Discover Mister Leather Italia 2022, April 1 to 3, 2022

Come celebrate the leather community in a city where they have been wearing leather for over 2000 years. Discover the Mister Leather Italia 2022 competition and the men behind it. Wings asked the guys of the Leather Club Roma about this organization and fetish tradition that is thriving in the heart of the ancient city.

Mister Leather Italia 2022 contest (MLI22) is coming up from April 1st to April 3rd, 2022. What can you tell me about the history of this competition?

First of all, let us say thanks to Mister B for sponsoring this event and important opportunity for us. We are really enthusiastic about the Mister Leather Italia (MLI) contest. The first Mister Leather Italia was elected in 1994 during a contest organized by Italia Moto Club (then Leather Club Milano) and Moto Leather Club Veneto. Since then, the Italian Leather community have elected its titleholder every year, until 2019. During the last 28 years, three of the elected MLI took the title of Mister Leather Europe (in 2001, 2002 and 2013). Three years after the election of Cosimo, the current MLI, and a long stop due to the pandemic, at the beginning of April, the Italian leather community will choose its new “king”.

Who are the people who organize this event and what brought you each to do it?

The current organizers are Leather Club Roma and Leather Friends Italia founded respectively in 1999 and 2010. Both associations are part of ECMC and they organise and promote leather, rubber, skin, BDSM and fetish events in Italy.

What is the gay fetish scene in Rome or Italy like?

During the last few years, the Italian Fetish scene has grown quite a bit. Currently, there are five different gay Fetish associations organizing parties and events in many cities around the country from Naples to Padua, Florence to Milan. Leather Club Roma is really focused on improving the fetish scene in the South (Rome and Naples). Apart from our events, during the last few years, we have tried to support many projects connected to our community, with fundraising activities or giving visibility on our website and social accounts. Just before the pandemic we also organized the last Mister Leather Europe contest in Rome. Here we saw many fetish men from all over Europe and the world walking around the streets of the city. It was really great.

What bars or clubs in Rome support your organization?

Many wonderful local bars and associations support our clubs during events and initiatives. Just to remind the ones supporting MLI 22, Coming Out bar in front of the Colosseum, Skyline Club at San Giovanni station, The Company Club close to Termini station and Circolo Mario Mieli, where we will organize the interviews of the candidates with the jury.
Where can we find more info about this event?

You can find all the info about the event and the contest on our website or follow our social media handles on FB, TW, IG and Telegram.

FB: Leather Club Roma – Public Group

IG: @leatherclubroma

Tw: @LeatherClubRoma