by | Sep 27, 2019



Get locked up in October and receive a reward at Mister B. The longer you stay in chastity, the bigger the reward! Only valid in October 2019. Voucher is only redeemable at the Mister B Flagship stores in Amsterdam and Berlin. T-Shirt only available while stock lasts.

After 1 week in chastity you receive one Mister B Voucher of € 10,00

After 2 full weeks in chastity you receive a Mister B T-Shirt Locked (value € 25,00, Till stock lasts) on top of that.

Are you the chastity champion? Be locked for the full month of October (1st till 31st of October 2019) and receive the full package: one Mister B Voucher of € 10,00, a Mister B T-Shirt Locked (value € 25,00, Till stock lasts) and an extra Mister B Voucher of € 25,00 (total of € 35,00 worth in vouchers)!


We check your chastity!

You receive a plastic lock with a unique number from us, you put this on your chastity cage and show us. Come by before or on October 1st in order to complete the full Locktober challenge. Going for only one or two weeks? Then you can also start later in (L)october of course ;). Also show your followers on social media if you like with #locktober, #misterbisyou and tag us on instagram, Twitter or Facebook
When you’re ready to get out, come back to our store, remove the lock at our store and claim your reward!

 1. Lock it
2. Prove it
4. Get rewarded!

For the Mister B Antwerp fans: our Mister B Antwerp store is doing its own #locktober and is closed from 5 till 17 October. Therefore you can’t join the Locktober Challenge in Antwerp. Sorry!