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Give WINGS to your imagination with WINGS now available online, MisterBWings.com is the online platform where you can find the latest queer fetish content created by our Wings team. Flip through the latest issue online or download one of the previous issues. This way you won’t miss a thing.  Check out our editorial photoshoots, read all about our favourite spots, people and events. Join us as Mister B explores the ever-evolving world of fetish.

Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival 2021

If you haven’t already got tickets for it, there’s still a week to go for the Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival! It’s a great opportunity to see some very cool, independent films and art, made by queer and trans folks and it’s all online so anyone can catch it. It’s...

Taimi Talks are Back!

Taimi — the Home of Diversity starts its premier live streaming event featuring LGBTQ+ celebrities on May 16th, 2021.  The live sessions with top LGBTQ+ celebrities will showcase the best in entertainment and culture.  The event will showcase live streams with Jazz...


Each year Mister B has a different Pride campaign. Something special to recognize this important time of year for us. A time we get to enjoy some of the biggest and best parties, wear something we wouldn’t normally wear, maybe travel to a different city, take part...

LGBTQ Travel Industry Matters

As travel has been halted by the threat of further spreading Covid-19, most countries have banned leisure travel until things improve. This means that almost the entire travel industry is blocked from earning any business. Like most other LGBTQ businesses, those in...


You might have read the interview, but here is the video interview with all the extra juicy details you want! Hunger has a fun video chat with WINGS, getting into topics like censorship, social media, porn, and jerking off! Watch us go elbow deep with the fisting...

Folsom Europe: we will be back!

September is one of the best times to be in Berlin. The heat of the summer is still lingering on between the housing blocks and everyone is soaking up the last rays of sunshine before fall and winter cover the city in darkness. It’s in this month that the...


ONLY FANS FRIDAYONLYFANSMALICEof NYWritten by Clark Cullen Position: Master/Sir Top  Posts: 31  Cost: $10/month  What do you do in your personal life and what made you start an Only Fans?  “I do background acting for shows like Pose, Ray Donovan, and the remake of...

Legal love – 20 years of marriage for everyone –


Being Better Allies on Transgender Day of Visibility

Though the Pride flag has had its run of different versions since its inception in 1978, this latest rendition finally incorporates the inclusivity and visibility of both queer people of color (QPOC) and trans folks within the community. The pride flag should be a...


HOME OF DIVERSITY Taimi — the world’s largest LGBTQ+ platform that features a social network, dating app, and streaming — has released a brand-new advertising campaign labelled “Home of Diversity”. In the new advertising campaign, Taimi which was recently recognized...

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Yoshi Kawasaki!

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Meet the...




The big q

Tom of France


#WEAREFETISH – Interview with Gaël 


PhotographyRyan Coit is a Minneapolis-based photographer. His mostly black and white works capture the inner beauty of his subjects while simultaneously offering the viewer an equally beautiful aesthetic. Through a minimalist style of portraiture, Ryan showcases the...


Impact play is probably the most common way deeper into the realm of BDSM. A light smack on the ass while fucking  or soft slap during foreplay to tease the other partner, happens more often than one might think. And frankly: this kind of play is generally not...

Interview with – Atelier Jean Phillip

Atelier Jean Phillip is a charming, Danish menswear fashion designer whose latest project is an exciting design collaboration with Mister B! With four of the colorful photographs of the iconic François Sagat you have seen featured in WINGS magazine, Atelier Jean...

Back 2 Basics

'2020: the year COVID happened, has been quite the...'No shit, Sherlock!' A lot of what we are all too familiar and comfortable with, has been shook. Besides (my) personal (mis)happenings, most of us have had to deal with being limited in general; in just going about...

In Conversation With: Fabio Da Motta

Delicately weaving together the Japanese art of Shibari (bondage) and Ikebana (flower arrangement), Brazilian artist Fabio Da Motta continues to amaze and excite worldwide fetish-enthusiasts and art-lovers alike. We caught up with him from his home in São Paulo to...

Fat & Fugly or Thick & Juicy?

As I'm sure everybody's newsfeeds and WhatsApp groups are already saturated with the topic of coronavirus and how "shit's getting real", I'll try not to linger on the subject too long. Nor will I try and pretend that what I'm about to write is entirely a result of the...

The Mechanic & Me

Had I been staring for too long? I was aware I was doing it, and if I was aware, who else had copped on? I shifted my gaze away, to the Styrofoam cup in my hands; stained by the coffee I’d drank and chipped around the brim from the nervous fidgeting I’d been doing...


