The Top 10 Toys of 2021

At Mister B we sell a lot of gear and toys. Last year we made a lot of kinksters very happy with their new leather jeans or favourite Buttplug. Here is a list of some of the most popular products sold in 2021.

F-Machine Tremblr Milking Machine 

F-Machine Tremblr Milking Machine – Your Fetish Specialist in Gay Sex Toys & BDSM | Mister B 

The F-Machine Tremblr is the brand new hands-free masturbation machine designed to suck and fuck you for as long as you want, whenever you want. 

Imagine an on-tap expert blow-job that you control from your fingertips whenever you want, as many times as you want. Now available @ Mister B. Tremblr never gets tired, Tremblr never gets bored. Tremblr can suck your dick soft, slow and sensually, or it can take your balls deep sucking and fucking you to a high-speed frenzied climax. It’s hard to imagine, but you will start to look at Tremblr as your new lover, you will get excited by Tremblr’s mere presence in the room and yes it’s more than likely you will fall in love with a machine. 

Tremblr takes its name from the effect it will have on your legs, literally leaving you shaking and trembling blowing your cock and your mind together in one big powerful hit. This isn’t a toy you will get bored with after 5 minutes, this is a toy you will re-arrange your life to spend more time with, forever making excuses to find those extra few minutes to spend with your new machine. Like all our F-machines, Tremblr is quiet, in fact, it’s by far the quietest machine we have ever built. The only way your neighbours will know what you are doing is if you can’t keep a lid on your guaranteed over-excitement… 


  • Extremely rugged and discrete carry case 
  • Wireless remote control (start-stop, speed control, suction power/travel) 
  • 3 Ultra-lightweight masturbation receivers (hands-free) 180 strokes per minute top speed 
  • Powerful yet silent industrial spec motor & speed controller 
  • Adjustable pump power Internal storage compartments for standard accessories 
  • Fits 95% of penis sizes (supplied with 3 receiver sizes (M, L, XL) 
  • 110/240V auto-switching power adaptor suitable for most power supplies globally 
  • Power cord with UK Plug. EU Adapter included 
  • Machine viewing window with blue activation LED’s and machine cut-out red LED Inbuilt electric cooling fan for extended usage in even the hottest situations 
  • Supplied with all tools and hardware for maintaining and adjusting your machine

Mister B Leather FXXXer Jeans All Black 

Mister B Leather FXXXer Jeans All Black – Your Fetish Specialist in Gay Sex Toys & BDSM | Mister B 

Our Mister B FXXXer Jeans are one of the sexiest leather pants that we make. 

The codpiece on our superb leather Fxxxer jeans is designed to emphasize your crotch, with decorative piping along with the pockets, ass saddle, side of legs and on the codpiece. Handcrafted in our leather workshop from strong yet supple 100% aniline full grain cow leather 1.0 – 1.1 mm thick 


  • Low waist, tight fit 
  • Double-stitched belt loops, suitable for belts up to 5 cm wide (2 inches). 
  • 2 front pockets (zipper) 
  • 2 back pockets (zipper) 
  • Codpiece with full zip fly 
  • Ass saddle  

Also available online: 

  • Black Jeans with accent colours for the piping (Black, White, Grey, Blue or Red) 
  • Grey Jeans with Black Piping 

Come visit us in-store for personal fittings and other available customizations (see our colour samples for leather, piping and stitching options). 

Leather is a natural product and will stretch to fit you comfortably after 2-3 years. The first time that you wear your leather item, it should fit and be “uncomfortably tight”. Once broken in, a pair of Mister B leathers will last you a very long time, becoming more supple without becoming baggy. 


Mister B FIST    
A hybrid lubricating jelly  

Mister B FIST Lube 500 ml – Your Fetish Specialist in Gay Sex Toys & BDSM | Mister B 

Mister B FIST is a hybrid lubricant jelly, a perfect mix of water and silicone. The silicones in Mister B FIST ensures a silky soft and long-lasting effect, the water ensures it’s easy to wash off. The thick jelly consistency lubes you up perfectly a little goes a long way. The ideal lube for bigger toys and the necessary handwork. 

