OH LEO – The Sound of Music

The other day I was caught in a conundrum. On Friday I went to my boyfriend’s house, we are still very much in our lovey-dovey phase, and our little routine includes me going to his apartment every weekend, you know to spend time together, bake cakes, get in rubber and play for hours. Every time I go in for our #rubberpigfridays I’m already wearing my suit under my clothes, the door is open, techno is blaring and the red lights warm up the place in the most sinister and sexy way. I usually find Mr. Pig already in gear and ready to go, and I quickly complete my outfit before our lovely playtime starts.

After a few hours of playing as I removed my rubber blindfold to get a glimpse of whatever the hell is going on (I should specify that we both very much like it when I can’t see, as it makes everything a bit spicier), I see my boyfriend nonchalantly descending a whole sound into his penis, as if nothing is going on. He already tried this on me a couple of times, when I couldn’t move or say anything about it, but my tolerance for this metal rod, roughly inserted in a place where it should not be, is sadly very low. After we finished playing I couldn’t help but think if I ever encountered kinks or fetishes that I did not like, and what it would take me to try them.

Well, there was this one time I went to a guy I used to play with… He was a good kind of scary, very experienced and kinky as hell. Our usual sessions included me going to his place, changing in the entrance because he didn’t even want to see my face (which frankly was quite horny), then waiting on all fours for him to collect me and take me upstairs, where he had a fully equipped playroom. I should add that during these sessions I started thinking, as I turned 28, that I probably need kneecaps, as these bad boys probably need some rest from time to time… But I digress.

This one night I was horny as hell and poppered up to for the gods, but so tired. I had just come back from a whole day of walking around in Antwerp and was completely exhausted. So I wasn’t really in the best shape to be a good slave. You know, you need stamina to suck dick for hours. Slowly but surely I started getting sleepy as hell, even in the most painful predicament I was very close to falling into a trance, and at one point I found myself belly up on the waterproof floor, wondering what this guy’s next move was going to be. All of a sudden he pulls out this toilet seat chair and tells me to rim him. I oblige, as per common courtesy, but I can barely move my tongue at that point. Regardless of the lack of action, I realised that this guy was grunting and enjoying himself a little too much. “I’m not doing anything down here, why is he enjoying himself this much?” I thought, and immediately heard a heavenly voice, a prophetic warning, an angelic message that sounded like: “You need to move, bitch!”. As I took the advice and quickly rolled to my right, the sound that followed made me realise that I had just avoided a turd falling into my open mouth.

As I laid there for about ten minutes, without saying a word the guy attended to his mess, probably having noticed that my lack of movement was a result of the shock, and quickly went back to act as if nothing had happened. A little reluctantly I went back to sucking his dick, then fled into the rainy night, calling my friend Max to tell him all about the funniest thing that had just, almost, happened to me.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should stay open to trying new things, however, if you know what you don’t like, make it as known as possible to your partner in crime, otherwise they might assume that you’re into it. As the old zen saying goes: “I don’t have to try pussy to say I don’t like it”.