Master of Mind – Master of Galaxy

The star ship’s landing strip where I docked my space rover was empty, which I found peculiar, so I proceeded with caution. Armed and ready for attack, I stealthily made my way from wing to wing and yet there was no one to be seen. Until I reached the auxiliary control center. That is when I first saw him, standing with his back to me. Both in reputation and physique, Mørk Herre’s stature precedes him. Undeniably impressive. His tall, broad body was clad head to toe in black latex, with the aery moonlight reflected off each curve of his bulging muscles. “I’ve been expecting company,” he said as he slowly turned and started walking towards me. “Good,” I lied as I drew my laser blaster, pointing it right at him.


With each step of his big black boots, I felt the floor underneath me rumble, and the closer he got, the weaker I could feel myself becoming. “Don’t come any closer, or I’ll shoot!” I called out. “Of all the little cadets, they sent you here to kill me! How poetic,” he said, ignoring my command and stepping even closer until his dominating presence loomed over me. “Or haven’t you figured it out yet?” he continued, “I see the devious Commander has used his powers to cloud your judgment and wipe your memory. He whom you think is so noble and mighty is ‘Black Menace’ like me. And like him, I too can harness powers, so let me remind you who your real master is. I am your master!” “No, no! It’s not true, it’s imposs—” I cried out, but before I could finish, with just a simple clench of his fist, my body buckled, and I dropped to my knees. A snap of his fingers and my laser blaster flew out of my grasp, skidding along the floor far out of reach. “If you only knew the power of the dark side,” he chuckled. And with an accompanied beckoning of his hand,
my head was thrust towards his groin by no force of my own.  

The shiny black latex in front of my eyes revealed everything. I instantly became hypnotized by the way it clung to each inch of his thick veiny shaft and tightly packed balls. I was so close, that if I were to only reach my neck forward, I would touch him. But I could feel his powers holding me in my place, awaiting further instruction. And then it came: “Lick it.”
I couldn’t help but eagerly stick out my tongue and start licking up and down the outline of his meaty cock. “Now, the boots.” Down I went, hungrily licking every inch of his black boots until they were glistening with my spit. My body instinctively obeyed his psychokinetic commands like they were second nature.
But if I were to think about it and hesitate for even a beat, he would notice.

“Don’t make me destroy you!” he growled, raising his arm and levitating me off the ground. With a sharp flick of his wrist, I was flung to the other side of the room, and with a wring of his hands, my spacesuit was torn off me and strewn in a pile on the floor. I quickly stood up, completely naked, and I hadn’t even caught my breath and gathered my senses before he was on top of me, pushing me back and pinning my bare cheeks to the control panel dashboard. Next, my hands were being coerced up and above my head, where they stayed, bound by some invisible tether. He was the sadistic puppeteer pulling the strings, and I, his helpless puppet, was there to entertain and serve. ”

He made me watch as he slowly shed his rubber. I could see the steam from his body heat rising off of him as he exposed his skin, inch by inch. As the pungent smell of his sweaty armpits and monster cock began to overpower me, I felt as though a fog was slowly lifting from my mind. Like shooting stars, flickering images of a life past started to play in my mind. He plunged his beast inside me with deep purposeful strokes as though he had something to prove. Deeper and deeper he went, into uncharted territories, until he penetrated the inner ring of my second hole. There, buried in my very core, he exploded a heavy load of cum. As he flooded my body with his milky way, my mind was flooded with lost memories. Memories the Commander had kept hidden from me, locked out of sight in the furthest reaches of my mind. The Cosmos Engulfer had been my home and training ground. I had been a Black Menace apprentice, and Mørk Herre taught me everything I know. I was not only his property but his proudest achievement. And he was the master.
Master of mind. Master of galaxy. Master of me.

“Come cadet, I have something to show you,” he said as he turned and began to walk towards the viewing deck. Behind him, I followed, pulled along on all fours as if an imaginary leash had been wrapped around my neck. He stopped in front of the window, looking out on the endless sea of planets and stars in the night sky that sprawled out before him. “Join me, and I will complete your training. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and rule the galaxy as master and pupil.”

Welcome back to the dark side!