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Losing my Fistginity

I was 23 and still living in Malaga. It was the end of June and the gay peregrination to Madrid for gay pride had already started. I was super excited to go back to Madrid for gay pride! So I took the little money I had saved while working at the gay club in Torremolinos, bought a bus ticket (for a 6 hour drive!), booked a low budget hostel for 3 days and brought along my little suitcase with few clothes in it.

Once in Madrid, I again felt that sense of freedom and happiness you only get during gay prides events – or at least that´s how I experience gay pride happenings!

People everywhere, an overcrowded Chueca, trying to find your friends, partying until you’re ready to drop, sleeping only a few hours a day, fast food every day… After an extraordinary Friday night and amazing parade on Saturday (and more partying at night), we thought it might be wise to take it easy on Sunday. But as you all know what happens when you decide to take it easy… Yep, 100% the opposite happens.

One of my friends, who still had a little energy left, and I decided to go to a club called ´Strong´. We had heard that the darkroom was bigger than the dance floor and, well, I couldn’t let such an opportunity pass.


I must admit that, at this point, I was not very in touch with my fetish/piggy side. You might say I was more ´mainstream´. I had butterflies in my stomach while queuing up at the club (which reminded me of the first time I went to a gay sauna). When we finally got inside, the club was packed and it was at least 200 degrees and so, as the non-written gay rules dictate, we removed our T-shirts.

I was suddenly grabbed from the side and hugged by a pretty big guy. He must’ve been around 1.85 cm and 90 kg (I´m 1.71 cm and 60 kg). He was very muscular and full of tattoos. He asked me right away to leave the party and go to his hotel, but I had just gotten there and wanted to party a little with my friend first. So he decided he would stay with me and my friend until I wanted to go back with him to his hotel. I found that kind of sweet actually and was flattered. The guy was wearing a few accessories: a leather harness and one red biceps band. I was so ´mainstream´ that I didn´t even know the name for ´harness and bicep band´… And even less the meaning of the color of the bicep band. This was the first time I had seen one.

During the party, the guy took me into the darkroom. We found a cabin and played there for a while. He skipped the typical top or bottom question and basically threw me up against the wall and fucked me (man, that was superhot!). After a few more hours at the party, it was time to go to his hotel.

I couldn´t wait to get to the hotel! After the quickie at the club, I wanted more of that thick, uncut cock! So I was trying to walk quickly on our way back to his hotel. I have short legs, so it´s quite amusing to see me trying to walk fast.

Once we got to his room, I told him I wanted to take a shower first and double check that everything was still fine down there. It took me around 15 minutes to get ready and, when I walked into the room afterwards, everything had transformed. There was little light, the bed was suddenly black (he had put on some black sheets, which I now know are play sheets since we sell different types – check them out because they are very handy!) and there were at least 10 different bottles and cans next to the bed. I was a bit surprised, but decided to go with the flow. We lay down on the bed and started kissing. After a while, he asked me if I was into fisting. The nice hard fuck he gave me at the club suddenly flashed through my mind and I thought that he now wanted to go further and fist me! I was kind of scared and I told him I´d never done that before and didn´t think I could take a fist. Then came the disappointment… He wanted me to fist him! He wasn´t really into fucking and he only did it so I would be interested in going with him after the party. Anyway, I didn´t really mind that he had manipulated me because he was really hot and thank god
I´m versatile!


I considered it a night to try different things and I was honest with him. I had no experience with fisting, but I could fist him if he told me how to do it. And so he did…

After a short discussion about what we would be doing, he grabbed me and pulled me onto the bed. I must say he was very passionate, kissing me everywhere, using his arms to hold me tight, grabbing my hands with his hands… It was at that exact moment that he stopped and said that there was something wrong, something wrong with my nails. I didn´t understand what was going on. He suddenly left the bed to go to the bathroom and came back with a file. I didn´t know what was happening but he went on his knees and started filing my nails. He kept on talking, but the only thing I could think of was that I´m in a kind of leather bed with a super hot muscle guy who is filing my nails so I can fist him.

After a little while, he finished and explained to me a little bit about all the lubes and how to use them. I started with one finger and I could read on his face that I could skip that step, so I went directly with four and then my whole fist was inside. This guy liked me to put my fist slowly in and deep (halfway to my elbow) and then take it out fast. I could see him rolling his eyes from the pleasure and that made me extremely horny. After a while, it seemed that one fist was not enough, so I started using a few fingers from the other hand. At a certain point, my two fists were inside him. I can´t really explain what was going through my mind at the time. I was impressed, I was enjoying it, I was extremely horny and, most importantly, I wanted more!

We kept playing for a few more hours and then stopped because he had to go to the airport. As it turned out, he was a porn actor who had come to Madrid to work and party during gay pride and now the time had come to go back home to… wait, I won´t say the country. Maybe that would be too much info and I don´t want people to know who he is.

I left his hotel thinking: what an amazing night, what a great experience and I got my nails done for free!