RUB’WEEK 2024 is right around the corner!

As every year since 2019, rubbermen get a date in Paris for the RUB’WEEK festival. This year it will take place from March 28 to 31 with an ambitious program. We sat down with the organisers the FRENCHRUBBERMEN to discuss the event and why it is important.

 Through social media and rubbermen, we heard about RUB’WEEK. But who is behind this festival?

Hello Mister B WINGS,  well, this is the FRENCHRUBBERMEN association. Created in 2018, we meet rubbermen throughout France and, have forged links over the years with our foreign counterparts: Belgian Rubbermen, Barcelona Rubbermen, Swiss Rubbermen… The welcome in all regions has always been excellent, and the Rubberguys have always expressed their regret about not having strict rubber evenings and a complete festival dedicated to their fetish in France. In 2019, the association heard the community’s expectations and launched the first edition. Following the COVID break, the 2024 edition will be the 4th with quite a few new features.

Really? What can you tell us about the program?

We will find events from previous years. But this year, it’s the “enhanced edition”! Indeed, the Mr Rubber France 2024 election will take place on Friday evening after a welcome drink which will allow discussions with the candidates. Bet this will be a great competition with motivated candidates! The major new feature for 2024 is a fetish cruise on the Seine, following the path of the 2024 Olympic Games opening ceremony. Open to all on a fully privatized boat, it will start on Saturday at noon for 2 hours. On board the boat, a tour guide will present the monuments along the Seine, a bar will be open to share a drink in a friendly atmosphere, and a photocall will immortalize this moment between fetishists. This is a first, in more than one way, because such a fetish cruise has never existed in France before. Note that we are opening this event to all genders and all fetishes (including those other than rubber) as a sign of inclusivity. It is an exceptional journey a few months before the Olympics. On Saturday evening, the RUB’ZONE event will keep its promises like every year in an iconic place and a strict dress code. The privatization of the place allows the night to go on until the very end. For Sunday, the big news is a closing party in a new partner bar in a very cheerful and unrestrained atmosphere.

Also note that this year, IDM Sauna joins the event partners by allowing access to the establishment and its facilities in rubber (all wet areas) during the 4 days: guaranteed sensations. 50% discount for admission with a presentation of the flyer or the visual on the last page of the program.

RUB’WEEK 2023 – 23 au 26 Mars 2023 by FRENCH RUBBERMEN – Infos & Tickets

These are the flagship events, but the festival isn’t just about these meetings is it?

Indeed, starting Thursday, an aperitif is planned at each end of the 4 days in a different bar. They are open to all genders, and all fetishes, and we have also thought about Disabled (Persons with Reduced Mobility). Also, a latex workshop is planned on Saturday to teach the basics of glueing and leave with a first creation (Limited number of participants). At the same time, an afternoon of board games (fetish or casual dress code) allows meeting in a playful atmosphere, for all fetishists who wish to participate (French and foreign). On Sunday, our partner SecteurX opens its doors for its Sunday PISS’IN which is very popular with rubbermen who like “wet” games. This year there is a real closing party that promises to be enjoyed by the partygoers since the next day, Easter Monday, is a public holiday in France and many countries. This leaves time to sleep and return home with stars in their eyes.

 You were talking earlier about the MR RUBBER FRANCE 2024 election. What should we know about this election?

In recent years, French misters have been very involved in the national fetish life and beyond borders when their schedule allowed it. We regret that since COVID there hasn’t been a rubber Europe contest, but we believe a European collective is working on it. We are very proud of having many candidates for MIR Mister International Rubber even though we have never won the sash since Yannick KERJOSE in 2002. When focusing on the French election, while many countries open their election to all genders, we still prefer to maintain “a men-only” contest. We haven’t received any requests that encourage us to open the nominations further, but we are looking to welcome for the first time a public representative of diversity. This will surely allow us to ask the question again in the coming years. In any case, the commitment and support of many sponsors who provide significant prizes to the titleholder and runners-up must be highlighted. The sash is also made by RB Originals, a craftsman of quality and great loyalty.

Paris seems to be experiencing quite a bit of upheaval these days. Is it easy to organize such a festival?

Indeed, Paris has been a bit unsettled in recent months. There won’t be any 2024 edition of the well-known PARIS FETISH festival, due to a lack of a place to host it, thus making RUB’WEEK the most important fetish festival in France for this year. Then, several historic merchants have closed their doors for various reasons. The Olympics do not make the task easier also, but the festival is still far from this event and will have only little impact on our organization. Since the first edition in 2019, we have chosen the last weekend of March as our milestone weekend. Unfortunately, this year it’s also the Easter weekend, and therefore Easter Berlin Festival. We are in touch with Easter Berlin organizers and assured each other to do cross-promotion: Easter is mainly addressed to the leather community.

How does anyone participate in the various events?

It is necessary to get your ticket without delay for the election (free entry but upon reservation), the fetish cruise, the rubber workshop, and the RUB’ZONE night. Tickets are available through the website The site has been completely redesigned this year since the program has been significantly expanded. Another big novelty this year is the publication, for the first time, of a program booklet in both paper and digital versions. The paper version is available in many shops in France, Europe, and even the USA. The digital version can be read and downloaded from the website. This creation of the booklet has been a beautiful experience with a lot of volunteer work and support from BOXER for the edition.

Could you give us an overview of some facts of RUB’WEEK?

In 2023, the festival was the result of the work of more than 50 volunteers, a year’s work, more than 20 professional partners and sponsors, 400 Rubbermen at the heart of the RUB’ZONE night, 1,000+ visitors over the weekend. I take this opportunity to thank each of those who invest, support, and believe in this festival and in the FRENCHRUBBERMEN association. The fetish community has been very dynamic in recent years and needs highlights to meet and share festive moments. We are all looking forward to seeing you in Paris from March 28 to 31. Don’t waste time:  book your spots now!