A Campaign to Address the Obvious

As the world has completely shifted to accommodate for Covid-19, it leaves most of us trying to cope with the various, almost impossible, social adjustments. As sexually liberal and sexually active people, many of us find it very challenging isolating ourselves or altering our already complex, sexual-social behaviors to be Covid-safe. Especially when the burden on us to do so is not only for ourselves but for the safety of others from this dangerous and persistent virus.

With that, we felt it was important to talk and think about the ways we can manage this situation together as a community. We know that most of us don’t want to completely halt our sex-lives, and for some, that is extremely difficult, especially for those of us who live alone, because we need some human contact, of course. Trying to enforce people to keep from having sex, or shaming them about doing it will not stop people from having sex, dating, or hooking-up. This we have learned over the many years of sex-shaming that most of us have experienced as gay men. For this reason, we take a harm-reduction approach to this matter. Creating a campaign that understands that whether you like it or not, people are having sex, and talking about how to do it safely is the most effective way to help each other.

Times campaign. With Man tot Man and GGD Amsterdam in Dutch and English for the Netherlands, Sensoa , and ExAequo in Flemish and French for Belgium and Berliner Aids-Hilfe in German for Germany, we present you with four major recommendations to maintain safety when having a sex life in Covid times.

The campaign includes four main posters, which feature the four different recommendations, Safer Alternatives to Dating, Contact Tracing, Partner Agreements, and Things to Consider Post-Lockdown, but visit our website misterbwings.com/covid for the full list of things to consider under each category.

Have fun and stay safe!

With love, from the team at Mister B.