Mister B Double-F Fist Lube

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Issue 09, Product Reviews | 0 comments

As referred to in the review of the Sheets of San Francisco, I’ve also had the pleasure of lubing up with the latest additions to a genre of products for messy friction freaks: Mister B Double-F Fist Lube and Double-F Fist Cream.

Double-F Fist Lube

This water-based lube is on the thicker end of the viscosity spectrum, and is very long lasting with only a little amount applied, a quality that gives the product a universal usability. Disregarding the name and its perhaps intended audience, this water-based lube indeed serves you well even for a good ol’ shag, with the added advantage that it’s practically odorless ànd tasteless. As a person who would much rather have you spit your way through a fuck with me, this is most definitely a plus, as silicone lube generally makes me gag; and not in the way I like it.

Package says it’s suitable for both large-scale dildos and fisting, which I was sceptical about to be honest. To my surprise, it actually works, and immediately I also notice another advantage – the lack of “stringiness” – something  we know from certain other popular fisting lube counterparts. In other words: the mess is centralised to where it’s intended to be. Finally, that typical  “stickiness” that water based lubes are known for, is absolutely minimal here.

Double-F Fist Cream

This product name seems quite self-explanatory: as a cream it’s oil based and therefore not compatible with latex and condoms, and even though there is no added fragrance, it does have a taste to it that would make me use it for toys and fisting only. I’d like to take a moment here, to comment on the visual aspect of this (type of) product as well. Being more a voyeur than an exhibitionist myself, the look of cream filled hole adds to the overall horniness of the play for me. Even on the receiving end of things, just the mental image on its own is already stimulating.

Having tried the cream over different ass-play sessions, the natural use of it happened more during the fisting than the dildo-play, for which I would prefer its aforementioned water-based counterpart. Afterwards, it somehow feels like you’ve not only destroyed a hole, but simultaneously applied after care as well, leaving the session open, soft and moisturised.


The two products are a great alternative to especially two other popular choices on the market. I know that mentioning other products in a review might be a little faux pas, but in this case I feel that it makes a clear point; if you like the way that J-Lube lubricates, but dislike the tedious preparation and stringiness, you should give Double-F Fist Lube a go. If you like the creamy, soft consistency of Crisco and the sexy mess it makes, but you don’t like the tell-tale smell of this all-vegetable shortening, Double-F Fist Cream would be your better option.

But why have one, when you can have both? Personally, I love to mix things. A little bit of this and a little bit of that makes the feel even more interesting, and the two types of lube complement each other very nicely. At the end of the day, lubrication is a very personal matter, but I’d encourage even those of you currently with aforementioned other brands as favorites to give these two new gems a go during your next play session.

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