Publishing Guidelines

Authors: please read our Posting Guidelines

Edit or remove your text using the inline editor (pop-up), or in the module Content settings editor, (eg: H2, H3, Colour, Bold, Italic, Bullet, Tables, Images, etc).


  • Use headings, bold, bullets, add formatting where appropriate
  • Do not use H1
  • Ignore Design and Advanced settings in settings menu.

URLs for website, webpage, video, social links

  • Include the name of the resource you are linking to (web page, social profile, videos), add a description if not clear in your article, eg: Mister B Wings Online, Mister B’s new Wings digital magazine
  • Add urls as text,
  • AND add as a hyperlink, OR link
  • Test that the link works correctly when you preview your draft document.
  • Do not upload videos, please provide url as text and hyperlink

Images for Online

  • Please add all images as hi-res JPEG only
  • Preferred minimum resolution 1920×1080 @96dpi 24bit depth
  • Ideal resolution 1920×1920 @96dpi 24bit depth
  • maximum file size 4.8mb
  • larger file sizes must be emailed directly to the editor (300dpi for print etc)
  • Mister B will crop and edit for online layouts

Images for Digital Print (hi resolution)

  • larger file sizes must be emailed directly to the editor (bigger than 4.8mb)
  • RAW, 300dpi JPEG for print output etc

Submission Process

Please follow your brief and submit all content online on this WordPress Post page.

Save (regularly!) your new post as DRAFT while you continue to write. Add your content and media here, it is more efficient than email.

Include your author’s notes to the Editor or Translators as text in your post,eg:

> authors note: do not translate “PRIDE”, this is an event name

When your draft is finished, SUBMIT your article for review.


Our publishing process: 

  • Step 1 Brief, article assigned and briefed with author
  • Step 2 Draft, author complete draft, submit article for review
  • Step 3 Final, rewrite article as needed, fill gaps, updates
  • Step 4 Editing, final content is now edited, proofed, on page layouts applied
  • Step 5 Publish, after final version is approved, your content is live

Please contact the Editor for all other requirements.

Wings Online values your contributions and support, THANK YOU!