Meet the Gorilla… Rogan Richards

Marco Hohl Content editor/ Author

Wings has a hard-on and a soft spot for porn Godzilla Rogan Richards. This dom top from down under is a gay men’s wet dream – at least if you dream about being ravaged by a hairy muscle monster with a wicked smile, reeking of body odour and masculinity. Aside from that, he’s smart, outspoken and he possesses a sense of humour as big as his biceps.

We talked to a bare-chested Rogan having ‘brekkie’ in his Melbourne home about important stuff like porn, macrophilia, gorillas and of course flexing.

Rogan, thank you for talking to us this early! People who watch your porn know you are ‘all about the flex’. What is ‘the flex’ exactly?

 “I’m kind of known for flexing while I’m fucking guys. Technically it’s that, but ‘it’s all about the flex’ has also become my slogan and an attitude. It’s about being who you are, having fun, not giving a fuck about everyone else, being confident and making the most of life.”

Mister B gets a kick out of discovering new fetishes. On your Instagram account, you posted something about macrophilia. Can you tell us more about that?

“Yeah, macrophilia is the sexual fetish of giants; of someone who is oversized. I think it’s more popular in the heterosexual community with men fantasizing about huge women like in the movie Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. The gays have King Kong and Godzilla. I have a very dedicated, small cult following when it comes to gay macrophilia. There’s a guy who sent me a box with toy trains and busses for me to smash and toy soldiers for me to eat. I haven’t filmed it yet because I’ve been travelling all year but I wrote a short story for it.

I put fetishes into two categories. The first category consists of kinks that fully turn me on. Things that are purely animalistic like fucking, fisting and fighting. Then there’s stuff like macrophilia, stomping and even pissing, where I am not that turned on by it but it amuses me sexually – if that makes any sense. Macrophilea caters more to the kid in me. It makes me believe I’m huge. I usually do cam shows where I talk into the camera and grow into a giant by lowering the camera angle. And then suddenly I’m standing over the viewer and flexing. ‘Raaaaaaaaaaaar!’ (he mimics the sound of a monster) And I say things like ‘with every flex I get 500 meters bigger’. (he distorts his voice to sound like a giant and starts laughing) It’s crazy! The fans love it!

I’m a person who always has commentary in his head. While I’m saying one thing I’m thinking ‘well that sounds a bit silly’ or ‘am I doing this right? What do I do now? How many more worlds can I eat?’ At one point during a cam show I was like: ‘Fuck, I’m getting too big. I’ve already eaten everything. What’s left? I’m gonna be bigger than the universe soon. Then what do I do?’” (he cracks up at this)

Why did you get into porn? 

“This is a long answer. Are you ready? Ten years ago I was a personal trainer and I was trying to become a filmmaker. A friend from the States who happened to have frequent flyer points invited me to come over and hang out. I ended up in Los Angeles and a 3-week holiday turned into a 3-month stay. I started go-go dancing and that’s when I first realised I could make a living from my body. Before that, I had a very sheltered catholic upbringing. Even when I was trying to become a filmmaker I was doing the whole starving artist thing. I worked in every job available to pay the bills – like a normal person – because I never realised I could earn money by flipping my dick out.

In Los Angeles, Dirty Tony’s approached me to do porn. I agreed to do it because I wanted to prove to myself that I could. I was always nervous about sex and shy about exploring my fetishes and fantasies. So I thought porn was a way to prove to myself that I was a sexual god. I did two films and they were a complete disaster. In the first one, I couldn’t get hard, but I managed to fake it well enough. In the second one, I was supposed to top this straight skater dude. I couldn’t get hard again so he fucked me. It’s one of the few bottom films that have cursed my life. (he laughs) After that, I swore I would never do porn again.”

But we all know that’s not what happened…

“No. So I got back to Australia and started working at a Virgin Mobile kiosk. My boss used to be an escort and he told me I should try it as well. I wanted to redeem myself from the films I had made so I did my first job as an escort. The guy asked me to flex while I was fucking him, which was great. It was the first time I got paid to do all the things I wanted to do but had always been too scared to try. I kept escorting and that’s how I built up my sexual confidence. It was the birth of Rogan’s sexual side.

