If you want to watch the best, gayest TV ever – then get OUTtv!!

If you’re looking for something new to watch while locked inside all alone, then look no further because OUTtv has it all and after 12 successful years in Europe,   it’s NOW available in the UK and Ireland too!  With the most flaming, fiercest, fabulous TV content available in 9 countries around the world, OUTtv is pissing out rainbows on laptops everywhere!

On OUTtv you will enjoy hit series like Absolutely Fabulous, Golden Girls, Queer as folk, Alan Carr: Chatty Man and Shade: Queens of NYC, a docu-follow-musical-reality show that explores what happens to New York’s fiercest, funniest drag queens as they fight for fame, fortune, and love. Speaking of queens, if you love a drag show then OUTtv will be your new best friend! From RuPaul’s Drag Race to Drag Race Thailand to Ru’s new game show Gay for Play, with celebrities Michelle Visage and Todrick Hall, you won’t ever run out of drag content to gag over, in fact, you may even get tucked-out! OUTtv has so many movies with the queerest of content, plus captivating documentaries like OUT in the lineup, and Bear Nation about the furry, rough-n-tumble demographic of the gay scene, the bears.

Diverse, colourful and unique, OUTtv is a must-add to your current media landscape and will serve all letters of the LGBTQI+ community. It still is so important to see queer people represented in TV and film and besides, it’s so much more fun! Stay home, stay safe and watch OUTtv!

Check www.out.tv if OUTtv is available in your country.