The Daddy Fetish

In one of my favorite Friends episodes, open-minded, sex-positive friend Phoebe was being ridiculed for calling a grey-haired, fifty-plus, sexy daddy ‘hotter than hot.’ This shocked the rest of the Friends’ gang and as signaled by the phony laugh track, it was clear that it was not normal to use the word hot to describe someone of that age! Yes, they tricked me into laughing too, although I was still in my early twenties at the time and was just discovering my sexual tastes. A decade and a half later, and now that Phoebe’s love interest is my type, I ask myself why the show’s producers wanted to make me think that grey hair and wrinkles would make someone unfuckable!

Growing up without a father, I think I may have lacked the love and care I desired from a man. That was until I started to have intimate relations with them. Initially interested in guys my own age, my prospective boyfriends lacked the maturity that I was longing for. The male wisdom that I didn’t get to experience as a child was something that I wanted and couldn’t find in the fresh-faced, tight-assed young beauties I was meeting.

When I moved on my own to the United States to go to college, I learned to take care of myself in new ways and thus was forced to mature faster than some of my peers who were native to the country. For that reason that I felt I had more in common with, more fun with and was able to build longer-lasting relationships with much older men! The knowledge, worldliness, and responsibility, among other things, made my daddies not only interesting but also physically attractive to the point of becoming a sexual fetish. Meaning that it was exactly those wrinkles and the grey hair that gave me a hard-on!

It still is the grey-haired daddies who’ve been turning me on lately. By lately I mean pre-Covid, of course. Be it at Club Church’s masked Undercover sex party, where I’d find a silver fox to get down on my knees for, gobble up his cock and enjoy the musky smell of his mature pubes. Be it in the steam room of ’t Herenhuis in Antwerp where a beautiful, lean, fifty-plus rode my face with his ripe and aromatic asshole and sucked me to completion by the swimming pool of the men-only spa.  Or be it the tall, handsome, mature, model-type Limburger from PlanetRomeo who used me for hours as his footrest, which made me cum so hard that it shot right into my face! While all of those places are always swarming with gorgeous, muscular, young specimen, many of whom I play with as well, of course, but rarely get me excited as often as my more-mature fuckers.

When I have sex, it’s exciting to get down and dirty with someone confident and experienced, which is often the case with people of an older age. Not only does this confidence and experience come through in their moves but also through their visibly aged physique – the more weathered the body, the more able the person is to make me horny, my dick says.

I know that if I find older-aged men fuckable, then many other people must feel the same way! This is why I think that making fun of someone who finds an older person sexy is like making fun of a person who finds someone of different skin color, height, ethnic origin, or any other characteristic sexy. It’s inappropriate, immature, unintelligent, and more than anything outdated!

Diet, lifestyle, and psychological state are some of the variables that affect a person’s physical appearance and especially someone of advanced age. Smoking, eating unhealthy food, and not being physically active, to name a few, are some specific things that can affect our appearance. So perhaps we generally associate older men with the appearance of unhealthiness? Maybe that could be contributing to the popular idea that older men are less attractive? Though at the same time, I see many mature men that are physically and mentally in great shape, often better than that of their younger peers!

Though media typically portrays youth as the most desirable ones, from fashion to beauty products to porn, we can finally see older people more frequently featured and shown as sexy. This not only defies the notion that physical maturity is unattractive, but it also shows that it’s hip and hot. And daddies are hot! If you haven’t tried one yet, I say go for it! And if you are one, I say message me.

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