his bucket list.

Content editor

Gijs is an account manager for wholesale sales, selling all that is Mister B. His eye for detail comes in handy, as a content editor for ‘all that juice’ displayed in Wings Magazine. In there, he also has a little spot, doing one of his favorite things: talk food…a good read for both mood and deed…bon appétit!


Frank is a fat, gay, queer, slutty, loud-mouth, Italian-Canadian, queer rights advocate who moved to Amsterdam in 2018 to complete his degree in Sociology and Sexual Diversity Studies at the UvA. At Mister B he works in marketing and communications while leading a diversity, equity, and inclusion program. For fun, he enjoys critiquing films, writing, making his friends laugh, and singing poorly at karaoke. And if you say or do something shitty, don’t be surprised if he calls you out on it.


Marco Hohl is a Dutch/German freelance journalist living in Amsterdam. He’s out, proud and opinionated and thinks sex and humour go hand in hand – especially when you write about topics that are taboo to most people. You can follow his adventures on Instagram @hohlinone, where he has been documenting his day-to-day life for the last 5 years #365daysofinstagram.


“Writer by day, GoGo Boy by night – Irishman Clark arms himself with an inquisitive nature and adventurous spirit as he navigates the messy waters of love, sex, and the gay scene. In his free time he enjoys traveling, bargain-hunting and won’t say ‘no’ to some occasional day drinking.”


A Chastity and Gear Puppy from Amsterdam who’s been on the scene for about 5 years. His favorite kinks are Pup play, Rubber, Chastity, Power Exchange, and Fisting. Momo loves going to events, going for walkies, and playing with his awesome Alpha, Pup Titan. He’s written about his experiences several times before and loves connecting with other like-minded kinksters through his work on the scene.


Danish/Italian Chris Vincent (Born '87) shares whimsical tales by using his accumulated experiences as an actor, activist, cartoon translator, kinkster and sex worker. (profile photo credit Linelle Deunk)


Paul is a certified international ‘Kimchi-Kiwi’: born in South Korea, raised in New Zealand, educated in Switzerland, and since over a decade, based in Munich, Germany. An active member of the fetish/kink community for over 15 years, Paul is a trained classical musician and one of the OGs of the now-legendary ‘Classic Meets Fetish’ concerts at Folsom Europe and Darklands Antwerp. Alongside performing on stage and playing in leather or rubber, he’s also a passionate advocate for true diversity and the combat against racial discrimination in the fetish scene.


Mister B’s resident advice columnist, Bryan has an opinion about everything. He is a Chinese-Canadian gay man living in Canada. By day, he works in healthcare. In his spare time, he enjoys video games, scuba diving, and Dungeons and Dragons… and dungeons.


Linda Duits is a social scientist specialized in popular culture. She writes columns about gender and sexuality, and frequently publishes LGBTQIA* related op-eds for newspapers. She is an affiliated researcher with the Institute for Cultural Inquiry of Utrecht University and teaches freelance at various universities.


Thijs Fransen (born ’89) studied at the University of the Arts in Utrecht (writing for performance) and is now a specialist nurse in emergency care, with gay health as an extra area of attention. Once started as a condom-tearing model at Mister B, he writes, cares and feasts himself through the city and through life.


LGBT+ project initiator and founder of many LGBT+ clubs such as Belgian Rubbemen, Headup Self defense club, StraffeKetten rugby FC. and co-organizer of Mr. Rubber Europe, Jabier has been active in the international fetish scene for two decades and became Mr leather Belgium 2014. Currently, Jabier collaborates with and is featured in many publications.


Raphaël is of Congolese origin and is 34 years old. Having grown up mostly in Belgium, he has often found himself between two cultures. The hardships he encountered along the way have shaped the person he is today. A free spirit with the soul of an artist, he claims freedom in personal development.