Nipple Play 101


Regardless of male or female, the nipple is one of the body areas with the highest nerve endings density, making it an ideal spot for stimulation in play.

The most common form of nipple play is attaching clamps to them. The clamps pain intensity is determined by the spring strength in relation to the contact surface. Textured areas can make it more severe, a soft cover less painful. So for beginners Japanese Clover clamps or the Non-Adjustable Alligator clamps are great. The latter have the advantage that if more severe pain is needed, the covers can be removed to a biting sensation.


The Basic Clamps with Chain are also good for beginners because through their round shape the contact surface can be easily adjusted from applying the entire clamp for a light sensation to just using to tip for intense pain. On the excruciating spectrum of nipple play lay the Nipple Claws with dig deeply into the tissue. Because of this they even stay in places when severely getting tugged on, causing some subs to cry. Almost similarly painful can the Thai Pain Sticks be. Their intensity can be regulated by the two sliders. The closer they are together, the more intensely the nipple gets squeezed, the stronger the pain. They sit very snug on the nipple and through the long bar they are predestinated for the top to twist and tug them, making the pain even more intense.

Some clamps come with a screw for either controlling the spring’s intensity or tighten the clamp. While this is good for novices who start out with a light pain which can gradually be increased as the nerves desensitize, they need a bit of attention. Over time the clamp’s pressure squeezes the tissue fluid out of the nipple. With a spring the pressure is regulated accordingly but with a screw the top has to keep the pressure up in order to prevent the clamp from falling off.

There are clamps out there to be connected to an e-stim unit for added stimulation and pain. Though only bi-polar clamps like the Mystim Berry Bite clamps should be used above the waist and thus on the nipple. Using mono-polar clamps above the waist can cause fatal heart problems (for more details read my E-Stim 101).

A good way to improve any form of nipple play is nipple pumping either using “simple” nipple sucks or more elaborate cylinders for vacuum pumps. The advantage of the latter is that the suction intensity can be controlled more precisely and increased while the maintaining the vacuum. Since the nipples are so sensitive, it the pull of the vacuum itself is an experience between tantalizing and agonizing – depending on the intensity. Over time the nipples will become more puffier, making them an easier target for clamps but more importantly making them more sensitive. So every toy applied to pre-pumped nipple will feel more intense.

Pumped nipples are also a great target for impact play, preferable with a riding crop. Because the impact area is so small and sensitive, it is very intense.

Since they are so sensitive, nipples are a great target for sensation play. This can range from light manual stimulation over spikey pain with a pin wheel to impact play. The best toy for impact play on the nipples are riding crops, because the impact is focused just on the nipple.

During sensation play, nipples can also be stimulated with other means than mechanical ones. First there is temperature play either with ice or wax. While the ice’s temperature cannot really be regulated, the temperature of the wax depends on the height it drips from. The longer the way, the more it could already cool down. For extra safety special wax play candles which do not burn as hot as standard ones are recommended to prevent burns. Second there is the play with irritants which will cause a light itch or warmth by using warming lube . Since the nipples are covered in skin and not mucosa the irritants of lube will not be as strong as for example inside the hole. But especially if the nipple is already a bit sore from previous play, responsible play with irritants will be a hot tunnel game (= play which cannot be aborted).


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