We had a chance to chat with the very kinky, NYC model Cagedjock for our Locktober Challenge earlier this year and he shared some great tips for chastity newbies. You can see the Locktober page with those questions here: misterbwings.com/locktober. Now we have a more...

The New Evolution of the Fetish Scene

For a couple of years now, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working for Mister B. I’ve loved working with customers in the shop and I love the creative work I’m doing with marketing and social media too. And although I feel completely and happily engaged in the...

Lovense Hush: Cum for Daddy!


Wings Magazine

Issue 9

The Ninth issue of Mister B Wings magazine features a lot of interesting and sexy subjects and people, written by our Wings staff. From the Big Q with our own Nereida Lopez, to an in Depth interview with the Italian Master Gaicon, what you didn’t know about WAM (wet and messy) fetish in our Second nature article. All this is packaged in the beautiful cover with iconic fetish Model Francois Sagat.

Download the entire issue, and flip through the pages, or find your free copy in one of our Mister B Wings outlets.

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Food: Facts & Fun

Dive deep into the culunairy do’s and don’ts to improve your sexlife with Gijs his Food: Facts & Fun articles. Recepies included.

In The Mix

At Mister B Wings we love good music, in In the Mix we highlight our favorite Dj’s and where to find them.

Meet the ......

Meet the ….. Sisters, Leather man, Pornstar or Rubber man in this catagory we meet some of the most interesting and influencial people in the fetish and lgbtq+ community.


Physical & Mental health is very important, this is why at WINGS we like to highlight health initiatives in the LGBTQ+ community and talk about the more difficult subjects like, mental health, dealing with chemsex, having responsable sex and safety during BDSM. 


ONLY FANS FRIDAYONLYFANSMALICEof NYWritten by Clark Cullen Position: Master/Sir Top  Posts: 31  Cost: $10/month  What do you do in your personal life and what made you start an Only Fans?  “I do background acting for shows like Pose, Ray Donovan, and the remake of...

TripleXTransMan – Trip Richards

ONLY FANS FRIDAYONLYFANSTripleXTransManWritten by Marco Hohl Likes – 51.8KSubscribers – 1.0KVideos – 1.9KPics –  2.9KPosition – all of themPrice - $ 12,50 Whether it’s your favorite porn star or that hot tight ass neighbor of yours… OnlyFans features them all! And we...

Biscuit TMFS

4 MY Fans fridayBiscuit TMFSBiscuit TMFSWritten by Marco Hohl Profile name – 4my.fans/btmfs Videos – 435 Pics –  1032 Position – Top Price - $ 9.99 monthly Usually, we introduce you to the hottest faces on OnlyFans, but this time around we decided to change platforms....


ONLY FANS FRIDAYONLYFANSDamaged bttmWritten by Clark Cullen Followers: Twitter: 135K, OnlyFans: 2300 Posts: 246 in total. 132 videos & 123 photos. Position: Bottom Cost: $9.99 USD/month What can people expect from your Only Fans? "I operate as a one-person porn...


ONLY FANS FRIDAYONLYFANS@itlmakeyoureyeswater Written by Clark Cullen Ranking: Top 3.5%  Posts:  341 videos, 138 photos and counting. Position: Dominant/Top  Cost: $15 USD What can people expect from your Only Fans? “I post something new virtually every day, and...


ONLY FANS FRIDAYPhotography by: @caribe_luna ONLYFANSJAMAL_ PHOENIXWritten by Clark CullenPhotography by: @juliancurico Followers 11Posts: 5 vidsPosition: FTM kinky studCost: $9.99 + bundles Whether it’s your favorite porn star or that hot tight ass neighbor of yours…...

RUBBERP1GS – Zak and Edgar

ONLY FANS FRIDAYONLYFANSRUBBERP1GSZak and EdgarWritten by Marco Hohl Likes: 1200Followers: 50-100Posts: 136Position: Everything Cost: $ 11,99 USD Whether it’s your favorite porn star or that hot tight ass neighbor of yours… OnlyFans features them all! And we are here...


ONLY FANS FRIDAYONLYFANSBOUND EAGLE1Written by Clark Cullen Followers: 300-350 Posts: 38 videos, 55 photos. Position: Dom/Sub Cost: $12.99 USD What can people expect from your Only Fans? My Only Fans is full of gear, from tight leather to shiny rubber. It’s totally...

Party Report

Our raving reporter Marco, travels the globe to report on the latest fetish & circuit parties. 


