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The Homo Post is a new style of coming-of-age queer content that aims to change the narrative, break down walls, and inspire the community and allies. Featuring LGBTQ artists and role models, helpful information, anecdotes, and health, wellbeing, and beauty tips. Helping queer people find their feet, learn about the community, challenge themselves, and see that success and fulfillment are achievable, even if you’re in a minority group that is fighting against heteronormativity.

Murat – the creator of The Homo Post is happy to welcome you to the sex-positive and shame-free safe space where we cut the bullshit and talk openly about the journeys we face as LGBTQ people.

Born in the U.K. from a Cypriot heritage, he left London and a 15-year creative career in the luxury beauty and fragrance industry for a new challenge. Moving to Berlin in the height of the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020 to start a new job at the gay dating app ROMEO. It’s safe to say that life living on Motzstraße, the epicenter of the sex capital of Europe (if not the world), was not quite what he expected!

Having visited many times over the last 12 years, arriving at the deadly quiet street with everything but supermarkets closed was strange, to say the least. I quickly realized that I was about to have a lot of time on my hands and a need to have something to focus on apart from binging on Netflix and watching the whole Marvel Universe collection of films in chronological order on Disney+.

How did it all get started?

At the beginning of my health journey, I was very heavy and considering suicide. Since 2010 I had lost a total of 74lbs (33.6 kg) I had maintained this well, but still hadn’t got down to the ideal body fat percentage for my age and height. After the first month of lockdown, I’d gained 7lbs (3 kg) and I knew that the next few months would either make or break my body so I made a choice to take control and do a strict eight-week diet.

This diet is so strict that you basically can’t put anything in your mouth that you haven’t prepared yourself (and counted every calorie in). You learn a lot about food when eating this way and I found focus on challenging myself to make healthy, diet-friendly versions of every dish I had cravings for. As a result, I had crafted lots of surprisingly great recipes – many of which were around 300 calories per portion.


The first concept for this platform was actually just a simple place to share my recipes when friends, family, and Instagram followers were asking for them. My brain then started ticking and I was thinking about all of the other basic nutrition information I had learned on my journey that might be useful to others. I soon realized that there was a lot of connectivity between my physical and mental health and my path to becoming comfortable in my own skin as a gay man. That’s when a metaphorical lightbulb lit above my head! Within an hour I had pages and pages of content ideas about Health & WellbeingLGBTQ life, and Beauty & Lifestyle.

Back in London, I had a few different creative outlets. The main one was my job, but I am also a singer! I’ve done small gigs for weddings and corporate events and I spent seven years as a proud member of the London Gay Men’s Chorus. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to sing many solos in my time and in some of the most amazing venues in London. Since moving to Berlin and taking on more of a strategic profession, I was eager to find a new creative outlet.

When I was younger I had always dreamed of working for a magazine but it was such a difficult industry to enter without previous experience. With all of my content ideas and my design background, things just clicked into place. It was time to create my very own platform.

What is your inspiration?

I decided on the name, designed the branding, thought about my potential audience, and began work on building it myself. No out-of-the-box website themes were going to work for me. Given my experience as a digital creative lead, I decided to build a completely bespoke site from scratch that looks and works exactly like I’d hoped it would. The Homo Post was born and I can finally express myself fully and without a filter!

Now writing my first piece of content for the newly built website I feel energized, clear about my objectives, and raring to go. I really hope to help and positively influence some people who might be at the beginning of their journeys. I’m looking forward to exploring the collaborations to come with some LGBTQ artists and professionals who have been role models to me, especially at a time when I felt like I didn’t know who to look up to.

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