Mister B FIST is the perfect hybrid lubricating jelly, ideal for heavier play. Condom compatible, silky soft, not sticky or tacky, extra long-lasting, non-toxic, tasteless, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, oil and fat-free. Not tested on animals and no animal by-products. 


E-Stim E-Box Series 2B Kit 

E-Stim E-Box Series 2B Kit – Your Fetish Specialist in Gay Sex Toys & BDSM | Mister B 

The E-Stim Systems 2B is one of the most powerful and versatile electro play power boxes in the world. 

With 17 program modes, you can now throb and thrust your way to e-stim ecstasy and pleasure. Packed full of functions and programs, the 2B will give you hours of e-stim pleasure. 

The 2B features a clear backlit LCD display which helps you navigate through the mode selection. Changing mode is simply quick button presses and knob twiddling. It’s simple. It works. 

The dual output channels are completely isolated and feature independent controls on each channel. This allows you to use multiple bipolar electrodes at the same time and be able to control them both, independently. 

Consider the optional mains power supply. Not only will it ensure that you never run out of juice, but it also gives really serious levels of output designed to satisfy the most ardent player. Moreover, the 2B is fitted with an adjustable sensitivity built-in microphone and also offers true stereo processing via a 3.5 mm stereo input. 

The 2B has an optional digital link interface, which allows you to update or control the 2B from your PC or Mac via a USB connection you can even control it over the internet. Now the 2B can grow with your E-Stim experience. 

With the 2B you are purchasing a serious introduction into the E-Stim world. With everything, you need to get started as well as a lifetime guarantee: the 2B is second to none! 

The 2B Kit contains: 2B Power Box Two 2mm output cables 4 Self Adhesive Electropads 1 3.5 mm Stereo input cable 1 9V Blockbattery 1 Audio CD 1 Carry Case 


WAD Thermal Detonator – Black L 

WAD Thermal Detonator – Black L – Your Fetish Specialist in Gay Sex Toys & BDSM | Mister B 

The Thermal Detonator keeps on giving, with the three heads it will make you go wild each time. 

Pulling it out is a true mind fuck. 

28 cm height 7,7 cm 1st head 9 cm 2nd head 10 cm 3rd head 

From plugs, a horse-dildo, realistic dongs to huge ass wreckers WAD has them all. Made in Europe from high-quality PVC and is compatible with Water-based and Silicone-based lubricants. 

Releasing agents may be present when you get your toy. They protect it during the manufacturing process and during shipping. It’s harmless, but clean the toy before first use with Mister B Clean and you’re good to go. 


F-Machine Pro 3 Fuck Machine Black 

F-Machine Pro 3 Fuck Machine Black – Your Fetish Specialist in Gay Sex Toys & BDSM | Mister B 

Pro 2 just got a massive upgrade and is now the all-new Pro3! It’s stronger, faster, more stable, easier to adjust, stiffer, more versatile and comes in its own brand new carry bag for discreet transport and storage. 

What are you waiting for? If you enjoyed getting smashed by the Pro II, it’s time to upgrade to Pro3 for the ultimate satisfaction! 

Supplied with black 8-inch toy in hypoallergenic silicone as standard 

Here are the improvements in detail: 

  • Solid steel weighted legs for increased stability 
  • Revised quick release leg clamps 400% stiffer than pro II 
  • New High-speed motor (up to 280 RPM) 
  • Optional ‘pink machine’ hydro dipped Matt finish graphics – click here 
  • Quick-connect toy adaptor with vac u lock style barb to fit all doc Johnson toys etc. (Change toys effortlessly in seconds) 
  • Reduced reciprocating mass for smoother operation 
  • Breaks down into a high-quality nylon bag with bespoke foam lining to protect your machine whilst discreetly on the move 
  • This sex machine is extremely powerful and versatile featuring an adjustable thrust rod length, adjustable thrust depth of 1-6 inches and adjustable front and rear legs to suit various positions 

