Mister B, 28 years later…

I wonder if Wim Bos, the founder of Mister B, would’ve had any idea that the small, leather shop he opened on Warmoesstraat in Amsterdam’s Red Light District in 1994 would become the iconic, international fetish brand it now is.

Shops around the world carry Mister B products and you’ll see the recognizable logo on t-shirts and tank tops in every leather or fetish bar you go to now. In the wake of the AIDS crisis, what Wim knew was needed was the strength of community and he knew that community was (and is) the key to leather and rubber fetishes. That’s why Mister B was the brand that centered around bringing gay guys together. With the help of some amazing products like GLIDE silicone lube or the Leather Fucker Jeans, Mister B became synonymous with quality fetish products and the best leather and rubber style.

Mister B brand stores today in Amsterdam, Berlin and Antwerp:

After 28 years, Mister B keeps growing and evolving. It’s a brand that still centers on bringing like-minded folks together and works to destigmatize fetish and sexuality with a very public-facing image. It’s become a brand that shows that sexuality and the kink and fetish world are all around us and a part of our lives.

Cheers to 28 years of providing the fetish community with all the sex and fetish toys and tools one could need! Cheers to 28 years of dressing kinksters in the best latex, leather and fetish gear from head to toe!

But more importantly, cheers to 28 years of challenging stigma, normalizing sexuality and celebrating queerness and LGBTQ+ identities!