WINGS Pick of the Week: Mister B LEATHER Sam Browne Belt

WINGS is doing a weekly dive into Mister B’s huge collection of gear and toys to uncover little treasures that otherwise might go unnoticed. This week we put the spotlight on Sam Brown(e)!

Sam Brown is not just a singer from the eighties who wants you to STOP before you tear her all apart. Sam Browne (with an added ‘e’ in this case) is also one of the sexiest pieces of leather gear known to all mankind. At least, in our humble, yet professional, opinion!

The Mister B LEATHER Sam Browne Belt Premium Black-White is a black leather belt with a black and white leather strap that goes over your shoulder. This supportive leather strap connects to the leather belt in the front and back. Combine the Sam Browne belt with a full leather outfit for when you are out cruising, or wear it with jeans and a shirt with rolled up sleeves for a more casual, yet filthy look.

You better STOP… looking this HOT daddy, before you go and break some hearts!