Written by: Jabbier Bassista

Yep, it is mud season. Ever heard of it? Well, do people mud fighting together at festivals, and those who take part in mud runs to get dirty, ring any bells?

No, still not? Then I suggest you keep on reading!

Mud as a fetish is quite old. A lot of people take joy from getting deep into that glorious muck, with or without clothes. They love being covered by the moist, thick, and creamy texture, and have been doing so for years and years.

Do any of you regularly think of Tarzan falling into quicksand, Arnold Schwarzenegger being in the clay with his bulging muscles, and all those other mud fights from movie history?

These scenes respond to feelings and emotions many people have and may (or may not) give in to those of shaking off inhibitions and breaking with conventions. For many people, mud is dirty, and being ‘dragged in the mud’ is seen as humiliating, and disturbing as a visual. Once we are fully covered in mud we are no one and nothing, but just a walking puddle of mud. A muddy beast. It deletes our (cultivated) identity for a while. We become one with the substance, and it is that last part that our WAM (Wet And Messy) fetish is all about.

Let me tell you about how I live my fetish. Ever since I was a kid, mud has always been there, and it actually stands at the base of the other fetishes I am more known for leather and rubber.

The first aspect that attracted me to it, was the wet look of it. Anyone covered in it looks like a bulked, maculated shiny body, covered in a second skin, which (to me) very much resembles the look of a full rubber suit.

Then, during a football match in the park, I fell in the mud, which left me with only one thought: to jump into that large, deep muck and slide in it until fully covered.

The sensation was immediate and undeniable. It was LIBERATING.

It was thick, creamy, ‘dirty’ slippery, and made me feel like an absolute animal. There it was! I wasn’t old enough to understand (my) sexual feelings or preferences yet, but I knew right away that this was bringing lots of feelings, the foremost and best being: JOY.

But why?

Mud is earth + water. A combination of things that humans need to live. We are part of it. And I always considered mud as natural, and not dirty. Being in deep mud brings this feeling of levitation. And rolling in it brings a sense of freedom, of total release. The slickness and the stickiness as a second slippery skin are simply unique.

Being open about a fetish can feel like a second coming out, and sometimes we need to just let go, and break the barriers that a certain judgment of the outside world can put up. Mud being everywhere makes for a myriad of (outdoor) spaces for spontaneous fun, and I must say it happens a lot where I don’t think in advance, and plunge in without a care in the world.

Then how do you get to further developing and sharing this fetish you may ask?

Well, I decided to go look for people who feel the same about this ‘in your face’ fetish, and the internet, as you know, is always full of surprises. There were photos and videos of friends, and I am not even talking about Yahoo groups or GeoCities (for those old enough to remember). Then it started to unfold more and more. Parties at The Boots, Drexx, Lab, and Ranch. I met many like-minded people and I had 2 favorite influencers, one is called Gungedawg and the other Fullrubberbear, both on Instagram.


I still tell them about how watching their photos made me so horny. What a great community it has turned out to be. Not really as rubber or leather one, but more ‘independent’ because you don’t actually need another person to already enjoy the fetish. Plus there are some factors that make these meetings pretty unique:

  • Mud actually gives you that ‘360 degree’ feeling
  • Mud caresses you, it sticks and touches you.
  • Wading or crawling in mud is intense.
  • In certain physical ways, it is like being with a sex partner.
  • You feel like an entity is taking over you, and is transforming you into another sub-entity.
  • Mud has an aesthetic and is beautiful to watch and it has impact and power.
  • It upsets the clean freaks but empowers the ones covered in it.
  • The sound of a mud splosh while walking is arousing.

I love it all, and can only advise you one thing: this summer, go and find a deserted place and get wild!! Mud is free. Mud is everywhere. It is up to you to be spontaneous or get organized!

Some tips

Make sure you have water and an old towel with you!
Bring some old clothes and/or some clean ones to change into afterward.
Rubber and mud can go together, but make sure the sand is very fine and doesn’t contain sharp, larger (stone) pieces.
Having some water (stream, pond, lake) nearby is even better for the cleaning of.
For ‘mudding’ at home: use clay. To scrape your body, it is best to use the squeegee you use for your bathroom or a scrub sponge.


And voilà…you are now ready for MUD season!

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