Mister B’s 30 Year Anniversary

In Honor of Mister B’s 30th birthday, WINGS sat down with a few members of its fabulous and kinky family. We are reminiscing about the past, celebrating the present and looking ahead to the future of our iconic brand and the experience that is MISTER B!


 We are starting off our trip down memory lane with 57-year-old Max Groen (he/him/they/them) and 56-year-old Allen Naslund (he/him, or Mister if you behave). They both can be considered ‘old school’ members of the Mister B team, knowing all the ins and outs of the early days in the Warmoesstraat in Amsterdam, the location of Mister B’s first-ever store.

When and how did you join the Mister B family?

Allen: “When I was visiting Amsterdam from South Africa, I walked through the Warmoesstraat and saw the logo. I thought it was such a cool image. When I saw what was being sold, I thought it was even cooler. All that leather! I have no idea how much I spent that day. I don’t remember when I joined, but I do know I wasn’t in my twenties anymore.”

Max: “I joined in 1999. Currently, I’m the After Sales Specialist. Three words, all in capitals, and then you get ASS.”

Allen: “Mine isn’t so fancy. I’m the Customer Service Representative and before I used to work at the warehouse.”

What was that time in the Warmoesstraat like?

Allen: “It was fantastic! Still, to this day, I remember the bell sounds of the Oude Kerk, and it takes me back to that time. I always used to take a walk in the Red Light District, eating my lunch, listening to Iron Maiden.”

Max: “I started working at the shop during a really hot summer, and when I entered the shop in the morning, everything smelled like leather. The whole vibe in the Warmoesstraat was special. There were a lot of gay bars, darkrooms and special events. I loved that era. It was a bit more raw and raunchy.”

“We always had someone to watch over the dildos and protect them from being kidnapped”


What is your favourite memory from those days?

Max: “Back then, I was still a woman. On Sundays, there were Sex on Sunday parties at The Argos, and it was for men only. But after work, they ‘locked’ me in as well, and to me, that was really special. We always went out together for beers, and there was a lot of contact with the customers.”

Allen: “My favourite memory is the old warehouse. There was a little doorway to get in, but the pallets with all the toys and dildos couldn’t get through. Everything had to be unloaded on the Warmoesstraat. The tourists were so intrigued. They had never seen such a large amount of dildos. We always had someone to watch over the dildos and protect them from being kidnapped.”

What were the more public parties and events like?

Max: “I don’t know because I wasn’t allowed at those parties. I do know that the parties were really big at that time. Amsterdam was still the gay capital back then.”

Allen: “Those days, I used to be so gothic that if anything wasn’t gothic, I didn’t go. At one point, I was only eating black food. I’m joking. It was a special time for me. I associate that time with Mister B, and looking like that, the whole gay community sort of integrated. There was a lot of crossover.”

How has the fetish community changed over the past three decades?

Max: “You now have the puppy community. I think it’s a nice way to get familiar with the fetish community. In general, it’s not so hardcore leather anymore.”

Allen: “I think the scenes have become more integrated. Before, they were divided by social identities, but those walls have become more transparent. They still exist, but I feel the lines have become softer. The scenes have become more universal.”

Max: “And more fluid.”

Allen: “I notice it because of the music too. Before, a scene was much more music orientated. Now, it’s a mixture of music and people, and with that, the tolerance has gone up.”

Max: “Hm, I don’t fully agree. I think the tolerance in Amsterdam has declined. I don’t think it’s so tolerant when you are walking hand-in-hand with your partner, or kiss in public, if you are not straight.”

 What does Mister B mean to you personally?

Max: “It’s a lifestyle. It may sound stupid, but it’s who I am.”

Allen: “I think I have become institutionalized. It’s like a family. You love and you hate each other. You fight, there is backstabbing, a lot of attitude, but there is also a lot of love. Mister B is part of my life. It is me.”

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Allen: “Just an observation. Mister B is an entity that, like a person, goes through a certain evolution. It develops and it changes. It finds its life, just like an individual would develop. Mister B has developed, and each individual within Mister B is a reflection of that. That’s how I see it.”



Up next, we sit down with the wizard of Product Development, the forever-26-year-old Onno Tang (he/him) and with the sweetest Brand & Event Manager and ‘WINGS Daddy’, our 39-year-old editor-in-chief Tony de Wilde (he/him). Together they know just about everything that has happened to Mister B in the last decade or so!

When and how did you join the Mister B family?

 Onno: “Oh my god…”

Tony: “In 2010. I used to work in the gay night life of Amsterdam, but I didn’t want to work at night anymore. On Romeo or Recon, I saw an ad for a position as Shop Assistant at the store, so I thought, let’s try that.”

Onno: “I joined a year later. I had worked for the competitor for eight years when I came here. And in the five years prior to Mister B, I owned a BDSM hotel, The Black Tulip.”

Tony: “The infamous Black Tulip!”

Onno: “On an ordinary Monday, I bumped into Wim Bos, the former owner of Mister B. He said, so sweet, ‘Onno, you have to know, in my company, there is always a place for you’. A week later, I had an interview with him, and I was hired. Twelve years later, I’m still here.”

