Each year Mister B has a different Pride campaign. Something special to recognize this important time of year for us. A time we get to enjoy some of the biggest and best parties, wear something we wouldn’t normally wear, maybe travel to a different citytake part in some form of political advocacy or a march to help mobilize a social justice movement. Either way, almost none of these are options this year, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still celebrate.  

This year, Mister B wants to celebrate by showcasing the more personal side of Pride – the people! The people who make up our weird and wonderful, queer, fetish community, the reason Mister B exists, and the driving factor behind all those Pride festivities we miss so much. It’s all about the people. That’s you and I. You who shops at Mister B, you who follows us on social media, and you who is reading this right now. Mister B wants you to be a part of this year’s Pride campaign! 

The Pride campaign will consist of different photos and videos produced by Mister B and starring you! It will be you and nine other fabulous folks from the Mister B community, all proud to be celebrating together!   


Thanks for your interest in being part of the Mister B Pride 2021 Campaign!

We really are looking for you! We are looking for you and 9 other community members who want to be featured in Mister B photo and video this Pride season. Join us in celebrating the diversity that is our community as we celebrate Pride this year!

Due to current travel restriction, participation is only available to those living in the Netherlands and able to travel to Amsterdam.