“Am I a sex worker?” I’ve asked myself this question ever since I started reviewing sex toys for Mister B WINGS two years ago. I mean, I have to try out the actual toys, and put them in myself (and others) to be able to write about them, and I DO get paid for that.

According to one of the many definitions on the internet, a sex worker is ‘a person employed in the sex industry, as a prostitute, pornographic film actor, stripper, nude model, or creator of sexually explicit online content.’ And yes, it’s true that I write explicit online content for money based on my sexual experiences, but I feel that calling myself a sex worker based on that definition is a stretch too far. I don’t put myself at risk for exploitation, I don’t subject myself to the stigma that often comes along with the profession, plus I most certainly don’t want to offend those who (choose to) fuck for a living, for which I have the utmost respect.

Let’s ask myself another question then: “Would I want to be an online sex worker AKA an OnlyFans content creator?” The answer is: “Yes, maybe, yes.” I’ve flirted with the idea since I started interviewing OnlyFans creators for Mister B WINGS Online. The creators I talked to joined OnlyFans for various reasons: as a way to make some extra income, out of boredom, for self-exploration purposes, for fun, and even because their Instagram followers requested it after lusting over their shirtless social media presence. A lot of those reasons resonate with me. Imagining strangers watching my pics or videos, and getting off on it, is exciting, and filming my own porn with an audience in mind might make me even more experimental than I already am. I could do solo stuff in gear, or scenes with others, and I have the right equipment for it, physically as well as gadget-wise, to make it a successful endeavour.

I’ve been writing about my sex life for five years now. In the beginning, I used to edit myself a lot more than I do these days. I was afraid that a possible future employer might not want to hire me after doing a Google search and reading about my sexual exploits that are clearly not mainstream, and pretty fucking gay (yaaaaas queen). I actually considered trading in my real name, the one you see above this column, for a pseudonym, thinking it would give me more freedom to speak my mind. I came up with the alias Magnus Fuller, which, looking back at it, sounds like a proper porn star name. In the end, I decided to stick with my birth name, and stay unapologetically true to who I am, and to what gets me hard in my articles.

Showing my face and naked body on camera, on the other hand, feels kinda next level. There’s the classic fear of what people might think, basically the stigma that I mentioned earlier, and the distressing thought that “Once it’s out there, it’s out there… FOREVER!” I won’t have any control over what people will do with it, or where the pics and videos will pop up. It’s not going to be like one of those disappearing photos that you can send on WhatsApp.

Of course, I could use my Mister B employee discount to buy a mask to cover my face and use make-up to conceal my tattoos that are quite recognizable. But that sounds like a hassle. The thought of having to produce content on a regular basis to please my subscribers is also not that boner-inducing, nor does getting a signed model release from everyone I play with in my videos (which is required by OnlyFans).

To sum things up, fear, societal pressure, and practicality are cock-blocking me from having a blossoming career as an explicit online content creator, but I kinda still would like to do it anyway. So, instead of interrogating myself the whole time, let me ask YOU a question, and see if you can help me out with my dilemma: “Should I do OnlyFans?”

The WINGS reader with the answer that will propel me, Magnus Fuller, into OnlyFans infamy and stardom, will receive a free six-month subscription to my, as of yet non-existing porn page. Just slide into my DMs on Insta with your answer, lube is optional.

Marco Hohl (he/him) is a Dutch/German journalist living in Amsterdam. He’s out, proud and opinionated, and thinks sex and humour go hand in hand – especially when you write about topics that are taboo to most people. Follow his adventures on Instagram @hohlinone.