WINGS Pick of the Week: Mister B Leather Sneaker Face Harness

WINGS is doing a weekly dive into Mister B’s huge collection of gear to uncover little treasures that otherwise might go unnoticed. This week we put the spotlight on a sneaky harness for your face!

There are two things that can be said about fetishists and kinksters. 1. We have dirty minds (yaaaaaay for us) 2. We are inventive AF (yaaaaaay again). You only need to look at the Mister B Leather Sneaker Face Harness to see what we’re talking about.


This crazy piece of leather gear holds a sweaty, stinky, reeking, humid sneaker of your choice. All YOU need to do is to strap it in front of your mouth and nose and start inhaling all that delicious goodness.

Are you ready for aroma therapy, the Mister B way? Then order your Mister B Leather Sneaker Harness now!