Meet the Copenhagen Wolves RFC

Are you into watching men in sportswear tackling each other to the ground whilst simultaneously fighting the societal myth that sports is a straight man’s world? Well, so are we. WINGS caught up with several members of the Copenhagen Wolves RFC team to discuss the importance of LGBTQ+ rugby, the queer scene in Denmark’s capital, and what gets them sweating off the pitch.

Why is it important for you to play rugby in an LGBTQ+ specific team?

Gabriel: “Playing on an LGBTQ+ team matters because it promotes queer representation in sports, especially in ones such as rugby, where inclusivity is still evolving. It’s crucial for players to feel supported and safe in contact sports, and being part of a team that values and welcomes me just as I am, is empowering. Pan Indræt, the LGBT sports organisation behind the Copenhagen Wolves, have been instrumental in creating those safe spaces.”

Ronnie: “Rugby is a sport where everyone can find their place and fit in. This means no matter what their body or fitness level may be, they are welcome on the team. You will meet and connect with others and feel accepted in a way that might not always happen in the local gay scene.”

Rafael: “Being in an LGBTQ+ rugby team is like having a second family. Rugby is all about teamwork, and it’s not just a game. It’s a way for us to support each other both on and off the field. It’s about friendship, acceptance, and being part of something bigger than a sport.”

Roberto: “I agree, it moves beyond being LGBTQ+ friendly to being a place of inclusivity. It feels almost like a political statement whenever I wear my team’s uniform to the pitch. It is as if we are fighting to bring what we are as a team to the rest of society.”

Do you only play against other LGBTQ+ teams or are you also spreading your message of acceptance into the ‘straight’ world of sports?

Peme: “While we cherish the opportunities to play with other LGBTQ teams, it happens less often, mainly because we proudly stand as the only LGBTQ team in Denmark. Mostly, we play against other national teams in the Danish League. Since we started the team in 2004, some players from other teams have safely come out and identified as LGBTQ+ in various parts of Denmark. They’ve said that our team served as a role model and was the catalyst for their decision.”

Wojtek: “To keep things queer, we organise weekends where we either travel or invite LGBTQ+ teams from Europe to play with us. There’s also the Bingham Cup, a global affair that attracts teams worldwide. Dubbed ‘The World Cup of Gay and Inclusive Rugby’, it’s held every second year, and it’s an incredible opportunity to connect with teams globally, share the love for the sport, and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of inclusive rugby worldwide.”

Beyond the sports world, what is the LGBTQ+ scene in Copenhagen like? Do you have any tips for tourists?

Rafael: “Come to Copenhagen in the summer. During Pride in August, the downtown streets come alive with people dancing and having a great time. It’s incredible to see families cheering – no judgment, just pure love and celebration. While the gay scene might not be as massive, it’s still pretty great. Just remember, Danes can be a bit shy, but they’re friendly.”

Wojtek: “If you do visit during the summer and fancy catching some sun, there’s a great naked gay beach in the area near ARKEN Museum. It’s a chill spot to relax, soak up the sun, and maybe even enjoy some action! And when the evening rolls around, you might want to spice things up a bit. SLM Copenhagen, our local fetish club, is definitely worth trying out. It’s the biggest one in Scandinavia, and honestly, it gives many Berlin clubs a run for their money.”

Roberto: “And if they want to be part of the sports events happening in the city, they are more than welcome to be part of our training and experience what it is to be playing rugby. After that, come with us to have some beers at the Bridge Street Kitchen food market.”

Finally, let’s talk about fetishes. What are some of the things that get you going?

Wojtek: “If I were to rank them, rubber would definitely be my top spot. It’s my go-to for play. Sneakers and socks come in at a close second, but for me, they’re more of an everyday enjoyment. While it may end the list, leather holds a special place in my life. It’s perfect for those big events like Folsom or Darklands, where you want to hang out with friends, have a good time, and still look undeniably sexy.”

Ronnie: “I like to explore my sexuality. Recently, as verse, I want to explore both ways in kinks. I am a gearhead, so choosing a favourite piece of gear is hard, but a good pair of leather restraints is always good; it is easy to carry while travelling and can be used in various sessions.”

Peme: “Yes indeed, BDSM in general, but bondage and puppy play specifically. I love ropes and masks. If you’re looking for toys or gear, make sure to check out Homoware in Copenhagen. Their friendly staff always make me feel super welcome, and they sell a wide variety of products, including a great selection of Mister B.”

Check out the team’s Instagram @CPHWolvesRFC or head over to to learn more about the team, keep up to date with their upcoming games, and even purchase yourself some kit from their online webshop.