Mister B Leather Chest Harness Saddle Leather Black 

Mister B Leather Chest Harness Saddle Leather Black – Your Fetish Specialist in Gay Sex Toys & BDSM | Mister B 

The latest addition to our range of harnesses: the chest harness. A beautiful chest harness that makes you look broader because it pushes your shoulders a bit to the back. 100% genuine saddle leather. We got a lot of requests for a basic version of our most popular chest harness so here it is. It’s made out of sturdy saddle leather which might be a little bit too rough to be comfortable when it’s new, but once the leather has been broken in, the fit is fabulous. Because this harness hasn’t been stitched, it’s very affordable. 


Mister B LUBE Extreme 100 ml – Your Fetish Specialist in Gay Sex Toys & BDSM | Mister B 

Due to popular demand, Mister B has taken our favourite water-based lubricant Mister B LUBE and added a relaxing and desensitizing substance, thereby facilitating a pain-free penetration. By adding Laureth-9 (which is the chemical equivalent of extract of cloves) to the LUBE-formula, Mister B LUBE Extreme is born. 


The use of Mister B LUBE Extreme, because of its relaxing and desensitizing properties, will ensure that especially the first moment of initial penetration (eg with large toys) is easier to handle, less intense. Though desensitizing, extreme is not a hardcore anaesthetic which is good, because it still allows for enough feeling and sensation to know what’s going on. So, you can still enjoy the wonderful feeling of being used. 

Oxballs Ringer Cockring – Black 3 Pack 

Oxballs Ringer Cockring – Black 3 Pack – Your Fetish Specialist in Gay Sex Toys & BDSM | Mister B 

“The Oxballs RINGER Cockring is a thick jelly ring that bloats your meat and pushes your junk up and out for a heftier package. Now available @ Mister B. Each ring is tight enough for the perfect amount of squeeze on your goods but still comfortable enough for prolonged jerk-off sessions or hot n’ heavy butt banging. Unlike normal cheaper jelly rings, RINGER is thicker, stronger, and more resilient. After all, OXBALLS toys are designed to give you the most out of your play without having to break the bank. RINGER is one seriously durable fucker…it’s made from our signature FLEX-TPR and stretches up to 5 times its original size (don’t worry, it snaps back to its original shape and dimensions). RINGER makes your junk look bigger, it keeps you rock hard and pushes your cum heavy balls forward for a mouth-watering plumped up a piece of meat. Into having your balls handled? RINGER is great for stretching your sack…stack some on your ballbag and enjoy the tugging sensation on your sweaty nuts. Every pack of RINGER comes with 3 cock rings. FLEX-TPR safe, non-toxic and phthalate-free Lube safe: water-based Always wash any stretchy toy in warm soapy water after use and store all toys so they do not touch each other. Stats (Approximate): Thickness: 1.3 cm / 0.5 inch. Outside Circumference: 12.7 cm / 5 inch. Inside Circumference (stretches to fit your meat): 2.5 cm / 1 inch. Weight: 34 gram / 1.2 oz “ 

Fucktools Welding Will Dildo
“Made in Europe from velvety soft phthalate-free vinyl, the Mister B FUCKTOOLS are specially designed with a hole in their base, so you can attach them to the suction cup it comes with. The suction cup is strong and holds extremely well on smooth surfaces such as tiles, mirrors, doors and the side of your bed. Next to the suction cup the Mister B FUCKTOOLS are compatible with the HUNG system accessories. Perfect for some DIY fun or together with your partner. Welding Will is a whopping 26cm long and has a 7.6cm diameter. Releasing agents may be present when you get your toy. They protect it during the manufacturing process and during shipping. It’s harmless, but clean the toy before first use with Mister B Clean and you’re good to go.”


Let us know in the comments below what your FAVORITE Mister B item is!