You need a look!

Welcome to ‘You need a look!’, the new WINGS fashion feature in which Marco Hohl and Pablo Hope show you how to infuse kink in your day-to-day outfits.

For this issue, we went hiking in a forest in the west of Germany. Our motto was: let’s get dressed and have an adventure in the woods. We present two hiking looks to you that are pulled together by some sexy and affordable Mister B fetish gear.


Headgear is essential when you go on a hike. It keeps the sun out of your eyes and it protects your scalp from burning. We decided to go for two different types of hats that both add to the outdoor fantasy that we were going for.

Marco is wearing a classic leather cowboy hat by Australian brand Skippies. The hat has a roughish feel to it. To our surprise, it was also for sale in the town we called home during our trip, and it was way cheaper than in Amsterdam. Pablo is wearing a modern bucket hat by Nike ACG. It is lightweight, comfortable, and keeps you covered from the sun and rain. The design is somewhere on the intersection between fishing trip and techno festival.

Shirts and vest

We went to an army surplus store and picked up a combat shirt for Marco and a utility vest for Pablo, both in black. Marco’s shirt does wonders for his nipples and chest. Pablo’s utility vest has a lot of pockets, ideal for hiking. It looks super sexy over a T-shirt, like the white Mister B logo shirt he is wearing in the photos, or over your naked torso.

Belt bags and hip holster

Kinksters need storage space, especially at parties where less clothes means more fun. Mister B offers some great accessories that take care of that like the leather belt bags that Marco is wearing. The belt bags (in sizes S and L) add attitude to his outfit, and they create some extra bulges. They have plenty of space for storing a multitool, your wallet, your phone, and more. The gorgeous Mister B leather hip holster that Pablo went for works really well outside of a party setting. It has more than enough storage space for maps, cash, protein bars, or anything else you need when you are out on the trail. The leather straps frame your legs, and make them look nice and juicy.


Carhartt is one of Marco’s all-time favorite clothing brands. The company is well-known for being super inclusive. Carhartt offers blue collar clothing like the black high-waisted pants that Marco is wearing. This pair is made from an organic cotton. The golden rivet details on the legs are shiny, and they draw attention to your crotch. Pablo went for a pair of camel colored chinos that complete his ranger inspired look. The light color contrasts with the black leather accessories he is wearing. In our experience, chinos are perfect for people with big legs, and they are often more durable than jeans.


We are both wearing tactical boots by Nike. They feel like sneakers, and they are really, really comfortable to walk in for long periods of time. The black version screams kink, and the brown ones demand to be taken for a walk!


Marco is wearing Oakley sunglasses that are modern, clean and lightweight. They are made especially for outdoor sports but Marco incorporates them in most of his daily looks. The one-piece mirrored lens sends off some serious Daft-Punk-look-at-me-I-am-a-sexy-robot vibes. Pablo went for classic Rayban sunglasses with a golden frame. He has owned these sunglasses for years, and they still work with a lot of different looks. In other words, take care of your gear and enjoy it for a long time!


To add some color to our outfits, and to attract other kinksters in the wild, we have both included a Mister B hanky in our looks. Pablo attached a yellow one to his leather Mister B belt. Marco went for a red hanky. During the trip, he dipped it in a stream of water, turned it into a bandana, and put it on his head to cool off.

These rangers wear jewelry. We are both wearing golden bling bling that we got from White Whale piercing studio in Amsterdam.

About the writers/stylists

Pablo Hope is an Argentinian-Italian tattooist based in Amsterdam. You can follow him @pablo.hope.ttt and @pablo.hope on Instagram. Marco Hohl is a Dutch-German journalist and moderator based in Amsterdam. Follow him on Instagram @hohlinone