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The magazine for the fetish scene by the fetish scene made possible by Mister B. Insight information, party reports, background stories and in depth interviews with influential people from the International Fetish scene and LGBT+ community.

Party Report

Our raving reporter Marco, travels the globe to report on the latest fetish & circuit parties. 


A beginners guide to your favorite fetish! whether you want to learn about bondage, analplay, e-stim or puppy play WINGS has got you covered. 

Close Up

Getting up close and personal with the local scene. Which bar to visit, where to stay and the go to places to shop.

Second Nature

Getting wet and messy with Clark Cullen as he dives into the fetish WAM.

Wings Magazine

Issue 9

The Ninth issue of Mister B Wings magazine features a lot of interesting and sexy subjects and people, written by our Wings staff. From the Big Q with our own Nereida Lopez, to an in Depth interview with the Italian Master Gaicon, what you didn’t know about WAM (wet and messy) fetish in our Second nature article. All this is packaged in the beautiful cover with iconic fetish Model Francois Sagat.

Download the entire issue, and flip through the pages, or find your free copy in one of our Mister B Wings outlets.

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Food: Facts & Fun

Dive deep into the culunairy do’s and don’ts to improve your sexlife with Gijs his Food: Facts & Fun articles. Recepies included.

In The Mix

At Mister B Wings we love good music, in In the Mix we highlight our favorite Dj’s and where to find them.

Meet the ......

Meet the ….. Sisters, Leather man, Pornstar or Rubber man in this catagory we meet some of the most interesting and influencial people in the fetish and lgbtq+ community.


Physical & Mental health is very important, this is why at WINGS we like to highlight health initiatives in the LGBTQ+ community and talk about the more difficult subjects like, mental health, dealing with chemsex, having responsable sex and safety during BDSM. 

Product review

Topped Toys Chute 85

Product review

Sheets of San Francisco

Product review

Mister B Double-F Lube

Product Review

Elbow Grease, Personal Lubricant

Product Review

E-stim 2B connect

Watch this Face

Terry of Finland!

Inside Mister B

Loving Lille!

The Big Q

Interview with a Vamp: Nereida, Mistress of the Amsterdam Fetish Scene


“Mamy Prawa” 

In Depth

Making a connection with Master Giacon


The Rise of Grand EST!


Follow our writers and read all about their lives in one of their columns.

Clark Cullen

The Critical Canadian

Hohl in One

Linda Duits


101 Electro Play⚡

Written by Frederik A.K.A Toytoture Most people who have not yet experienced E-Stim are somewhat afraid of it. But when done correctly with good tools, it is one of the most versatile, intense and horny forms of play. There are two types of electric stimulation used...

Mister B Locktober Challenge 2020 with Cagedjock

This October we invite anyone out there who has been curious about getting locked in a chastity cage to try it! We offer 10% of cages all month at Mister B, so it’s a great time to start! For those who do wear one, or decide to do so, we will reward you for your good...

WARNING This video is NSFW!

Topped Toys Reviews Review by Bear and Boy Gape Keeper 93 Bear and Boy are a horny, kinky couple. They are into a lot of different things. They especially love trying new toys. This time, Bear brought home a nice big squishy butt plug, to stuff in Boy’s ass! He loves...

Get a Grip

Review by Marco OK. I am not going to lie. I have been dreading doing this review for over a month. I have jokingly shown my friends The Grip 126 to instill fear in them. I have used the toy as a giant blue Christmas tree replica for my collection of Playmobil dolls....

Pride Weekend Protest on August 1st Against Homophobia

The world is changing, and although that can often mean something good, it can also work against us.  Just as we have seen more of what we call progress, we have also seen an increase in homophobia, transphobia, racism, xenophobia, and other forms of oppression and...

One of the Best Toys I’ve got!

Topped Toys Review Interview with RickTo find out how this Topped Toy worked out for our friend Rick, Frank decided to interview him and ask all the questions about his playtime with the new toy. Through a video conference call, Frank and Rick got caught up on life...

Antwerp Queer Arts Festival 2020

The city of Antwerp will be exploding with arts and queerness in the first week of August as the AQAF is proudly hosting its seventh edition this year! Each year, some of the best local and international queer talent comes together to showcase art in a variety of its...

The History of the Pride Flag and Why Change is Important

The History of the Pride Flag From decorating car bumpers to lighting up national buildings, the rainbow flag has been a symbol intended to acknowledge and signify justice and respect for the queer community. Though we see its commercial use, its roots are in activism...

Topped Toys Review By Robin

Being more of a vers/top Wolf myself, I’m not the most experienced in ass play and toys. My go-to way of ass play is me engaging with someone else’s hot bubble butt by using my lips, dick and digits, but on my own/to myself: not so much. However, when I got the offer...


This interview is made possible by wearefetish.com, this website is meant to be a celebration of diversity. It is about people like you or me: regular people with a fetish. #WeAreFetish will share their stories regularly. Sometimes in the form of an interview, a...

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