Fetish at Pride Eindhoven

The city of lights is buzzing with excitement for the premiere of Pride Eindhoven at Saturday, June 8!  And this colourful Pride is not complete without the presence of the fetish community.  During the Pride Parade in the afternoon, you will see the Sportswear Social & Ladz truck roll by, followed by the various fetishes from Fetish Social Brabant, showing off their outfits and flags.  It is very important that the Fetish scene is present at Pride and how wonderful it is that the Fetish Social Brabant can do this in their own beautiful Brabant.

And what should really not be missed at the first Eindhoven Pride?  Of course, a fantastic Fetish party!  The doors of Lab1 open at 11 p.m. for the very first G4Y party, with beats that make you tremble in a stimulating setting.  Whether you wear leather, patent leather or sportswear, every fetish is allowed as long as you have the right attitude.  Lab1, located in the center of Eindhoven, around the corner from hey Stadhuisplein , is the place to be until the early hours.

Tickets cost €29.50 and are available here: https://g4y.nl/

Would you like to join the Fetish Social Brabant in the Pride Parade?  Awesome!  It costs nothing, but please let us know you are coming.  Send an email to fetishsocialbrabant@gmail.com

 In any case, we hope to see you during Eindhoven Pride on June 8!

Instagram: @fetishsocialbrabant 

FB group: Fetish Social Brabant