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The magazine for the fetish scene by the fetish scene made possible by Mister B. Insight information, party reports, background stories and in depth interviews with influential people from the International Fetish scene and LGBT+ community.

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Terry of Finland!

Inside Mister B

Loving Lille!

The Big Q

Interview with a Vamp: Nereida, Mistress of the Amsterdam Fetish Scene


“Mamy Prawa” 

In Depth

Making a connection with Master Giacon


The Rise of Grand EST!

Wings Magazine

Issue 9

The Ninth issue of Mister B Wings magazine features a lot of interesting and sexy subjects and people, written by our Wings staff. From the Big Q with our own Nereida Lopez, to an in Depth interview with the Italian Master Gaicon, what you didn’t know about WAM (wet and messy) fetish in our Second nature article. All this is packaged in the beautiful cover with iconic fetish Model Francois Sagat.

Download the entire issue, and flip through the pages, or find your free copy in one of our Mister B Wings outlets.

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Follow our writers and read all about their lives in one of their columns.

Messy Jacob

The Critical Canadian

Hohl in One

Linda Duits


Product review

Topped Toys Chute 85

Product review

Sheets of San Francisco

Product review

Mister B Double-F Lube

Product Review

Elbow Grease, Personal Lubricant

Product Review

E-stim 2B connect

Party Report

Our raving reporter Marco, travels the globe to report on the latest fetish & circuit parties. 


A beginners guide to your favorite fetish! whether you want to learn about bondage, analplay, e-stim or puppy play WINGS has got you covered. 

Close Up

Getting up close and personal with the local scene. Which bar to visit, where to stay and the go to places to shop.

Second Nature

Getting wet and messy with Messy Jacob as he dives into the fetish WAM.

Food: Facts & Fun

Dive deep into the culunairy do’s and don’ts to improve your sexlife with Gijs his Food: Facts & Fun articles. Recepies included.

In The Mix

At Mister B Wings we love good music, in In the Mix we highlight our favorite Dj’s and where to find them.

Meet the ......

Meet the ….. Sisters, Leather man, Pornstar or Rubber man in this catagory we meet some of the most interesting and influencial people in the fetish and lgbtq+ community.


Physical & Mental health is very important, this is why at WINGS we like to highlight health initiatives in the LGBTQ+ community and talk about the more difficult subjects like, mental health, dealing with chemsex, having responsable sex and safety during BDSM. 

Introducing the new X-MO Porn site

Are you bored of all the same old porn sites you’ve been using for years? Are you looking for a new and exciting porn streaming site to have some solo fun with? Well, look no further because X-MO has the hottest men on your screen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365...

Tackling Everest

What I thought would be a massive mounting of the Everest, ended up being a smooth stroll downhill. My first impression when I got my Topped Toys Gape Keeper 100 was one of ‘no way I can take it…I should’ve asked for the 93!’ After removing the plastic packaging, what...

Things look a little different this year.

PRIDE AMSTERDAM 2020 I had a chance to chat with the lovely Anita Beek, Events and Office Manager of Pride Amsterdam to get an idea of what we will or won’t be getting from Pride in 2020. Though Pride is technically canceled this year, the idea is that we still can...

Mister B Amsterdam Fetish Photo Expo

For those who are familiar with the Mister B Amsterdam store, the large black wall behind the front counter usually hosts 10 -20 different fetish party posters from around the area all year long. Well, as we all know, all parties have been put on hold in the...

Topped Toys review – Gape Keeper 75

When something looks aesthetically pleasing I am much more likely to think ‘put it in me now’. For the entire Topped Toys Collection on Misterb.com click here.

Getting Rubberized

Rubber or latex is one of the most common fetishes. Its sexual appeal ranges from the smell over the probably most important one: The feeling. On the one hand it is the feeling of being encapsulated in a material which depending on the thickness and the cut applies...

Mask 4 Mask

Supporting our local charities.Since the global pandemic is affecting all of us, and different governments are trying different tactics to combat this crisis. It is often obligated to wear some form of face mask in most countries. After ordering Mister B Logo Face...

Penis Pump: A Saga

Prologue: Split Rarely do I get the pleasure of saying that I’m ‘pumped’ for a job and have it be so literal. A fair warning: as most of my articles tend to be in-depth introductions to a topic or actual product reviews, this specific article will wallow in the...

Ode to My Quarantine Lover

As soon as I grabbed it I knew I wanted it inside of me. I took my time washing it, caressing and rubbing the soapy water over its curvy, bulbous shape. So smooth and fat, I fantasized about squishing this handsome, red, round phallus into my asshole as I squeezed it...

“We are not KaDeWe”

Celebrating 20 years of Mister B Berlin Mister B Berlin is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, so make sure to visit us when you are in town. We accept cake, cards and congratulations. Or you can pay us a nice compliment, like Tyrone and Tommy have done! More...

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At Mister B we think it is really important to be proud of your sexual identity as well as your gender identity. Love is love and if that love is a little bit kinky we like it even more. If you have ever seen one of our boats during the Amsterdam Canal Pride you know exactly what we are all about. Our Gay Pride collection online features Rainbow pride
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The rainbow flag (also known as the gay pride flag or LGBT pride flag) is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) pride and LGBTQ social movements. Other older uses of rainbow flags include a symbol of peace.

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