WINGS Pick of the Week: Mikado for kinksters

The summer holidays are upon us! And what do you pack to make your time on the road more bearable? Some games of course!

Mister B is an expert when it comes to playing games! We can highly recommend you to bring the Mister B Impact Set of 10 Canes in a Travel Case, which is basically Mikado for kinksters. In the black travel case you will find 10 Manila canes that are perfectly suited for some on the spot impact play. So, whether you’re barely surviving on a French camping site or partying till the break of dawn in Mykonos, this fun filled travel case will provide hours of not-so-family-friendly entertainment when you need it most!*

*Also ideal for punishing bad travel companions!

Join us next week for another dive into Mister B’s gigantic stash of gear!