Let’s Talk About Body Image Part 1

Mister B WINGS Presents WINGS TALKS, a series of conversations with different folks from our communities about the issues that are affecting us, both good and bad. These personal stories and opinions are intended to help each other learn from one other and to get folks thinking. We began this project at Folsom Europe 2021 in Berlin with panel discussions on the topics of Fetish at Pride and Discrimination in the scene. There was a lot of interest in these conversations, plus loads of positive feedback about bringing the topics to light so it quickly became obvious that we had to continue.  

For the next set of conversations, we had video chats on the topics of Body Image and Men-only Spaces. We chatted with a few different people about their personal experiences with these topics, why they think they are important to discuss and more. We heard many different reasons why these are important topics, like one person telling us about being bullied for being fat, or another for being thin and it was very clear that so many people are experiencing body image issues, no matter what their body looks like. It’s a common thread that goes through our communities. Regarding men-only parties and clubs, we heard some good feedback as to how this exclusive practice could be more inclusive as well. We hope the folks who throw these events hear the message, loud and clear – it’s unnecessarily making folks feel bad about themselves.  

There are two parts to the Body Image video as there were so many people that had something to say about this topic. We hope you enjoy the videos, but we also hope they help you to better understand some of the things that may make you question your confidence in your body as well.  

Check out Body Image Part 1 and let us know what you think. We’d love to talk about it.