Mister B SERVE make a statement


Serving face, serving body, serving looks. Give the people what they want with the Mister B SERVE Leather Harnesses. The fashionable, leather harness that ooze sexuality and style, making your look both charismatic and correct. Strap that leather around your torso and go. Wear it over a t-shirt to the party and over your skin to the after party, your body will be featured anyway you wear the Mister B SERVE Leather Harnesses.  

Mister B SERVE Leather Harnesses are a collection of versatile, fashion-forward, fetish gear, which can be worn for any occasion. Each harness can be worn in a variety of ways, as the straps are all adjustable and they can be worn on both a naked torso or over a variety of other garments, such as t-shirts, dress shirts, latex or leather. Whether you style it with a business suit, your latex garment, or just with a pair of casual jeans and a t-shirt, Mister B SERVE Leather Harnesses are the perfect statement piece. Wearing your SERVE harness says I’m confident, I’m cool and you better not get in my way. 

Wear your Mister B SERVE Leather Harnesses from dinner to dance floor to dungeon, or from fetish event to fashion event, this harness is versatile AF. 



Mister B Serve Leather Icon Harness Black

The style of the Icon Harness is designed with suspenders over the shoulders, coming to a Y-shape running down the spine, creating a very seductive view from behind and a crisscross around the stomach in the front. The straps will cross around your torso to the desired size for you to buckle it in place for your stunning presentation. 




Mister B Serve Leather Legend Harness Black

The style of the Legend Harness is designed with two straps coming from the top, down to a triple belt across the stomach area. Bold and form-fitting, this leather harness is an eye-catching look for a kinky party or any social event, depending on how you style it. 


Mister B Serve Leather Statement Harness Black

The style of the Statement Harnesses is designed with a thick, leather band that wraps around the torso to give you a strong stature, making you look confident and passionate. Will go perfectly over a shirt with a tie, a t-shirt or just over your skin, making it very sexy.