Your Daily Male…All Year Long

On December 17, 2006 gallery MooiMan was opened. The focus of the gallery is “the man in art”, making it a unique gallery in the Netherlands and globally as there is only one other gallery with the same theme. The gallery collaborates with over a hundred artists and shows works in photography, paintings, graphics, and sculptures in stone and bronze.

These gorgeous three-dimensional pieces are displayed both inside and outside in the lovely garden, while the walls are decorated with fine art from around the world. They typically organize a few different exhibitions each year, plus some art fairs, keeping the community up with the latest and gayest of fine art. Unfortunately, the opportunity to visit the space is quite limited right now because of the recent Covid restriction in-place in the Netherlands, but luckily they have some other projects to provide us with our fill of men in the art form.

Inspired by their previously successful Homogenda, printed agenda with over 80 images of classic male-inspired art, the team at MooiMan created a new product for us to get our daily dose of man. With a collection of 365 beautiful pieces of mostly-gay, art featuring the male body in various forms, they have created the Your Daily Male tear-off calendar.

This year will be the sixth release of this wonderful collection of paintings, sculptures, graphics, drawings by artists from home and abroad. Each week features a new artist, so you can get a fairly healthy dose of art education, for those of us yearning to explore more of the art world. For others, it’s a celebration of the greats, the classics, and the newer names to the scene. Featuring artists like Mexico’s Fernando Madera Alvarado, Canadian Daniel Barkley, and Ivan Bubentcov of Russia. This handy calendar provides a good quality overview of what is being produced in art in the world and of course, it works as a fun promotion for the artists and the gallery. The calendar is for sale in the gallery, you can order it online, it can be purchased in several foreign bookstores and it can also be ordered through bookstores in the Netherlands.

The calendar has 368 pages of full-color images, at 15 x 21cm and costs € 34.00, but for our WINGS readers, they are offering a discount of € 4.00 when you mention ‘MisterB’ in the remarks!


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