What was your first impression?

Tony: “I’m a child of the internet, so I already knew Mister B from shopping online. When I was 19, I bought my first harness and butt plug.”

Onno: “The butt plug still fits?”

Tony: “I don’t have it anymore, but yes, probably. My first impression of the store was that it was a very welcoming environment. And I remember that when you purchased something, you would get something for free, like lube or condoms. Those little extras always stuck with me. I had so much fun with my colleagues. It already felt like a family back then.”

Onno: “The shop always felt a bit like home.”

What are some of your highlights from the past decade?

Tony: “Obviously, one of them is WINGS Magazine. It started out as a kind of joke, and it became something much bigger. I’m very proud of that. Also, the change in how we do photoshoots nowadays. In the beginning, we were just taking quick photos of colleagues in the warehouse. After a while, we started doing more professional shoots in studios, including all sorts of people. Not just models in the traditional sense. We shot with Erwin Olaf for example, and other big photographers, and that’s something I’m really proud of.”

Onno: “As Retail Manager, I was in charge of the three shops – Amsterdam, Antwerp and Berlin – and I’m really proud of their evolution. They are like chic boutiques now, with great atmosphere and colleagues, and a lot of choice. For eight years now, I’m in Product Development, and I’m proud of the products that we’ve come up with. Products that other companies never thought of.”

Tony: “When you see all the leather and heavy BDSM stuff, that’s all Onno.”

“Fetish is not just for the bedroom anymore”

In what way has the Mister B collection evolved?

Onno: “In our niche, there are lots of subniches. We are trying to have something for almost every niche. In other stores, you would have three different whips to choose from, we have an entire wall of whips, floggers, and paddles. From light and soft to the hardcore stuff, in different price ranges.”
Tony: “I also did Product Development for a while, and we were working on broadening our scope of products to a different audience. We started adding more color and have neon-yellow harnesses for example. We expanded our textile collection with Mister B Urban, we got a more genderfluid collection with Mister B Serve. Also, our core Mister B products have evolved. You can now have a full leather look in different colors, within different options. We created more products like lubes and dildos as well.”

In what way have you seen the costumers – or the fetish community in general – change?

Onno: “They got younger.”

Tony: “True. I think fetish has become more normalized within our community, even within the straight community. Before, fetish was very set in stone. There was a specific look, and that’s what it was. I think within the younger crowd, a lot more is possible. There is more mixing and matching, and it’s more colorful. Fetish is not just for the bedroom anymore. It’s less of a taboo and it’s more available. We also see new stuff, like puppy play. It used to be a small part of BDSM play, but now it has become a community of its own with different rules and gear. That’s why we launched Mister B Fetch, our puppy collection, a few years ago.”

What does Mister B mean to you personally?

Tony: “I have grown as a person, and that is partly thanks to Mister B. I have been able to come up with ideas and just do them. You don’t get that opportunity in every company.”

Onno: “I agree. You only live once. It’s not just about making a salary. It’s very important that you like your job and to have a little fun in life. Mister B gives me that option.”

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Tony: “We’re celebrating our 30th anniversary all year long, starting at Darklands in Antwerp. We’re doing lots of other stuff which I will not disclose right now. Keep an eye out on our website and our stores, and you will find out.”


Together with 43-year-old Jeroen Janssen (he/him), we will have a look into the future of Mister B. As Wholesale Manager, Jeroen knows all that goes on behind the scenes and everything that the company has in store for you, quite literally, for the coming years.

When and why did you join the Mister B family?

“I believe it was in 2017. I wasn’t happy at my job at that time, and thanks to my husband I found a vacancy for a position in sales. I was curious, and we turned out to have a good connection. They chose me, and I’m still here. I’m now managing the Wholesale Department, meaning I’m responsible for everything that happens behind the scenes. From product development, to product introductions, to marketing. I’m also responsible for what’s happening in our shops, and of course, our web shop.”

What was your first impression of Mister B?

“It was a bit exciting like it is with every new job. But on my first day, I found out that my colleagues were all very normal and warm people.”

In what way have you seen Mister B change over the years?

“I wasn’t there for the first twenty years, but obviously the company has grown. We started out with one shop on the Warmoesstraat in Amsterdam, and now we have shops in  Amsterdam, Antwerp and Berlin. The Berlin shop has been renovated at the beginning of 2023, and in my opinion, it’s one of the most beautiful fetish stores in the world. Next to our own shops, we work with retailers, we have Mister B Concept Stores, and Shop-in-Shops throughout Europe. What started out as a small leather store has grown into one of the main names in the fetish scene. We’re supporting events like Folsom and Darklands, and we make sure there is a safe space for all our customers.”

Since you know everything that goes on behind the scenes, based on the products that are being sold, do you notice any differences in kinks worldwide?

“It’s always risky to generalize, but, for example, fisting seems to be more popular in France and Germany. The more dirty stuff, like gunge play, is something very British to do. There’s a big scene over there, and that’s why I like to go to Manchester.”

