Get your kink on with the Top 30 Mister B products of all time

Thirty years of Mister B equals thirty years of fetish products that will fulfill your wildest fantasies. We asked thirty of our colleagues what they consider to be their all-time favorite Mister B product!

We hope their answers will A) inspire you to get your kink on, and B) put a cheeky smile on that naughty little face of yours! Let’s do this!

1. Joey Taffijn (he/him) – Finance Manager

“There can only be one favorite Mister B item for me, and I assume that everyone else will mention it as well: the All Black Joey Butt Plug 10 cm, named after yours truly. The Joey has been sold over eight hundred times since its introduction in 2017. I put it on display in my bedroom UNUSED. 10 cm in length is totally fine for me, but not in width.”


All Black Joey Butt Plug 10 cm

2. Karl Bowe (he/him) – Social Media Manager Marketing Team and Performer at various Mister B events

“My Mister B Leather Chaps. I wore them on the Mister B Boat during Amsterdam Pride in 2022 and it felt very liberating. I got tons of reactions from bystanders when I got off the boat and walked towards the city center to dance at CRASH on Beursplein. There were a lot of remarks like ‘lekker ding’* and ‘lekker kontje’** thrown at me from all sides.”

*Dutch for ‘sexy thing’ ** Dutch for ‘nice butt’

Mister B Leather Chaps - buy online at

Mister B Leather Chaps

3. Cors Witkamp (he/him) – Sales Assistant Amsterdam Flagship Store

“My favorite items are without a doubt the Mister B Premium Bondage Fist Mitts. Whenever I’m on a date I use them!”

Mister B Premium Bondage Fist Mitts - buy online at

Mister B Premium Bondage Fist Mitts

4. Jeroen Janssen (he/him) – Business Unit Manager Wholesale

“The Mister B Double-F Neon Fist Lube would be my all-time favorite. I’m a huge gunge fan and this lube ticks all the boxes, it pushes all my buttons, and it gets all my fantasies going. The lube lights op neon yellow under black and blue UV lights. I love pouring a few liters of it in an inflatable swimming pool, then I invite some sexy men, put on a rubber suit, and start wrestling.”

Mister B Double-F Neon Fist Lube 1000 ml

Mister B Double-F Neon Fist Lube 1000 ml

5. Max Groen (he/him/they/them) – After Sales Specialist

“The KinkLab NeonWand. It’s a toy that creates an electrical discharge across the surface of the skin. It’s a lot of fun to try out on customers. It’s hilarious actually. Often, they are afraid to try it, so I show them what it does on my arm to relax them. Most of the time their interest is peaked quickly. They first ask me to tap the back of their arm lightly, and before you know it, they’re eagerly volunteering their nipples.”

6. Niels Brinkman (he/him) – Fashion Designer

“The Mister B Padded Leather Sailor Jeans. When I wear them, I feel handsome and strong, comparable to when I’m in a suit. My butt looks really good in them as well.”


KinkLab NeonWand – White Handle Purple Light

7. Ana Santos (she/her) – Graphic Designer Marketing Team and WINGS Magazine

“I love using Mister B GLIDE as lube, so does my new boyfriend (she says with a smile from ear to ear). Plus, I designed the new packaging, and I’m really proud of that.”


Mister B GLIDE 250 ml

8. Tony de Wilde (he/him) – Brand Manager and Editor-in-Chief WINGS Magazine

“My favorite is the Mister B Heavy Rubber Bondage Hood. It’s extremely versatile. It comes with both a removable gag and a removable blindfold. Perfect for getting into a sub headspace, especially when you combine it with a full rubber look.”

Mister B Rubber Tie Back Bondage Hood - buy online at

Mister B Rubber Tie Back Bondage Hood

9. Omar Vázquez (he/him) – Manager Marketing Team

“I don’t need to stand out at a party, but I also don’t want to wear the same thing that everyone else is wearing. That’s why I love the Mister B Leather Long Skirt. It has slits on both sides that show off my legs, and it goes all the way down to my ankles. The first time I put it on I combined it with a Dale Mas jacket. I’m looking forward to wearing it with a rubber top for a future event. My friends always notice how I combine clothes. They’ve started asking me what I’m going to wear to a party in advance. My style is kinda queer, and kinda fetish. It makes me feel empowered, and shows off who I am.”

Exclusively available instore

10. Onno Tang (he/him) – Retail and Product Specialist

“The Mister B Leather Chaps. I’ve been wearing them for years at bars and at Folsom Europe with a pair of blue jeans underneath. They’re a big success!”

