WINGS Pick of the Week: Nasty Pig Snout Visor

You don’t need to be Geordie LaForge to wear a visor (yes, we went there)!

WINGS is trying out something new. From this week on we’ll be diving into Mister B’s huge collection of gear and toys to highlight the little treasures that otherwise might go unnoticed.

This week we put the spotlight on the Nasty Pig Snout Visor.

This sexy white cap has a mini Nasty Pig Snout Logo on the front. It’s perfect for summer days and sweaty festival shenanigans. It keeps the sun out of your eyes, and it’s a lot less hot than a regular cap.

Bring back the nineties this summer and get your greedy little pig paws on this visor. To quote one of TV’s greatest, Admiral Jean-Luc Picard: “Make it so!”

Nasty Pig Snout Visor - White