Product Review for LA PUMP FTM Cylinder

By Mr DK Green, transman, UK 

As an (FtM) transman, having been on T (testosterone) for six years now, I was keen to try some pumping products. Penis pumping cylinders are always oversized for a transman who is post-T (but pre-lower surgery) and I had even tried several in my search that were specifically listed as ‘small’. I had struggled for some time to find a device that would work with my own anatomy and give the results I was looking for. Before this kit, the closest I had come was a screw-based suction cup device of a larger size than the usual nipple ones, but it was still too small length-wise. 

So imagine my delight when I finally got my hands on a device that absolutely, unequivocally does the job and does it superbly! I was given three sizes to try and to be fair the smaller length of the three is perfectly sufficient. They are all the same girth, which is perfectly sufficient (I’ve had considerable ‘growth’ from the T and was larger to start with so I think most transmen on T, will find the girth sufficient) but everybody is different. By sufficient, I mean that it ‘takes in’ the micropenis perfectly but without also sucking in the surrounding bits of anatomy, which (certainly in my case) was undesired. 


The cylinder I used was LA Pump FTM Cylinder. The length (as well as girth) of the smaller of the three cylinders still left plenty of room for multiple pumping sessions, even once size was increased. The pump itself was Mister B Pump Without Pressure Gauge and worked perfectly with the set, allowing gentle inflation and deflation as desired as well as more firm and fast as needed. 


The after-effects, including size, growth and swelling lasted for some while after and was very enjoyable. Feeling a decent ‘bulge’ in my underwear as I went out was gratifying. For me, sexual pleasure was increased. I cannot say for certain what it was (due to the ongoing T shots possibly playing a part) but in my opinion, over time and with regular use, growth is visible. 

As an item for sexual pleasure, or as a precursor to sexual pleasure, it works very well. As an item for growth, to enlarge your anatomy, I also feel this kit is successful, certainly in the short term each time. 

I heartily recommend (and am delighted to have finally found) this pumping set for transgender men! 

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Product Review for LA PUMP FTM Cylinder
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