Kruger Hub, fetish superhero with a small ego and a big heart.

He has the looks of a superhero, or, if you prefer, the most popular kid in high school. You know, the guy from the movie, the handsome guy who excels in sports and gets to take the prettiest girl (a cheerleader) to the prom ball, everybody in the movie is jealous of him of course. He is tall, broad and has that typical MARVEL jawline. Kruger Hub is that superhero. But not the standard superhero that you might expect.  Why? Kruger has a very remarkable superpower.  Are you curious what it is? 

Its fetish. Kruger Hub is the ultimate fetish superhero.  

Well, at least this was my first impression when I saw Kyron’s pictures. Ironically Kyron describes himself the opposite. He says: Well I wasn’t the cool guy at all at school. In fact, I was an ugly duckling and a complete dork. I didn’t get to kiss a girl before I was eighteen years old. I was always “different”.  It’s not until I explored the fetish, kink and BDSM scene that I found myself, could be myself. And when this happened, I grew strong and felt I belonged. I felt accepted too with the people that I met here.  

And it’s true, during our ZOOM meeting, Kruger didn’t come across as arrogant or macho at all. He comes across as sympathetic, honest and perhaps even somewhat shy. A disappointment perhaps for those who would like to hate him because he looks so good. Sorry! Kruger is really adorable! 

Kruger Hub lives in Australia, where he was born and raised. Quite a disappointment for us, here in Europe, because we probably won’t get the chance to see him unless we book a plane ticket. The scene in Australia is different from the European scene because it’s quite smaller. But according to Kruger, it’s not less intense, and it’s evolving fast. He explains that rubber was not very common in the scene when he joined, but that it is becoming more and more popular,  even though the Australian climate with its high temperatures is not very suitable for wearing rubber.  

In Melbourne, where he lives, there is a liberal atmosphere where you can, for example, walk hand-in-hand on the street with someone of the same sex. But since Australia is a huge country, there are also many backward areas where there is little freedom for people with an alternative sexuality or gender. And where there is little information and tolerance. 

Being a creative person, he couldn’t find his way, working within the corporate world, looking at spreadsheets all day. He decided to make a change and focus more on the kink scene and start a career there. And this wasn’t a bad decision at all. Kruger feels at home among the kinksters and sex workers and he decides to stay, exploring his kink side and enjoying it to the max. 

Creative, humorous and open-minded as he is, he quickly finds his way as a fetish influencer, Onlyfans idol and sex worker. 

What is striking about Kruger’s work is its unapologetic nature, the intensity and the fun that it radiates. It’s different and it’s authentic. 

He therefore profiles himself primarily as an artist.  And rightly so, his originality and daring stand out in his photographs and his expression. 

His work has all kinds of different influences, there is cross-dressing, and masculinity, which is sometimes magnified by feminine aspects. Kruger is sometimes vulnerable in a submissive pose and sometimes ultra-macho in a completely different setting. Gender and preference are beautifully intertwined and embraced. there is a lot of beautiful shiny rubber, but there is also bondage, underwear and sometimes even a mischievous nerdy look, which comes across as very sexy. 

In one of his Instagram photos, he stands in a library and provocatively asks his audience: “You probably thought I didn’t read books, right?”  

Due to his enormous popularity, he is often asked to collaborate with others in the fetish scene, as well as in many other countries. I guess he sure is the popular guy now! 

Kruger is open to many things, and performing is one of the things that attracts him. As long as he doesn’t have to dance. He confides to me he’s a terrible dancer. So he prefers to be on stage as a kind of object (in rubber preferably). 

There may be little left to wish for the popular Kruger Hub, but if he has to mention one thing it is that he loves to travel more and meet people from other fetish scenes in the future. He is very eager and can’t wait to discover the American and European scene. 

So, Europe brace yourself, this fetish superhero is definitely coming to conquer the world and if you’re lucky you will meet him somewhere soon, or admire him on stage.  

You can follow him on Instagram @King_kruger_