Getting Rubberized

Rubber or latex is one of the most common fetishes. Its sexual appeal ranges from the smell over the probably most important one: The feeling. On the one hand it is the feeling of being encapsulated in a material which depending on the thickness and the cut applies more or less intense pressure all over the body. Latex stretched easily so it contours the body. On the other hand the feeling of getting touched is altered when wearing latex. The material conducts temperature very well which can lead to interesting games.

The basic material of latex is natural rubber which is harvested in form of latex milk from rubber trees (hevea brasiliensis) which is turned into wearable latex in a process called vulcanization. During this process the white latex milk turns yellow. For other colours pigments are added during the vulcanization.

Even vulcanized rubber is a somewhat fragile material. Ozone, UV light, reactive metals like silver and copper, plasticizer, oils, fats, parfume and deodorant can damage the material. Furthermore latex milk consists of long polymer chains with free molecule endings. During the vulcanization the free ends join with sulfur inside the material but will stay free on the surface. Usually oxygen will dock on these ends causing redox which will change to color of the latex or can even destroy it when not properly cared for. Also this effect is responsible of the friction when you put on a rubber piece.

But all of this can be prevented with some easy care steps: After having worn the rubber it should be washed. Mister B Wash is perfect for that because it does not only wash the sweat and skin oil away which could damage the rubber but it also sanitizes and cares for the material not only on the surface but deep inside. Once the rubber has dried talcum should be applied on the inside to keep it from (ultimately permanently) sticking together and either Mister B Shine or Rubb Rubber Polish on the outside prevent the redox reaction. Rubber clothing should always be stored in a dry, dark place without pressure. Depending on personal preferences this can either be hanging from a plastic or wooden hanger or lightly folded without pressure in a plastic bag. For putting the rubber gear on more easily, either talcum or the Rubb Dressing Aid can be used depending on personal preferences.

The most common pieces of rubber gear are suits because they have a clean look and cover the body without many seams. Suits come either in form of a surf suit which is short-sleeved and -legged or the so called cat suit which in the standard design covers the entire body except the hands, feet and head. Since rubber is easily coloured, there are a lot of colourful, extravagant details and designs possible – from everyday wear to highly sexual cuts.

Latex clothing comes in material thicknesses between 0.18mm and 1.6mm.  The thinner the rubber, the better it will wrap around the body and the more touch can be felt through it. But it will also tear more easily when getting stuck on something like a corner of the bar counter.

Thicker rubber is sturdier; when wearing it the material has much more presence and when going beyond 1 mm thickness the pressure it applies to the body can be an own kind of sensation during a bondage scene. But sturdiness can also cause problems. The thicker the material to more draft is applied on the glue seams which are more likely to give in when moving a lot or moving with a lot of force. The best compromise between movability, easiness to put on and rubber feeling is 0.4mm to 0.6mm.

Rubber care:

If you would like to enjoy your rubber clothing for a long time, then it is vital to take good care of it! Here are a few things you should know.

In General

Household oils, mechanical oils, greases and solvents can cause serious damage on your rubber garments.

Extreme heat will melt the latex. (Radiators, candles etc.)

Sunlight will cause discoloration! Especially light colours and transparent will easily stain! Do not expose latex for a longer period to sunlight!

Water and high humidity will destroy and discolour the rubber. Latex is a natural product and reacts to that. So keep it dry and give it enough time to dry after you washed it!

Metal will stain the rubber, avoid spots and discoloration!

Nicotine will stain the rubber. If you are strong smoker and like to wear white, light colours and transparent then remember to wash your hands in between to avoid yellow spots!

Sharp objects including long fingernails can easy cause holes or rip your latex garment. Just be careful when you put on your clothing!

Sweat will damage your rubber in the long run! obviously nobody can avoid it, but remember to wash it off! So keep it clean!

Leather can also damage and weaken your rubber. The concerns about leather are the remaining oils which are used during the production process of the garments.


Fill your bathtub, a bucket or whatever you got with some hand warm water, add a few drops of Mister B CARE Rubber Wash 250 ml and wash your rubber.! Then put it on a hanger and let it dry, in- and outside!

Recommendation: After rinsing your garment, put it again in some clean water and add some of Mister B CARE RUBB Dressing Aid 100 ml, stir the garment around a little in the mix and then hang it up to dry. This way your garment is pre shined.


To make sure your garment stays is great shape use Mister B CARE RUBB Rubber Polish 250 ml. Use a cloth or sponge to rub the product on to your garment and let the rubber absorb the product for a few minutes. Then remove all excess product with a damp cloth.


Store your garment in a dry and dark place. An easy way to keep your garment dry is to keep it stored in Mister B CARE TALC 150 gr.. Make sure your garment is no were near metal.


You can use Mister B CARE RUBB Dressing Aid 100 ml as a dressing aid, just put a little on your body and easily slip into your garment.

Another way is to use Mister B CARE TALC 150 gr.instead of the Mister B CARE RUBB Dressing Aid 100 ml.


If you like you garment to be shiny make sure the garment is powderless on the outside. You can use Mister B CARE SHINE 200 ml to shine up your garment. Spray a little bit on your garment and use a cloth or your hands to divide the silicone over your garment.

Rubber fetish

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