Take A Stand

What is Take A Stand? It is a day time bootblacking lounge. There is no contest, there are no breakout classes. However we have a bunch of Bootblacks and everything you need. Stands, coat check, cocktails, music and a stage.

Bring ALL your Leather gear. If it’s more than you can wear at one time, that’s okay, that’s why we have coat check. Pick a Bootblack and sit at their stand to get shined up. You can go back to coat check and change outfits as many times as you want, we would love to see all your outfits. You can grab a drink from the bar whenever you feel parched and be with Leather folk while wait for an open stand. Remember to always tip your Bootblack and your bar tender.

At the end of the day there will be a show on stage to introduce and hear from each of our Bootblacks who were working the stands. Several of them will display sexy scenes on stage. We’ll do some fundraising for charity from the stage as well.

Our next event

1-3 November 2024
at The Web Amsterdam

Meat and greet

Friday, November 1st
The Web, Amsterdam
Meet all the Bootblacks before they Take A Stand

Bootblacking Lounge

Saturday, November 2nd
The Web, Amsterdam
Bring all your Leather and let the Bootblacks take care of you

Stage Show

Saturday, November 2nd
The Web, Amsterdam
See the Bootblacks on stage and hear why they Take A Stand. Auctions to support our charity.

For more information check out their website: TakeaStand