Mister B Leather Chaps - buy online at

Mister B Leather Chaps

11. Bart Anseeuw (he/him) – Co-owner and Manager Antwerp Brand Store

“I would go for the Mister B Romper. It’s super cozy when you’re sitting in an armchair at night, and comfy when you want to wear something casual when going out. The zippers and hoodie are handy during a play session. I give it a 10 out of 10!”

Exclusively available at Mister B Antwerp

12. Allen Naslund (he/him) – Customer Service Representative

“My favorite products are the leather clothes, hands down! When I was a boy, I watched a movie that opened all kinds of doors to the fetish world for me: Mad Max. I had never thought the human body could bloom into shape the way it does when it is wrapped in leather. When I bought my first leather jeans, I felt as though they could bring on the apocalypse, and that I would be ok, if I had them on. It should come as no big surprise that walking into the Mister B Store for the first time felt like entering paradise!”

Leather Fetish – Your Fetish Specialist in Gay Sex Toys & BDSM | Mister B

13. André Donker (he/him) – Shop Manager Amsterdam Flagship Store

“My number one choice would be the Mister B Leather Kilt. I wear it the way you’re supposed to – without any undies. I’ve had an awkward moment at the store once. This attractive customer was flirting with me and then all of a sudden, the front of my kilt started rising up, hahaha.”

Mister B Leather Kilt - buy online at

Mister B Leather Kilt

14. Papilicious (he/him) – Sales Assistant Amsterdam Flagship Store

“I first tried out the Mister B Leather Overall in Antwerp a few years ago. I told my friend Nereida, who used to be a Mister B Sales Assistant as well. She contacted all my friends, and together they bought me the Leather Overall for my birthday. I absolutely love it! It’s super sexy and it has emotional value.”

Exclusively available instore

15. Mairis (he/him/they/them/she/her- “I don’t care how you call me, just call me!”) – Shop Manager Berlin Brand Store

“My personal favorite is the Mister B Leather Muscle Vest. You can wear it with a full leather look or with some more casual-looking clothes to subtly hint at your interest in fetish.”

Mister B Leather Muscle Vest

Mister B Leather Muscle Vest

16. Patrick Molnar (he/him) – Purchasing Assistant

“I just started my job at Mister B, and I haven’t tried out a lot of products yet. The number one toy that I’m most looking forward to try is the Titus Silicone Series Cockring with an Anal Ball. I think the pressure of the ball will be very stimulating and enjoyable.”

Titus Silicone Series Cockring with Anal Ball 60 mm

Titus Silicone Series Cockring with Anal Ball 60 mm

17. Steve van Braeckel (he/him) – Co-owner and Manager Antwerp Brand Store

“The Mister B Hunter Jeans. They are strong, stylish, practical, extremely comfortable, and you can wear them every day. And I’m not just saying that, I actually DO wear them EVERY DAY!”

Exclusively available instore

18. Matthijs van Els (he/him)  – Editor and Writer WINGS Magazine

“The black leather Phantom Boots 10 Hole would be my first choice. I wore them to Wasteland Summerfest, my first ever fetish event. I’m not the tallest person out there, but they make me feel like a boss bitch. Some sort of dominance makes its way to the surface, bubbling up, which never happens when I walk around in my sneakers. I feel sexy and untouchable in those boots.”

Phantom Boots 10 hole - buy online at

Phantom Boots 10 hole

19. Clark Cullen (he/him) – Columnist and Writer WINGS Magazine

“My favorite piece of gear is the Mister B Leather Floppy Dog Hood in brown leather. I tried to do the puppy thing before with a neoprene mask from a different brand, but it was too hot, and it made me sweat. When I got my paws on the Mister B hood, I realized that I DO like this fantasy! The hood is well-made, fun, sexy, and it has its own personality because of the ears that flop into different directions. The brown leather makes you stand out at fetish events where most attendees are wearing black gear.”

Mister B Leather Floppy Dog Hood Stitched – Brown

Mister B Leather Floppy Dog Hood Stitched – Brown

20. Leokin (he/him) – Columnist WINGS Magazine

“I love all the Mister B Cockrings. I use the big ones to stretch my balls for the gods!”

Mister B Stainless Cockring Donut - buy online at

Mister B Stainless Cockring Donut

21. Irresistible Iris (she/her) – Writer WINGS Magazine and Performer at various Mister B Events

“My favorite products are the Mister B Rubber Slave Collar with the matching Mister B Rubber Wrist Restraints. Years ago, when I was exclusively sub, I had a master who gifted me a metal collar with a key and an O-ring, but as the spoiled sub fashionista that I was, I couldn’t help myself from buying the Rubber Collar and Restraints. They fit beautifully with my latex looks! These days, the Rubber Slave Collar looks stunning on my own submissives. One of my slaves welded the Rubber Restraints to a serving tray which enables me to enjoy a good glass of wine served to me in style.”