“We make sure there is a safe space for all our customers”


What will the future of Mister B look like?

“The most important motion for our future will be the focus on our own core brand. Our goal for the near future is to roll out a new rubber assortment.”

In what way have our customers – or the fetish community in general – changed over the years?

“People have become more open to fetish. The amount of visitors to fetish events like Folsom and Darklands has been growing into really big volumes. These events are not only attracting hardcore fetishists anymore. Things have become more fluid, less in boxes. Especially in the rubber community more colors are accepted now. It’s not just black with the four main fetish colors as tribes anymore. You can wear a pink suit just because you like pink. It’s all possible. With this, I think the rubber community is a little bit ahead of the leather community.”

What does Mister B mean to you personally?

“In one word: freedom. Freedom in the sense that for the first time it feels that I can really be myself, completely. I don’t have to hide any part of myself. In my previous jobs, I was still a bit closeted about my fetish side and it was a big relief coming out of that closet too.”

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

“One of the things that I see is that money is getting tighter for everybody. That means people are looking for cheaper solutions, cheaper ‘copies’. I think it’s important to realize that the people or companies who make these rip-offs don’t have the knowledge of what is important to the members of our community. I bought a jockstrap with a codpiece once, as it was advertised. But when it arrived, the codpiece was not removable. It completely lost its purpose. When Mister B develops new product we always make sure that it is something that we want to sell to our customers. All the products in our assortment have a Mister B approved seal. It also makes working at Mister B fun. You can let your mind run wild when thinking of new products together with suppliers, and that’s amazing.”


Last but certainly not least, we talk with the beauty and the brain at the helm of Mister B, 44-year-old Nelson Sousa da Cunha (he/him). He knows what he wants, he knows what’s important to our community, and he doesn’t shy away from change.

When and why did you join the Mister B family?

“I was working for a telecom company for twelve years before I joined Mister B in 2011. I travelled a lot and I barely saw my family and friends. I wanted to take a break from that world  to pick up my life in Amsterdam, instead of living in hotels. I knew Mister B already, but I was still in my discovery phase. I bought my first cockring, went to my first fetish party and that’s how I stumbled upon Mister B. Initially, I joined for a year or two, but I never left.”

What was your first impression of Mister B?

“It was really nice. My friends were already into fetish. They took me to stores across Amsterdam, but I didn’t receive the same warm welcome that I got at Mister B. At other shops, it felt more like a meat market. Mister B felt like a family, and that is why I felt a connection to the brand. The staff was very friendly and the vibe in the Warmoesstraat was really nice.”

In what way have you seen the costumers – or the fetish community in general – change over the years?

“I’ve seen quite a lot of changes. In the beginning, one of my goals was to take fetish out of the darkroom. Most fetish companies would portray fetish in darkrooms and in bars, but we  tried to elevate it. We did photoshoots outside, in a castle, and on rooftops. I  wanted to take fetish to the streets and make it more approachable. Also, times have changed. With social media, younger people have more access to fetish. I think our customers have become younger. I think it’s a good thing that fetish is not only seen as something for privileged old white men that can afford leather. Fetish is for a large crowd of people that are openminded, who want to experience and experiment with sex. Society is changing as well. We are not as uptight about sex as we used to be, and I’m happy about that.”

Mister B is known for its personal touch. How do you make sure – while growing and expanding as a company – to safeguard that intimate experience of going to that kinky store in the city?

“In my opinion, a company shouldn’t expand for the sake of expanding. There is no point in opening random shops and lose control over the quality that we offer. Therefore, I rather have the company grow at a slower pace, in an organic and thoughtful way, securing our core values and our authenticity. In the end, fetish is very personal. The moment it doesn’t feel authentic, people disconnect from it. We are more than a brand. We are an experience! We don’t just stick our logo on everything. That’s not us.”

“We are more than a brand. We are an experience!”


How do you see Mister B in the future?

“A company should always adapt to the times. That is something we are clearly doing, and I think that is part of our future strategy. There was a time when we were heading into many different directions at once, but I think it’s always good to know where you are coming from and to look inside. We are a leather and rubber fetish company, that’s our core. What we build, must be solid for the future, and that is our way of looking ahead. It’s not about doubling in size within a year. The customer will always be our main focus.”

What does Mister B mean to you personally?

“It’s my life. Mister B touches everything. After work, I go home to my husband who is also a kinkster and part of this company. When I step into my playroom, that’s still Mister B. And I like it. It’s a passion. I love sex and I love fetish, so having your hobby turn into your job, and vice versa, is a luxury. I can completely be myself and there is no higher good than that, especially in these times where others are trying to hold us back in doing so.”

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

“I don’t always understand the younger generations and how they look at fetish or a company like Mister B, so it’s important to say, ‘this is what I know, and from here on there is space for other to fill it in’. Otherwise, as a company, you disconnect from what the world wants at that very moment. I think there is a time and a place for everything. It’s nice to hear the voices of younger generations within Mister B and to listen to their needs. I really sound like an old guy now, but it is a generational thing in a way. I also think that should be one of Mister B’s strengths, to allow that space for the next generations.”

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