The Decision of the Door Bitch is Final

A guide to gear up for the wildest party on earth! 

On April 6th it is time to gear up in your finest fetish attire. Because the infamous Wasteland party is being held again in Zaandam (a city next to Amsterdam). Wasteland, the self-proclaimed wildest party on earth, is a playground for perverts and kinky folks from all walks of life. To come together on a hedonistic night, you will never forget. 

Wasteland preserves its kinky magic by enforcing a strict dress code. To quote them: “We expect our guests to expose creativity and fantasy into their outfits. The dress code is vigorously checked by the Door bitches. There are no ticket refunds if the dress code is not adhered to. The decision of the Bitch is final”. 

Here is a curated list of gear to get you right past the Door bitches and into the party with no problems.  

The Gladiator 

The focal point of this look is the spectacular gladiator-esque O-ring skirt. Pair this with the ‘Statement’ harness, adding a touch of ‘fierce’. Bring back a touch of steel from the skirt in the upper body with these ‘linked’ armbands. 

Mister B Leather Lifestyle

The Rubber Enthusiast 

For a lot of rubber fetishist, it is the more rubber the better, so why not go for a Mister B Rubber Fucker Shorts Black  and a Mister B Rubber Sleeveless T-Shirt Black combined with a Mister B Rubber Butchers Apron. The feeling of the double layers of latex will keep you going all night. To top off the look why not add some Mister B Premium Rubber Long Gloves Transparent . If you really want to go for the full rubber gimp look, try out a rubber hood to get into to rubber sub headspace Mister B Rubber Hood Zip Pinhole Eyes. 

Mister B Get_Rubberized__-_Sly_hands

The Leather Daddy 

Nothing beats the full leather look, if you want to serve top energy and get those subs bending the knee for you go for the classic leather look. With the Mister B Leather FXXXer Jeans All Black equipped with an all-round zipper front to back for easy access. Every pair of leather jeans needs a belt, why go for a regular belt when you can have the Mister B Leather Four Restraint Belt
This product isn’t just a belt but doubles as 4 restraints. For the top part you could go for a classic Mister B Leather Police Shirt Short Sleeves but keep in mind the temperatures rise during the evening so if you want to go for a less sweaty option the Mister B Leather Muscle Vest is always a great option. As for accessories there are a few key things that will help you have the best experience. Not having to carry a wallet around the Mister B Leather Wrist Wallet is a tried-and-true way of storing your money, coins and locker key. If you need to store more than just money the Mister B Leather Belt Bag L is always a great option. Every look needs a good pair of boots, the Mister B Motor Boots are the perfect fit with a pair of leather jeans to give you the total Tom of Finland look.  

The Naughty Pup 

Have you always wanted to live out your naughty pup fantasy, Wasteland is the perfect place to do that. Whether you are more into rubber or into leather, Mister B has got you covered. Your face that is, with a sexy pup hood. For the rubber pups we have the Mister B FETCH Rubber Dog Hood . For our leather pups we suggest the Mister B Shaggy Dog Hood in either black or brown Mister B Leather Shaggy Dog Hood Stitched – Brown. Do you like a little more color in your gear then we also offer them in red Mister B Leather Shaggy Dog Hood Circuit – Red-Yellow and in blue Mister B Leather Shaggy Dog Hood Circuit – Blue-White What is a puppy without a tail? We carry a wide variety of Dogtail butplugs as well as the non-insertable Oxballs TAIL HANDLER belt-strap show tail – Red. So be a good boy and pup up for Wasteland who knows you might find your handler. 

The Newby 

Let me guess, this is your first Wasteland or your first fetish event, then you have come to the right place. Fetish gear is expensive so if you are not sure what you are into yet, or just want to try it we have some good options that fall in a lower price range that will still make you look the part. Let’s start with some shorts the brand Dale Mas has some fun options like the Dale Mas Kinky Boy Short – Black a faux leather short that has the feeling of leather and looks great paired with a Mister B Leather Sling Harness Black together under a 100€ all you need to add is a pair of fun socks to show them who you are like the Mister B Crew Socks Slut White. 

Want to spice it up a bit more and try out a rubber jockstrap? Mister B Rubber Jock Strap Black Red or maybe a pair of rubber trunks? Mister B Rubber Trunks Black Red wear them like that or combine them with a Mister B Rubber Muscle Shirt Black Red. Add a pair of football socks Mister B URBAN Football Socks with Pocket Red  and sneakers and you are good to go. 

The Circuit boy 

Are you going to Wasteland for the music and rave the night away? Let’s get you the perfect party outfit. The perfect shorts to dance (and do other stuff) in are the Mister B Leather Circuit Sport Shorts – Blue White They have a loose fit and are nice and short they show off the cheeks perfectly. Why not combine it with a harness in the same color Mister B Leather Circuit Harness – Blue White. Since we are matching, let’s throw in the Mister B Leather Circuit Collar Blue-White and the Mister B Leather Circuit Biceps Band – Blue White and finaly you need to store your money somewhere Mister B Leather Circuit Wrist Wallet Zip – Blue White This entire look is also available in Red and Yellow. 

FFlagging RED 

You are a veteran playroom expert. You know what you want and come prepared with your own darkroom kit. Easy access is always a good option so why not go for the Mister B Rubber Short Chaps Reversible Black Red these rubber chaps are reversible so you could decide to wear the black side to keep it casual or go for red and show everybody what you are into. Add a Mister B Leather Party Wallet for all your important items. When you like to spend most of your time in the darkroom it would be easy to have everything you need at hand. So why not bring the Mister B Nylon Backpack Black where you can store your Mister B Double-F Fist Cream 500 ml and your Mister B GLIDE 250 ml not to forget some Mister B Premium Rubber Short Gloves Red. 

The Bondage Bunny 

Wasteland is the place to experiment and show off. My second time at wasteland I created a full body harness with ropes only. You might need to get a friend to help you if you haven’t tried it before. At Mister B we have several colors of rope available for actual rope play I would suggest the Mister B Bondage Rope Hemp 6 m but for a look I would suggest going for a more comfortable material like cotton Mister B Bondage Rope Cotton 10 m Red or Mister B Bondage Rope Cotton 10 m Green 

Mister B Bondage

So, there you have some options, of course you can mix and match and really make your outfit your own. The great thing about parties like Wasteland is that being yourself and the way you express yourself is celebrated. Yes, there is a strict dress code but within these boundaries, you can really go as extravagant as you want.  

Visit our Amsterdam store to get some personal advice from our store colleagues they are happy to help you find your perfect look.

So, gear up and have the time of your life!! 

April 6th
Northsea Venue
Hemkade 48