PlanetRomeo Foundation in 2023: Emergency Aid for Uganda and Beyond

We’re proud of all of the ROMEOs who made this a record year for PlanetRomeo Foundation possible. Thank you for your donations! Check out this blog to see what projects were funded in 2023.

The PlanetRomeo Foundation has a powerful mission—to create a better world for our Rainbow community. For over ten years, they have been making a difference by supporting projects where they are most needed. This encompasses shelter, community building, sports, and culture. 

Recap of 2023 

Last year was filled with some incredible highs. This support was felt by many grassroots rainbow organizations worldwide. We managed to fund a record 60 projects globally, totaling EUR 328,535. This included the funding of initiatives in places like Sri Lanka and Brazil, but also in places where the Foundation had not yet funded projects, such as Yemen, Fiji Islands, and Nepal. 

You can learn more about these projects on the PlanetRomeo Foundation website. 



Earlier in 2023, the Ugandan government passed an anti-LGBTQ bill criminalizing same-sex acts. This led us to launch an urgent solidarity campaign for Uganda, which was a huge success, thanks to your generosity. Together, we managed to raise EUR 40,000, supporting our partners in Uganda who are fighting for the rights of our Rainbow family. Despite the challenges that they have faced, including arrests and harassment, they continue to show immense courage and determination in advocating for their communities.  

From the amount funded to Eastern Africa, 110.174 EUR went to directly to 22 projects in Uganda, thanks to the emergency round of contributions by ROMEOs like yourself. 

Looking at the future 

We’re gearing up for another big year ahead. At the moment, our application window is closed while we review the current submissions. We’ve already hit the ground running with 89 applications lined up for the first half of 2024. 

Your impact, your legacy 

Your support is what keeps us going strong. Whether you’re donating or spreading the word, your actions make a real difference in the lives of our Rainbow family Worldwide. Want to keep the momentum going? You certainly can! And this is how: You can donate to the Foundation at any time. Your donations are what help us support organizations around the world to keep going. Your contribution, no matter how big or small, is invaluable. 

After you donate, leave us your ROMEO username, and you will receive a PlanetRomeo foundation badge on your profile. Your badge will be visible on your profile for one year, spreading the news about the Foundation and its work! Thank you for being part of our community and for inspiring us to keep pushing for progress and to stay true to our mission!