One of the benefits of being part of the fetish community is the freedom we give ourselves to explore pleasure and sexuality in ways many don’t. Therefore, in a community often fueled by sexual gratification, the very idea of delaying or even withholding a sexual climax can seem counter-intuitive. And yet, more and more guys are discovering that a powerful sexual experience is as much about delaying gratification as it is achieving it – and they are willing to strap on a physical reminder to prove it.

In the vast and ever-expanding playground of BDSM, nothing signifies the powerful interplay between Bondage, Discipline/Domination, Submission/Sadism and Masochism as well as chastity. Denying either yourself or your sexual partner the ability to use a key part of sexual anatomy forces you to think ‘outside the box’ in terms of your sexual pleasure. In fact, by keeping something locked away, something else is often revealed.

When I first posted about my intention to write an article about chastity, I was inundated with hundreds of messages from guys who wanted to share their experiences. Again and again, that ‘box’ metaphor kept popping up in my conversations. Like with all matters of life, it seems that once something you rely on is taken away, you need to be creative with what you’ve got, and appreciate what else you have. It builds resilience and strength and deepens your commitment. Old ways of thinking no longer apply and you are left longing for satisfaction.

Ironically, religions have advocated the idea of ‘chastity’, maintaining virtue and purity for thousands of years, as a means to build greater submission either to God, a person’s designated partner or the teachings to live by. Whether it’s giving up something for the Christian Lent, or ritual fasting during Ramadan or Yom Kippur, the idea of withholding pleasure is nothing new. But when you couple that with BDSM dynamics of sexual pleasure, pain and control, things get interesting.

Photography by: Greg Jones

For those who choose to hold their own key, it tests resilience, strength, and stamina. They speak of succumbing even deeper into their submissive side, by holding the key to their own pleasure. But for those who partner with another, it tests far more: trust, commitment, and the strength of their bond. Overwhelmingly, those I spoke to spoke of the immense pleasure they felt not simply at the end of the process, but from the very start. “It’s always a very special moment when the lock clicks. The boy sees the keys disappear and he has no other option but to obey.” And so, behind the painful but intoxicating longing for release, the mental and physical strength needed to withstand temptation, and you may discover sexual pleasure in new and exciting ways. Simply put, when you can’t use your dick or your ass to get off, everything else comes to the forefront.

Whether they held the key or were key-held, they all acknowledged it added a vivid and new dimension tier to the power dynamics. “It’s the most intimate form of submission and control between two people,” another guy said. “It shifts the focus instantly to other aspects of our play that often get ignored or forgotten, and it really challenges people to think ‘outside the box’. It also makes you think about the person you’re with, and whether they are the right person for you.”

Photography by: Greg Jones

Troy Locke is an adult digital content creator who, as the name would suggest, knows a thing or two about chastity. As both a key holder and a caged boy himself, he speaks firsthand of how powerful the experience is. “For me, the journey is even more important than the end. You’re on a constant high of denial as if you’re engaging in an ongoing session, all day, every day.” As we spoke further, Troy hit the nail on the head, highlighting it wasn’t about the cage at all. “The cage isn’t about escapability. You can get out of any cage you want to if you really want to. It’s simply a physical deterrent. Being a key holder or caged is a privilege. It’s the trust you don’t want to break.”

With an array of chastity devices available to suit your taste and budget, locking yourself or your partner up (conceptually, of course), Mister B might just introduce you to a whole new world of pleasure and take your relationship to higher places.

Whichever device you choose, it represents a deep commitment to expand your mind, your sexual practice and your relationship with your partner. Remember: physical cages can always be opened, but trust is hard to restore. The real key isn’t the physical key to the cage, but the connection to a person’s mind. The cage itself was not the device, but a person’s way of thinking – about sex, gratification and their partner. The real cage is your mind. How might you break free?

Follow Troy Locke on Instagram @itstroylocke and make sure to visit MISTERB for all your desired chastity devices, and get ready to explore sexual pleasure in ways you have never done before.
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