Mister B Celebrates International Fetish Week 2022

The third Friday of every January is International Fetish Day (IFD). For many years, this has been a day to acknowledge fetishes and sexual freedoms. For many, a sexual fetish is something that is thought to be hidden, not shared with others, as mainstream society often makes people feel shame about sexuality, sexual acts and sexual fetishes. As gay and queer people, we are all too familiar with how society works to invalidate and moralize sexuality and identities, and for many others, fetish activities are a large part of that. Mister B wants to take this day as a point of departure to celebrate fetishes and sexuality. Whether homo, hetero, bi, or pansexual, everyone deserves the right to feel dignified about and proud of their sexuality. For this reason, Mister B is celebrating International Fetish Day all week long.

MISTER B Presents, International Fetish Week 2022! International Fetish Week (IFW) is a week to acknowledge, celebrate and take pride in our fetishes and sexual identities. To celebrate this year, WINGS is continuing its endeavor from the fall with WINGS TALKS. A series of conversations about the important topics within our communities. A big component to the strength of the LGBTQ+ and fetish communities is the power of all the personal connections. WINGS TALKS is the opportunity for folks from our communities to connect and talk about the issues that are affecting us, both good and bad, to share opinions and experiences, learn from each other and get folks thinking. It’s only with more understanding can we become more compassionate with each other.


“Let’s be loud about our sexual identities and be proud of our fetishes. 

The themes of WINGS TALKS this year are Body Image and Gendered Spaces within the scene, as these are current topics that many folks have something to say. For this, WINGS has interviewed different folks to speak about these issues and you can watch them through social media and compilation videos on YouTube. The hope is that folks hear these stories and opinions and feel inspired to talk about them among their peers.




This year, you will also find our Rope Bondage video series, as a part of WINGS TALKS. This is a way of creating conversations about a particular fetish and providing additional learning moments that can be slightly more tangible and fun. It’s not just about the serious stuff all the time, after all. IFW is the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate the things that we enjoy so much collectively. Especially when there is still stigma and shame around many kinks and fetishes and there is even risk of kink being excluded from the annual Pride festivities in many cities. We are always stronger together.

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*It’s important to note that International Fetish Day originated in the UK in 2009 as a response to the new law imposed that criminalizes the possession of extreme pornography and Mister B does not endorse or support illegal activities, such as the many named, extreme activities which are included in the category of extreme pornography. The purpose of International Fetish Week is to celebrate having fetishes, dignify a fetishized sexuality and champion sexual freedoms.