I never used to watch porn. I always masturbated to bodybuilding videos on YouTube and One day I went on YouTube to jack off and I saw a flexing video of myself that I had posted before going to America. It had way more likes than similar videos, which made me want to post more. Eventually, a friend built a website for me with my workout videos and he suggested posting other content and charging membership. I started doing solo jack offs and muscle worship videos and that led to me going back overseas again in 2012 to shoot a porn for Men at Play. This time I had nothing to prove. I only did it to gain a fan base for my website.”

Do you still work for other porn studios?

“Not since the relaunch of my site three years ago. I really enjoy having sex and filming myself while I’m fucking. I treat my job as a reality TV show. When it comes to porn I’m just exploring my sexuality in front of an audience. Because of my website I push myself into areas that otherwise I wouldn’t. I produce and write everything, including the blurbs. The first fifteen films I made are all about Rogan fucking a guy. But how many ways are there to describe that I fuck a guy that makes every film sound differently – when all I’m doing is fucking a guy? So I thought I need to do extra things. I need to wear leather. I need to fist someone. I need to piss on them. I need to shit on them. I’m gonna stomp a guy and torture him. Making this content has made me think of different ways to have sexual relations with other men. And of course, I will always fuck in my films but at least there’s something else happening as well.”

It sounds to me like you are trying out a lot of new things. Did any of these new kinks and fetishes stick with you?

“I was never into fisting when growing up but I did a fisting video recently and I really love it now. I tried electro but I didn’t like it. I think there’s a lot more to explore with my leather and bondage side. It’s hard to find guys who want to do that sort of stuff with me. When they approach me to do a film I immediately ask what their fetishes are and they tell me ‘fucking, pissing, spitting, this and that but it’s all pretty vanilla. It’s a case of finding guys who are a bit more crazy and then letting me film them.”

What really gets you going on a personal level?

“My boyfriend Rennie. (he says without hesitation) I kind of hit the jackpot with him. I’ve always been attracted to muscular guys and lighter-skinned men. I like seeing my dark skin next to a lighter one. Especially since my dick is black. Seeing my cock enter a white ass is just really hot. Hair is good. Hairy armpits. Hairy legs. ‘Stand there Ren so I can describe you better!’ (he yells to his boyfriend) The good thing with my boyfriend is that he ticks all the boxes physically and he’s a dirty pig as well.

I will take a sexual attitude over someone who is good looking any day. Piggy guys turn me on. Being dirty is more important than having a six-pack. I’m also turned on by anonymous sex. If I go to a sauna I will probably fuck thirty guys who are average. It’s the situation that makes me want to stick my dick in them and then toss them aside. So the environment gets me going as well. When someone looks at you in a dark alleyway and they grab your cock, you grab theirs and then throw them against the wall. That sort of stuff always gets me off.”

Last but not least. You self identify as a gorilla. What does it all mean?

“I used to be a waxed physique model and I turned into a big hairy bodybuilder. So I went from jock to bear. But I didn’t feel like I fit into the bear category. Bears are very passionate about their cuddly community. (he laughs) At the same time, I have another fetish I haven’t talked about. I’m into furries. For me, it’s not about dressing up like an animal. It’s about the artistic side of this fetish. There are these drawings you can find online of humanized animals fucking each other senseless with huge, fat dicks. It doesn’t really translate into the real world. A lot of gay men have furry identities online. Mine used to be a werewolf because that terrified me as a kid, a bull since I fuck like one, and a gorilla because one of my boyfriends started calling me that.

Over the years the gorilla was the one that stuck. I’ve become a gorilla over time, just like I’m a master, a daddy and a sir. It’s become a sexual term for hairy bodybuilders to me. You could say I’m an ‘advocate’ for this gay subculture.” (he laughs loudly at this)



Photography by Samy Bekkal, check his work on Instagram @samybkl_photography