A beginners guide to your favorite fetish! whether you want to learn about bondage, analplay, e-stim or puppy play WINGS has got you covered. 

Close Up

Getting up close and personal with the local scene. Which bar to visit, where to stay and the go to places to shop.

Second Nature

Getting wet and messy with Clark Cullen as he dives into the fetish WAM.

Kink 101 or 50 Shades of Sex

Sex is complex. There are many different ways to do it and everyone has their own meaning for the word; from penetration to kissing to being bound on hands and knees, dressed head to toe in latex with a fuck machine thrusting a dildo in and out of you. An easy way to...

Penis Pump: A Saga

Prologue: Split Rarely do I get the pleasure of saying that I’m ‘pumped’ for a job and have it be so literal. A fair warning: as most of my articles tend to be in-depth introductions to a topic or actual product reviews, this specific article will wallow in the...

Fisting 101

Written by Frederik A.K.A Toytoture In the last couple of months fisting seems to have become the kink to be in. As hot as all the porn on the internet of hardcore punching, elbow deep exploring and double fisting is, it should always just be an inspiration and never...

Anal Toys 101

Written by Frederik A.K.A Toytoture Finding the right anal toy and keeping it in good shape so it lasts for a long time can be a bit of a challenge. There are many aspects to consider when choosing an anal toy. Especially when buying the first one and have not...

Bondage 101

Written by Frederik A.K.A Toytoture Bondage is probably the most common form of kink and since it can be easily scaled from very light to highly elaborate, it is a good way to start the journey into BDSM. Bondage can take two different roles in play: The first is...

Nipple Play 101

Written by: Frederik a.k.a ToytortureRegardless of male or female, the nipple is one of the body areas with the highest nerve endings density, making it an ideal spot for stimulation in play. The most common form of nipple play is attaching clamps to them. The clamps...


An in-depth beginners guideAroo! “Who’s a good boy?” Yes, you’ve guessed it. We’re gonna be talking about the fetish that is on everyone’s furry lips: Puppy Play. Puppy Play was most likely my gateway fetish. It opened my eyes to all kinds of play and has conditioned...

101 Electro Play⚡

Written by Frederik A.K.A Toytoture Most people who have not yet experienced E-Stim are somewhat afraid of it. But when done correctly with good tools, it is one of the most versatile, intense and horny forms of play. There are two types of electric stimulation used...

Collars 101

Written by Frederik A.K.A Toytoture For most kinksters, collars are essential gear. Inexpensive and functional on many levels, they are the first piece of gear that many perverts buy. So it is important to learn a few facts about collars before delving deeper into the...

Getting Rubberized

Rubber or latex is one of the most common fetishes. Its sexual appeal ranges from the smell over the probably most important one: The feeling. On the one hand it is the feeling of being encapsulated in a material which depending on the thickness and the cut applies...


Follow our writers and read all about their lives in one of their columns.

Clark Cullen

The Critical Canadian

Hohl in One

Linda Duits



If you like leather, bears, and leather bears then check out this hot new video by the multi-talented Big Dipper! It’s got big bears, little bears, hairy bears, scary bears...basically all the bears in their big boy fetish glory. We asked Big Dipper about his ideas...

Taking it to the Nth degree with Oli Dickinson

Oli Dickinson commands attention the moment you lay eyes on him with his rough demeanor, big arms and cheeky smile. The 33-year-old personal trainer from Manchester is a famous face within the fetish community, who loves to be in control. So what makes this...

Welcome to The Homo Post

Your new favorite LGBTQ life, health, wellbeing, beauty, and silliness blog.The Homo Post is a new style of coming-of-age queer content that aims to change the narrative, break down walls, and inspire the community and allies. Featuring LGBTQ artists and role models,...

The Beast of Sitges Bear Week

Originally this was going to be a Party Report of Sitges Bear Week 2019. I was already at the event and having an amazing time when I was asked to write the review and I thought, sure, that sounds easy and fun until I got home and tried to write. I was stuck. As I...


GETTING WET & MESSY WITH MESSY JACOBIn 1927, comedy legends Laurel & Hardy enlisted the help of 3,000 cream pies and created motion picture’s most notorious food fight to date. Flash forward 50 years and the TV network ‘Nickelodeon‘ began broadcasting it’s,...

How to fit in your pants and in your scene.

Lunch with Thijs & Linda:(Disclaimer: this article was written in December of 2019 before the COVID-19 crisis hit and Social distancing wasn't a thing yet)We’re just going to confess it: we care about our looks. We want to come off as attractive, because we like...

