When we think about Mister B, we not only think about the high quality of fetish gear and products, but also about the parties and events throughout the year to, besides showing off our fetish clothes, meet other kinksters. That’s why this time WINGS sat down for an interview with one of the forces behind these events to get an inside look into the hard work Mister B does for us party lovers.

Most of you kinky readers know Tony de Wilde (he/him) as editor-in-chief of WINGS Magazine, but many of you might not be aware of the fact that he is also the Brand & Event Manager at Mister B. He is the guy in charge of organizing our famous and iconic parties, events, and sponsorships.

In a very hot, cozy, and intimate conversation at Mister B’s headquarters, Tony shared with us what needs to be done so that we can enjoy these kinky parties and events to the fullest.

Tony, first of all, people probably have an idea about what an Event Manager does, but when we’re talking about a fetish brand, it might become a little blurry. So, what does it mean to be an Event Manager at Mister B?

“Well, I must say that doing the branding and events for Mister B might be different than it would have been for other companies or industries. For Mister B, clients are not just customers. We are talking about a community, about community-based groups and events – not just about clothes or toys. By supporting events, organizing parties, and sponsoring projects, we are helping to create safe spaces. Not only for the LGBTQ+ community, but more specifically for our fetish community.”

What do you like most about managing all the events?

“I like the contact with people, from customers to industry heads. It’s always good to know what people are talking about, what they are interested in, and what they like or dislike. This industry is constantly changing and having these conversations with the community about the events, helps us to understand how it is changing. That way, we can truly be involved in the evolution, keeping us always one step ahead, and allowing us to be trendsetters for almost thirty years. I also love getting to know a lot of good initiatives that are out there. Sadly, there are not enough funds but by listening to those stories we can decide which ones to support. Sometimes it’s not only about facilitating funds, but also about giving them a platform for more visibility.”

What is the main reason for sponsoring events?

“The main reason is to keep the community going, to help setting up new people joining the fetish scene, to guide them, to inspire more people to create and suggest new initiatives to keep growing our community, and giving a spot to causes that deserve it. We always like to sponsor some fixed events in Europe throughout the year, but there are also many events that need to receive attention according to a specific time or because of their low visibility.”

What is the biggest challenge in your job?

“Working with a lot of different people with different motivations. Sometimes, while collaborating with competitors, you need to find the balance between the best interest of the business and the best interest of the event, and that’s always hard to decide. Also, deciding which initiatives to support is a big challenge; we can’t support them all at once.”

Have you encountered obstacles or restrictions during your job due to the fact that Mister B is a fetish brand?

“Yes and no. In general, it’s already difficult to organize an event in a club, but when we talk about a fetish event, we always find out that we have even fewer options. It might be because of the darkroom that for some clubs it’s a no go, or because it’s hard to have the spaces we need for the fun. Throughout the years, Amsterdam has opened up more and more to Mister B, and people love it! However, when it comes to the more sexual part of Mister B, people keep finding it hard to accept. Of course, all these restrictions differ depending on the city and country of the party, as we all know, laws and clubs are different everywhere.”

At last, for all the kinksters out there dying to go to an event, tell us all about the events Mister B has in store for us! 

“For the events and parties we fully produce ourselves, people can go to cities where we have a Mister B store. We’ll be waiting for you at Damage in Amsterdam, a fetish dance party with cruising where the focus is 50% on the music and 50% on the playground area. Check the website ( find out more about the next edition. For Mister B Playgrounds, an event focused on the sex play area and the collaborations with the local fetish club, you can visit Club Church in Amsterdam or The Boots in Antwerp. Our collaborations in the form of sponsorships and co-produced events – with major visibility and presence for Mister B – are fetish events such as Folsom Europe in Berlin, Darklands in Antwerp, and of course, Amsterdam Pride. Last but not least, we sponsor smaller events like local fetish parties, social events, and elections for the new Mr. Leather or Mr. Rubber in different cities.”

Thanks a lot, Tony. It’s always a blast to be inside you and Mister B!


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