Mister B Toy Care 101

Finding the right erotic toy for you and well-maintaining it can be a bit of a challenge and even feel overwhelming. This 101 will help guide you and provide you with some sound advice to follow.

Choosing the Right MaterialThe material which a toy is made out of has a big influence on the play experience. Anal insertive toys can be made from a variety of materials such as rubber, hard plastic or silicone, to name a few. Some toys feel harder and heavier, like those made of materials such as glass, metal or PVC/vinyl, while others can be made from lighter or softer materials like some types of silicone. In addition to insertive toys, there are a variety of other types of toys, like those designed to be inserted by a penis, clitoris, nipple or prolapse, like sleeves, pumps and clit strokers, for example. These also come in a variety of materials from hard to soft.

Part of choosing the right material is based on its firmness. For instance, when training an ass to open up, a softer toy is more helpful because it better adjusts to the sphincter. It allows the tightness of the sphincter to stretch with more ease, as opposed to a hard toy with no give. The size of the toy also affects the amount of stretch you get but you can read more about that in the section Choosing the Right Size below. In the end, firmness should always be based on your personal preferences.

When wearing a toy for an extended period, a harder material is better because the sphincter will adjust to the form of the toy and that is more enjoyable in the long run. Also, with harder surfaces, the likelihood of skin folds, and thus a pinching sensation, decreases. The firmness also impacts the structural integrity. The firmer the toy is, the easier it will stand up by itself. This is especially important if the toy should be ridden or sat on. If it’s too soft, it will collapse, making it more challenging to use in a seated position.

Choosing the Right Form

There are two major insertive toy form categories: dildos and plugs. Dildos typically have longer shapes, with shafts and sometimes a base, with tapered tips for easier insertion. Plugs instead are mostly shorter and often have a narrower neck at the base so they can remain inside the butt without falling out.


Dildos are probably the oldest sex toys invented by humans. Stone penises as old as 28,000 years have been excavated. Iterations of this toy have come and gone, but at this point, you can find such a vast variety that there really is something for everybody. From large to small, these phalluses are very popular and known to be used by all genders and in various orifices. When used in the anus, they induce a friction sensation on the nerve endings along the sphincter while sliding in and out and at best they can even hit the prostate inside. For vaginal use, they can stimulate the g-spot when used intentionally. Depending on the shape and size of the dildo, there can be some stretching sensation to the hole opening as well. Both length and girth affect the impact of didlo play. You can read more about this in the section Choosing the Right Size and Shape below.


Plugs, also known as Butt Plugs, are very popular and have a long history as well. The unique shape of a butt plug is best compared to the bottom half of an hourglass. From the tip, they gradually increase in diameter and, depending on the plug, either taper again or go directly into a short neck that is attached to a base. Through the gradually increasing diameter, the main sensation of a plug is a stretching one. For this reason, plugs are good to slowly train the sphincter to open up to a certain diameter.

A special form of plugs is hollow or tunnel plugs. Their outside form is like a butt plug but instead of being solid inside, they have a hole in the middle. Through the opening in the middle, the tip is dull which makes taking them more challenging. The opening allows for either liquid, hands, a penis or other objects to be inserted, which gives its name its meaning.

With the increasing popularity of pet play, there is a growing market for tail plugs. Instead of a base, an appendix mimicking the look of an animal’s tail is attached to the plug’s body. Tails are also popular with switchers not into pet play. When fucking somebody the tail will develop a momentum which is transferred to the plug section which then stimulates the anus and prostate.

Choosing the Right Size and Shape

When getting into anal play, a 3 cm to 4 cm diameter toy is typically a good size. For further training, the maximum diameter should increase no more than a 1 cm interval each time. After the diameter, the slope is very important. It defines how quickly the diameter from the tip on increases. Even though the anal sphincter can somewhat voluntarily be relaxed it still is a muscle that humans cannot completely control. It needs to be seduced to open up and in order to establish a certain training level, it needs to be carefully, and slowly stretched like every other muscle. Thus, generally speaking, steeper slopes are better because they allow the sphincter to open up more gradually. Especially when being a novice, staying away from toys with large dull tips is wise because it will just press against the sphincter. Once experienced, you will be able to experiment with multiple shapes of dildos and butt plugs and see which excites you the most or suit your personal needs.

Some toys are textured with groves, bumps and ridges. These can each deliver unique sensations, which creates a very exciting experience. The choice of shape with texture is completely based on personal preference. Something to consider is the higher the textured ridge or bump is, the stronger the stimulation. Since texture increases the friction of a toy it makes the insertion more difficult so the maximum diameter should be smaller than that you would choose in a smooth toy. With more challenging toys like those with ridges, be sure to use a generous amount of lube.


Like any of your belongings, you want to take care of your sex toys too. This is so they last longer and maintain their best condition. This way, you can make the most use of them and especially for the ones you really love, you want to enjoy them over and over again. This means washing them and storing them properly but also using them with the right lube. Below you will find helpful information about how to care for and use your sex toys.

Choosing the Right Lube

The next step in finding the right toy is considering which lube will be used most often with it because lube usually makes the toy experience better, but also certain lubes can damage certain toys. The safest lube is water-based which works with every material, but check out this chart of different toy materials and which lubes are and aren’t safe to use with them.

Cleaning Toys

From a sexual health perspective, a toy should either be used only by one person at a time, be covered by a condom or be cleaned thoroughly between partners.

To clean toys after play, fill the sink with water between 40°C and 50°C, add Mister B Care Toy Wash (or use unscented, lotion-free dish soap) and let the toy soak for about 15 minutes. Then scrub the toy with a soft brush or new sponge and rinse the soapy water off. After letting it air-dry, apply a sanitizer like Mister B Care Toy Clean Spray to best protect it. When using a sanitizer, be aware that the agents in it can make glossy surfaces dull.

Since lube or body fluids can foster chemical reactions which could harm the toy, they should always be cleaned after usage.

Storing Toys

Store your clean and dried toys in a safe place that is well ventilated. Some toys shouldn’t be stored in the same bag together because the different plasticizers used by different manufacturers and materials can cause the toys to dissolve when touching each other. If you notice that this damaging process has started on your toys (Notice if an area of the toy is getting sticky or gooey) then it’s too late. Sadly, the process is irreversible. Especially soft toys should be stored upright (or in case of depth trainers loosely rolled up) otherwise they might get permanent creases. To avoid this destructive process from happening to your toys, store each one in its own Mister B Care Toys Bags so your toys never touch each other.