WILLIES & WELLNESS – Sauna Nieuwezijds.

Before visiting the Sauna Nieuwezijds (NZ) for the first time, I had never once stepped inside a gay sauna. I had two conflicting preconceptions in my head of what to expect. One was like an awkwardly spotless, stylised and sleek porn set, and the other came from bad...


An in-depth beginners guideAroo! “Who’s a good boy?” Yes, you’ve guessed it. We’re gonna be talking about the fetish that is on everyone’s furry lips: Puppy Play. Puppy Play was most likely my gateway fetish. It opened my eyes to all kinds of play and has conditioned...

Introducing the new X-MO Porn site

Are you bored of all the same old porn sites you’ve been using for years? Are you looking for a new and exciting porn streaming site to have some solo fun with? Well, look no further because X-MO has the hottest men on your screen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365...

The Total Package – A Liquid Kiddy party report

.. .. .. .. .. .. ..   ..    Hey hello dear readers and welcome to Marco’s brain. Let’s listen to the internal dialogue going on, shall we? “Hey there. Yes, I know you. Give me your face and let me kiss it. And I know you as well. Oooh, you smell nice....

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Join in the kinky adventures of the leather-clad, Mister B superheroes!  Will Power Pup save all the folks at home from being horny and lonely?  Can Captain Harness help the bored couples having vanilla sex?

Find out when you wear their kinky, leather gear in red and yellow or blue and white, making you the hero, saving both yourself and your partners from a boring, lonely time!  

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The Mister B Leather Circuit Collection boasts colourful leather pieces that say fetish is fun! With red, yellow, blue and more, you can express your interests or your personality through your leather fetish gear. Wear the whole collection from shorts to collar to hood, or sport your exciting harness and jockstrap with a pair of matching socks and go! Have fun with the Leather Circuit Collection; You know we do!

Mister B Leather Circuit Jockstrap – Red Yellow + Blue White

The Mister B Circuit Jockstrap is a special version of the sexiest Jockstrap we have ever produced.

Ideal for clubbing, underwear parties or private play sessions, this Mister B original is designed to give your assets the support they need, and the access you want.

Mister B Leather Circuit Harness – Red Yellow + Blue White

And another addition to our range of harnesses: the Circuit Harness. A beautiful top harness which makes you look broader because it pushes your shoulders a bit to the back. 100% genuine saddle leather. All the straps are side-lined with softer leather in various bright colours, which gives this harness its clubbing/party look. Adjustable with buckles.

Mister B Leather Circuit Collar Red-Yellow + Blue White
The perfect collar for the sub who’s not afraid of colour. Get restrained in colours that represent who you are, since you’ll probably be gagged and unable to express yourself verbally. Show the fire from within in the Mister B Circuit Collar in Red and Yellow. D-ring up front and buckle in the back, this is the classic collar style and fit that works for everyone! Padded trim makes it comfortable to wear for hours of fun with bondage!

Mister B Leather Circuit Sport Shorts – Red Yellow + Blue White
Featuring an inside lining of perforated leather: an inside slip which cups your precious belongings, preventing them from dangling outside the shorts. We made sure that the good side of the leather of this slip is on the inside, touching your skin. The perforated leather feels wonderfully nice and cool, which adds to the great sensation of wearing these sport shorts.

Mister B Leather Circuit Wrist Wallet Zip – Blue White + Red Yellow

A Mister B Circuit Wallet is a wrist band and a wallet in one. Handcrafted of jeans leather and lined on the inside, these wallets are ideal to store your party money or drink coupons when you‚Äôre going into town or to a party. These are wrist wallets with a zipper to close the money compartment, 2 snaps to close, adjustable in size.

Mister B Leather Shaggy Dog Hood Circuit – Blue White + Red Yellow
For the strong, fast, alert, and playful pup Mister B has created this Mister B Shaggy Dog Hood. This Shaggy Dog Hood is now also available in the Circuit colors: Blue/White and Red/Yellow! This feisty pup hood is made of sturdy yet supple leather and is firstly equipped with a snap-on chin cup and secondly, with a detachable muzzle to go over the whole snout.

Mister B Leather Floppy Dog Hood Circuit – Blue-White + Red Yellow
This Mister B Leather Floppy Dog Mask has floppy ears and will transform you or your pup into a friendly mutt. This Floppy Dog Hood is now also available in the Circuit colors: Blue/White and Red/Yellow! This classic dog hood is made of sturdy yet supple leather and is firstly equipped with a snap-on chin cup and secondly, with a detachable muzzle to go over the whole snout.