Mister B Rubber Wrist Restraints

22. Tyrone Rontganger (he/him) – Writer and Columnist WINGS Magazine

“My favorite Mister B product is my blue Mister B Sheep Leather Police Shirt. I can’t wait to get the matching blue leather trousers – I’m still saving up for them!”

Mister B Sheep Leather Police Shirt Blue - buy online at

Mister B Sheep Leather Police Shirt Blue

23. Guy The Leather Coach (he/him/SIR/coach) – Writer and Columnist WINGS Magazine

“My pick would be the Mister B Leather Convertible Jeans. They’re leather pants when you want them to be, and you can easily transform them into chaps. They help you to be discrete when needed, and a little bit less discrete later on. It’s genius!”

Mister B Leather Convertible Jeans

Mister B Leather Convertible Jeans

24. Bryan Chung (he/him) – Columnist WINGS Magazine

“I love and treasure my Mister B Leather Jeans in blue leather. I had to wait three years to get them because of multiple reasons – including the pandemic – but eventually I managed to travel from my home in Canada to Antwerp to snatch them up.”

Exclusively available instore

25. Ingmar Kortekaas (he/him) – Sales Manager

“I love the Mister B Leather Chaps. They’re practical, they make me feel sexy, and the leather looks and smells fantastic. I also really appreciate when other men wear leather chaps preferably with a leather vest and leather wrist bands.”

Mister B Leather Chaps - buy online at

Mister B Leather Chaps

26. Patricio S. Deantas (he/him) – Administrative Assistant

“I own A LOT of Mister B products, but the Mister B Leather X-Back Harness Black holds a special place in my heart. In 2019, while still living in Chile, I came to Amsterdam to celebrate my 39th birthday. My husband took me to the Flagship Store to buy me a harness as a present. It was the first time I heard of the brand, it was my first leather harness, and I haven’t stopped since. I even ended up working at Mister B!”

Mister B Leather X-Back Harness Black - buy online at

Mister B Leather X-Back Harness Black

27. Tom O’Donnell (he/him) – Warehouse Manager

“Just one favorite?! That’s tricky! If I had to choose, I would go for the HolyTrainer Male Chastity Cage. It’s ideal for adjusting the attitudes of unruly subs, and for widening their understanding of what submission can be. Chastity is both a powerful psychological and physical fetish with many layers to explore. This device is great for starting that journey!”

HolyTrainer Male Chastity V4 Maxi - Black

HolyTrainer Male Chastity V4 Maxi – Black

28. Istvan Lengyel (he/him) – Sales Assistant Berlin Brand Store

“I have two favorites that I use together regularly. I love the Mister B Penis Pumps and Cylinders. To play with them properly you need some lubrication. My go-to is Mister B GLIDE which is a long-lasting, silicone-based lubricant. The first time I used it during a pumping session, everything went really well, but when I changed to a bigger Cylinder, I lost control and it started slipping all over my lap, almost like an awkward little dance. Needless to say, I got the hang of it after some practice.”

Mister B Cock Cylinder

Mister B Cock Cylinder

29. Giselle Scardilli (she/her – “But I’m happy with they/them as well!”) – Warehouse Assistant

“My boyfriend is SOOOO GOOD at what he does that we had to invest in some Sheets of San Francisco* to stop us from flooding the house. I’m not trying to brag, hahaha, but it’s my honest answer!”

*Sheets of San Francisco are fluid proof play sheets that will protect your mattress/bed from all kinds of fetish fun that involves lubes and liquids and such


Sheets of SF Fitted Sheet 160 x 200 x 25 cm

30. Marco Hohl (he/him) – Writer and Creative Advisor MarketingTeam and WINGS Magazine

“The Mister B Leather Slave Collar Black Padding. I always wanted to have a leather collar, and I treated myself to one for Christmas 2023. I wore it to Pornceptual* in January. My boyfriend was vibing with it, and he pulled out a leash out of nowhere. He took me for walkies around the club and shared the leash with some of our bestest friends. It was hot, sexy, and dare I say, cute?! Yes, I do! It was CUTE AS FUCK!”

*A fabulous queer fetish party in Amsterdam, Berlin and London


Mister B Leather Slave Collar Black Padding

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