The very first Amsterdam Rubber WALK!

Let me introduce to you: The first Amsterdam Rubber WALK. This event is organized by The Rubber Bunch . Since three years the Bunch has been active to build a community for (aspiring)) latex enthusiasts. It all started as a small social,  which led to the first rubber munch, where people can attend fully dressed up, or in their casual attire. The munch was expanded again with a strict rubber party . And from now on, a third event has been added. A summer event, because it is outdoors, and it will be fun!

It’s not just somewhere  outdoors, but to be precise; it’s in the heart of Amsterdam, close to the red light area. That is where the very first Amsterdam Rubber WALK will come about, on July 20th  this year.

Needless to say, everyone who likes to wear latex is welcome for this special event, regardless of age, gender, orientation, nationality and whether you are experienced or inexperienced.

Extravagant outfits are more than welcome; think of latex catsuits, crossdressing, high heels, masks, hats, corsets etc. However, sexually explicit outfits or behaviour are not permitted because we are on public roads and we do not want to take any risks.

We gather in club Akhnaton, where everyone meets. When everyone has changed into their rubber outfit in the changing room in the club, we will start the WALK!

We will take a nice tour through the city and will take a break here and there. We will take some group photos along the way. Video recordings are also made during the event. These will be shared with the participants afterwards. Finally, we have arranged a professional fetish photographer, who will install a photo booth in the club.

 When we return at Akhnaton there is time to relax on the terrace, if we are unlucky  and the weather is bad we can go inside.  There will be plenty of opportunity to socialize, have a drink and a snack!

 You will be photographed individually by our fetish photographer at the photobooth and will receive the photos by email afterwards.  A unique souvenir of hopefully a beautiful, special day where inclusion, fun and freedom can be celebrated. And the mutual love for latex of course! Let’s WALK!

This exclusive event takes place on Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. at club Akhnaton. Because this is a small-scale event, it is important to register in advance. You will then receive a link to pay plus all the information you need. The goal is to form a beautiful colourful, fun parade. Rainbow colours are very welcome! Keep in mind that a lot of attention will be generated, so you have to be able to handle it (and/or like it!).

The costs for the event are 30 euros. This includes changing facilities, guidance during the WALK, refreshments during the WALK, and one drink and bitterballen at the terrace of Akhnaton.

If you want to register, send an email to