Darling Peter

Peter van Vught aka Darling Peter is based in Amsterdam and working as a DJ, creating concepts, producing events and much more, and all with a queer twist. In 2008 he started working in the queer scene in Amsterdam. Co-founder/initiator of Milkshake Festival and Club NYX at the time, he has worked in the past few years as booker and event manager at Pride Amsterdam, throwing events like Superball and Sweetie Darling, as well as travelling the world as DJ Darling Peter. With a wide range of tunes, uplifting disco/house being his favourite, he plays from pop parties to fetish events and is also a resident DJ at La Demence in Brussels. 

Just before corona hit us, he started his latest concept Sweetie Darling, a bi-monthly party at club Lovelee in Amsterdam, and hosted stages with this concept at Sziget Festival and Elrow Town. Sweetie Darling is a party where it’s all about playing with both your feminine and masculine sides, it’s all about respect and acceptance. “There is still so much to fight for if it comes to lgbtqia+ rights and acceptance. Queer people should listen more to each other, as we are actually all in the same boat. We all have a unique story of our own, but together we can really make a difference”.