Mister Sportswear France

This week WINGS  had the pleasure of sitting down with the current Mr Sportwear France: Monaco Mister, from Nice, to discuss his kink Journey, his title year, his goals, and his thoughts about his scene.

Can you introduce yourself to the readers?

Bonjour! My name is Nicolas, (Alias Monaco Mister), 30 years old, originally from Lyon, I studied in Nice and then in Paris. I went to Toulon for 5 years to join my husband and work for the armé. For 3 years in Nice, I have been working right next door, in Monaco, as an electricity project manager. In a relationship for 10 years with Jeff (aka Monaco Master).

What were your motivations to run in the elections of Mister Sportswear France 2023?

My first motivation is to share and develop knowledge of sportswear fetish in France and at European events. There are many events around this fetish and I would like to show France’s contribution to this community and help connect us all. I believe France has contributed a lot to our community, and I would like to share that with as many people as possible, at home and abroad.

Can you tell us what you like about your fetish?

What I like the most about sportswear is the look and materials, the sort ed of game we play with one another,  and the different practices we can explore with it, such as bondage, sensory losses, immobilisation, and especially domination in all its physical and psychological forms, (Wink, wink). I especially like the aesthetics and the ritual of preparation before playing, the scenography and the scenarios.

Is this your only fetish or do you have others?

For 1 year I have been discovering Rubber with Monaco Master, my partner, and Master. Gradually we combine sportswear and rubber in our practices. We also have a little leather, neoprene and some hoods. But our dressing room is telling us to STOP, we’re too full, haha!

How do you find the scene, as a couple? (As a couple, in events…)

I am lucky to share the same pleasures as my husband and we gradually move forward and develop together. We regularly learn and discover new things. We participate in many events ( 2021 /2022: 12 social drinks / national events – 5 international events). Since my election, we have participated in no less than 7 fetish events ( Belgium Sneakers Days (By Besneax) / Darkland / RubWeek ( By French Rubbermen) / …). We currently have 15 events planned, such as Cap Fetish (by FSM Cap Fetish), International Sneakers and Foot Weekend de Milan, Paris Fetish, Amsterdam Sportsweekend, Folsom, Nice So Fetiche (by Evidence Fetiche) and of course trips to France to meet the associations that bring fetish to life locally!

We are lucky to have a local association in Nice, very dynamic, a full family with monthly aperitifs, ever more unifying events (Nice So Fetiche in November, Birthday in April) and brunches, pool parties, hikes, and our mister Anthony (Mister Leathermen Evidence 2023) with whom I have the pleasure of sharing this year of mister…

Otherwise, in our private life, we like to play a lot, together and with different partners. But we play with caution, under prep for 5 years, we participate in studies on the prevention of STIs/STDs as part of multi-partner relationships within an open couple. We make our partners aware of the practice of “drug-free”. We made a playroom of 40m² at our house in Nice in which we enjoy playing.

What are your plans for your year as a Mister?

People who know me know that I am hyperactive and that I never let myself rest. Some are rather well advanced and they will probably see the light of day before summer. Other actions are a little more in the shadows and will take longer to see the light of day. But my main action will be to represent French sportswear as much as possible at the national and European level in events and on social networks.

I understand you are involved in United Sportswear Europe, can you tell me more about that?

“U.S.E.” is the federation of the Sportswears and Gear communities on a European scale.

The goals of USE are to federate European LGBTQIA+ sportswear associations, promote inclusiveness, increase the visibility of European sportswear associative actions, share knowledge, and finally organize or co-organize events with European associations active in sportswear fetish. To date, it brings together 3 countries: Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

It is also the relay of the various Misters Sportswear and of course of Mister Sportswear Europe. We were present during the Darkland with a U.S.E. stand. I was present on the stand to represent the federation and connect French actors with this new, dynamic and “sporty” federation. We made a great Darkland festival with a lot of sportswear events as well as a dedicated social. As a mister, I am committed to communicating and bringing to life the actions of the federation. I will also visit each of the member associations of the federation. I invite you to go visit their Instagram @unitedsportsweareurope

Thank you for sitting down with us today. Are there any final thoughts you would like to share with our readers?

Remember that time passes so quickly, so let’s enjoy every moment!